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jgrasper22 chapter 31 . 8/10/2017
this is such a good story! they should make this into a movie. please update soon!
Jessica Jayme Bell chapter 31 . 7/9/2017
Oh my god. What a horrible time to have started reading this fic. It's so fascinating and well written, but omg that last part tore out my soul. Well the worst part was realising that there wasn't another chapter. Like holy crap.
pr0dz chapter 14 . 6/15/2017
I was just about to say that was Swahili.
RPGPersona chapter 31 . 6/12/2017
Huh, I guess Negative Man escaped somehow. I can't see Slade letting him go. Did the Titans and the others find him? That might be why they are frustrated by the lack of clues. A week already. I can see why everyone is tense and high strung. That much timing searching with no leads would do that. It is easy to say that yelling won't solve anything, but all that stress builds up and has to go somewhere.

So Raven is going to try for the mental link she did with Robin. With no way of knowing where Beast Boy is or how far away he is. Not to mention his mental state. I can see why this would be a big risk and something Raven saved for the last resort. The fact that Starfire and Jinx can help share the strain with Raven is good. It helps lower the risks to Raven herself.

So Negative Man was shown a video of what happened with Robot Man. I assume that Mento and Elasta-Girl saw as well. The things Negative Man said about Beast Boy's mental state are quite worrying. It sounds like the team is now on the clock to find Beast Boy before it is too late. No sleep, and most likely no food or water either. The pet and collaring was what really got to him. No wonder Beast Boy wanted time alone after the Soto incident.

Beast Boy seems to be quite poorly. His human side is really being worn down at this point. Ironically, it is his animal instincts that are fighting to have Beast Boy keep his sense of self. On the plus side, it appears that Raven's gambit worked and she found Beast Boy. From what she said, it hopefully means she got a lock on his position so the team can move out.

With Slade appearing before Beast Boy again, the Titans may be out of time. I admit it is hard reading what Slade has done to Beast Boy. I am not sure having his soul become Trigon's toy would be punishment enough for what he has done. This time he is using both Mento and Elasti-Girl. Not taking any chances I see. He really is treating Beast Bo like his pet, shocking Beast Boy until he obeys.

So Negative Man's prediction was right. Beast Boy couldn't bring himself to watch another person he cared about die in front of him. SO now his humanity is pretty much suppressed. I am guessing the meal Slade gave Beast Boy was Galtry.

The silver lining is that there is still a part of him fighting. He was unable to kill Mento. I am not sure if the memory of Raven gave his subconscious the strength to resist or if Raven still had some connection with their link. Mento and Elasti-Girl at least used the opening to escape. Was the force Mento's powers of something else?

Things are pretty bad at the moment. We just have to hope that when the team arrives they can find a way to help Beast Boy. Hopefully Beast Boy isn't too far away.
RPGPersona chapter 30 . 6/12/2017
After that cliffhanger we finally get to see what happens next. Well that was a twist I wasn't expecting. While Raven wakes up with a sense of dread, there appears to be no reaction to Beast Boy's choice from anyone.

Right, both Robin and Cyborg would be put on edge by Beast Boy's apology earlier. No sign of Jinx for three hours, that is not good. Considering where the last chapter left off, Jinx must have followed after Beast Boy without signalling anyone. The large time frame is also worrying since so much could have happened within that time. Come on Kid Flash, getting all worked up in this situation is not going to help anyone. No one is saying Jinx has done anything wrong.

No answer from the call, but at least Cyborg was able to get a lock on their communicators. Kid Flash wasted not time heading over to that location. Wow, I was not expecting a battlefield that savage. It looks like there was some serious fighting. Jinx must be in bad shape for Kid Flash to request the med bay be prepped. Robin keeps a cool head, though, and gives everyone orders about how to proceed, including having Raven check Beast Boy's room for clues.

Yeah, those wounds are pretty bad. At least Jinx doesn't seem in immediate danger of dying. Raven wasn't able to get the full picture from Jinx's head, but she was able to find out a rough idea what happened. Slade took no chances with the meeting and had plenty of robotic backup. Jinx and Beast Boy fought bravely against them, but in the end Jinx was overwhelmed and Beast Boy was forced to surrender.

Beast Boy is in a pretty bad spot. A shifting shock collar to prevent him from fighting back, and the whole point of injuring Jinx was to send a message to the Titan. After two failed attempts, he is taking no chances with his third Apprentice attempt. Slade really does all the cards at the moment. It will take the Titans really pulling together to find a way through this. I am glad the fight hasn't left Beast Boy yet.

Well Jinx is awake, that is good. So the rest of the team gets the full story. With the evidence left in Beast Boy's room, Robin is quick to figure out why he told Jinx about his leaving. Jinx is really beating herself up about this. I think she did the best she could in the circumstances. No the question is what the team is going to do to find Slade and get Beast Boy back.

Wow, Slade really isn't playing around. His first action to break Beast Boy is to force him to kill or watch Robot Man die. Of course the Doom Patrol is still captured. Why would Slade give up such a powerful bargaining chip. Not surprised he used Galtry as the victim. He is someone Beast Boy hates and has already served his purpose.

It looked like Beast Boy might cross that bridge for a second, but Slade made the mistake and starting Robot Man up as he died. Robot Man was able to stop Beast Boy from destroying his humanity to attempt to save his life. There is no guarantee he would let the Doom Patrol go even if Beast Boy was 100% loyal. Slade can try to put the blame on Beast Boy all he wants, but he is the one who created this situation and he is the one who killed Robot Man. Slade is the only one to blame. Unfortunately, Beast Boy is still letting ti get to him. Lets hope the other can think of something.
Zatannagurl chapter 31 . 6/10/2017
I love this! Can't believe I never found this before, poor beast boy
Can't wait for more!
Keep it up! Your fans are loving it!
Moving Mountains chapter 30 . 6/10/2017
These last two chapters are excellent. I can't wait to read what happens to Raven following the mind meld and Beast Boy at the hands of Slade. Update again soon, please!
Moving Mountains chapter 31 . 6/10/2017
These last two chapters are excellent. I can't wait to read what happens to Raven following the mind meld and Beast Boy at the hands of Slade. Update again soon, please!
CrackerJay chapter 29 . 4/14/2017
Great story GP3,

Next chapter is gonna be a feels ride I know it.

Looking forward to the next update.

Gail On The Road Of Life chapter 29 . 4/3/2017
Jesus... why are you doing this? Why must Beastie be so separate from everyone? Will he be saved by his friends or are you gonna kill him off? These are questions I neeeeed answered :P :P
RPGPersona chapter 29 . 4/2/2017
Two car accidents. I hope they were no major injuries. Don't push yourself too hard.

Meanwhile, while Beast Boy is falling into Slade's net, Raven is in her own little world about what almost happened with Beast Boy. It took Starfire yelling in her year to bring her back to Earth. Even then Raven is still shaken about what happened. Nice of the girls to be so understanding about Raven's situation, even though Jinx and Bumblebee couldn't resist a bit of teasing over hat they thought might have happened. They still gave Raven her space while letter her know they are there if she needs them.

Wow, look at Raven's emotions go. They are all really pumped up about the almost kiss. Too bad Raven had to brings things back down to Earth. When Raven started ranting about Beast Boy trying to hide his pain and past again after everything that happened, it was Timid of all emotions who had the counter. While Beast Boy wanting everyone to forget what they learned about him is wrong, it is not that different to how Raven tried to push everyone away and hide her own secrets. Beast Boy never gave up on Raven no matter how bad things got, funny how Timid of all emotions gave Raven the resolve to do the same.

Considering Beast Boy's situation, I am glad he even came back to the tower. I suppose it would be too easy if Raven caught on with what was wrong before going to bed.

I am getting flashback to The End with Beast Boy making breakfast for everyone like Raven did, minus the lack of cooking skill. I have to shake my head at Beast Boy trying to act like nothing happened and his problems never existed. Cyborg is just as disturbed as I am from e looks of it.

At least Beast Boy didn't try to avoid Cyborg's question of why and gave him an honest answer. If only Cyborg's promise to stand by Beast Boy got through to him. Looks like Beast Boy used Bumblebee as a convenient distraction to make his exit.

Well, that was completely different action with Jinx and Kid Flash. I wasn't expecting Beast Boy to be that hostile. Not sure if Beast Boy was deliberately dropping hints to Jinx or is she just caught the signs and had no intension of backing down, but Jinx is off to follow Beast Boy.

A similar conversation with Cyborg happened with Starfire it seems. out of the whole team, Starfire would probably be the one that is easiest to tal to like that.

I see that Robin woke up on the wrong side of the bread this morning. Okay, that is unfair to Beast Boy about his past. How was he supposed to know that red energy was related to Trigon. He was just a kid who was put through too much and wanted to forget the bad times. It is not like everyone told their life stories when they became a team.

Also rather than Red X, I would say this is more like Raven hiding the prophecy. A ting thinking about it again, more like Raven's demonic side something that is just and can plenty of destruction if it is let loose uncontrolled.
Okay, I can understand Robin being hurt and frustrated over this situation, but I think attacking Beast Boy over it will not make things better.

Okay, it was deliberate. Beast Boy wanted to ask Jinx something. So Jinx gets the burden of being the final solution of he loses himself to the red energy. A letter for Raven. Raven is not going to be happy when she wakes up. It might be safer for everyone to give Raven that letter in the panic room or something. I am Raven is still sleepingn or else she would have sensed soemthing and tried to stop Beast Boy.

I don't envy Jinx for having to break the news to the team. We are pretty much at the Slade blackmails Robin stage of things, only without the confusion of not knowing what is going on.
wolfofeternalnight chapter 13 . 3/7/2017
Best story ever and it just stops wth man update
shugokage chapter 28 . 11/20/2016
Definitely an interesting story!
Lara Minalo chapter 28 . 10/5/2016
Please, please PLEASE UPDATE! I HAVE to know what happens. I love this fanfiction so much even though it made me cry so many times in each chapter. I need to know how Beast Boy heals himself. How he loses his MAsk. I want to know what happens to his family. To his soon to be girlfriend. To the other Titans. Yo everyone. Thy may be fictional, and don't exist, but I still care for the characters. I know that it always ends up good in the end, but I always forget about the pains they go through in the beginning and on
AnonymouslyKnown0 chapter 28 . 8/15/2016
that went about as expected. letting someone in your head is difficult BB got a lot of issues. when Raven asked who Beastboy was hit deep. Another great chapter and I got to enjoy it while eating these frosted cookies. XD
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