Reviews for Finding Peace
Right What Is Wrong chapter 3 . 8/30/2017
That's a bit of a silly plan, but I can honestly see SOMEthing like that... just not Magus, per se. There's something distinctly off about three people (seven if you bend the rules for fic purposes) defeating a parasite that's literally had 65000000 years to drain the planet. My crack theory is that Gaspar was the grand puppeteer behind Chrono Trigger's plot. But that's a story for another day...
wingsofseyfert12 chapter 3 . 4/29/2014
Interesting so far. While I feel the conversations between Gaspar and Magus could be elaborated a bit more I enjoy what you're doing so far. However I would like more focus on Magus' thoughts as he tries and rescues Schala. After he rescues her then you can then delve into the nature of their relationship. How will each of them take it? How will Schala feel that her younger brother holds a romantic interest in her? I feel that instead of thinking of a grand plot just write the story focusing mostly on these two characters and their development.

As far as the incest is concerned I was under the impression that the community pretty much accepts these two as a pairing regardless. I have no problem with it but, then again, if I had it my way I would pair Schala with Karsh from Chrono Cross :D
OblivionIsAtHand chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
Ah, você é brasileiro(a), eu tinha certeza! :)

Plot parece promissor, mas vou ter que continuar outra hora. Vida real sucks as vezes. Ainda assim, é Schala/Magus, então eu aprovo. :)