Reviews for The Abyss Staring Back
always chapter 1 . 7/12/2016
i will never get over this.
we are all worlds chapter 1 . 9/19/2014
Incredible, poetic, stunning.
Diane.Y chapter 1 . 3/28/2014
What beautiful poetry. What heartbreaking story. Thank you.
through tempests chapter 1 . 7/18/2013
okay you wrote my favorite couscincest pairing and I've not reviewed it? how did this happen?

so yeah. I pretty much love hugo/roxanne for reasons unknown to me and this was fab. all of the queen and king metaphors were so amazing and I could see that it was obviously from the lyric you had gotten, but only after I went back to check. my favorite line had to have been this:

"The night before and Heaven and Hell are pressing too close for comfort. They are wrapped around each other like the strength of them will keep an apocalypse apart but he doesn't think either of them believe it."

it was just so beautiful, and showed the uneasiness of their world around them along with the faith - or, in hugo's case, faltering faith - between their relationship. all of the imagery you have used in this piece was so wonderful; but it wasn't just imagery, it was imagery that created a /feeling/ which is so difficult to do but you've managed it wonderfully. I hope you know what I mean by that.

and I couldn't help but comment on this line:

"Eight more months and he finds her in the middle of the night, smoke in her veins and poison in all her angles."

because of everything I've already said. the last part of that sentence is so so so gorgeous and this easily ties as my favorite line as well. so, pretty much, I loved this to bits and pieces and I hope you realize what an amazing writer you are.
waterlit chapter 1 . 2/9/2013
This was beautifully written! I can't quite say why, or how - it's haunting, perhaps because of the way you write - all that imagery and metaphors and what have you.

Thank you for posting this!
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 2/3/2013
heyyyy so i said i would review this because it's amazing and here i am! little late, sorry, but i just REALLY WANTED YOU TO KNOW HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS FIC IS, like i honestly really truly adore it a lot and i don't even ship hugo/roxanne at all but this was just genuinely amazing like damn GIVE ME YOUR SKILLS PLEASE

okay so first obviously is ALL THE QUEEN METAPHORS i want to cry they are literally so beautiful and also the whole apocalypse motif was gorgeous as well, how they survived the apocalypse and became king and queen but he left and she stayed and just asdkfjsdkgs wow amazing okay now i think i need to just go through the fic piece by piece and attempt to explain the details of why i loved it so much!

first section, with the end of the world ("the Earth in shards" PLEASE) and the second line about the godhead and her sillhouette, and wow this honestly hooked me right from the beginning because obviously, apocalypse and queens how can i resist, but then also your writing and also "the bowing of the godhead" i don't even know why but that really struck me it was honestly gorgeous and how her sillhouette breaks and just yes please!

second, and can i just say i love the way you jump around time it's so smooth and elegant, you just cut to the chase, and i love how it's non-linear but not in a confusing way like when people just jump around without explanation or pausing to give us a hint of when it takes place, but just simply "here is the center point and this is how far back or forward" i mean bless you for that and also the third line here is just gorgeous, "he drowns her" and "smoke curls from her lips" BUT ALSO THE DIALOGUE LIKE WOW i just adored roxanne? which is weird because i normally don't but "you have to believe in gods to throw them down" that's my girl

third, okay, i just love rome as a setting, it's so beautiful so i loved that you threw it in there, especially since it makes me think of anicent rome and kings and queens and gods, and it's marvelous and then of course the ending "revolution always sat well in their bones" like wow can i favorite lines from stories because that would be my fave without a doubt skdlfsd

fourth and fifth i just want to say that i love the relationship you've painted here it is so ahh i don't know how to say it, beautiful? they're just lovely together and it's odd because i wouldn't usually think that but you're talented enough to make me believe that these two actually fit together and how of course they're beside each other and just wow

sixth section, your imagery and writing in general i mean god i am in AWE ellie honestly like "her scream could slay dragons" I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS IMAGE and also the line about kings and queens (that's also one of my favorite songs, and i love how you echoed it in here!) and of course their phantom crowns and everything was so incredible siiiigh

seventh section during the apocalypse and god i love it, i love the fighting with "swords and wands" and how they're still together despite the mess and i also love how it's unclear if this is real or metaphorical and i prefer to believe it's real because it just adds an extra atmosphere of beauty to the whole thing, that they are actually revolutionaries fighting the apocalypse

(aghh i'm sorry i'm being rushed so i'm just gonna wrap this up real quick BUT HOPEFULLY YOU SEE WHY I LOVE THIS FIC NOW)

basically this was gorgeous and i loved it a lot and i love you a lot and i hope you never ever ever stop writing because you honestly have SUCH a gift ellie okay? I LOVE YOU THIS IS BEAUTIFUL GOOD NIGHT
ok chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Wow that was bueatiful and mysterious, it leaves me with so many questions. I'm just having a hard time figuring out what they are. I'd ask for more, but it's so amazingly perfect that I can't. I wish I could because I want more so badly, but at the saw time you just have the perfect ending.
allisonarrgent chapter 1 . 1/28/2013
Hahahahahahahahaha BE MORE PERFECT I DARE YOU (I don't think it's possible but hey I always welcome pleasant surprises).

You already know exactly how I feel about cousincest (let's make a resolution or something to double-team and bring back all the good Next-Gen ships I'M LITERALLY BEGGING YOU) and the 30 Seconds to Mars song and queen metaphors but like it was all so bloody excellent I can barely form coherent sentences? Like I've told you every chance I get, you have an outstanding talent and I don't think you should ever stop writing because the way you make simple sentences so haunting and memorable is astounding, and to say that I'll never be over it is an absolute understatement.

The way you wrote Hugo and Roxanne and the circumstances of their relationship was brilliant. The indifference/theism and pride/strength lines were so amazing in all of their subtlety I'm honestly shaking my head because HOW DO YOU DO IT?! I'm actually very glad that a large part of this piece was the fact that everything wasn't one hundred percent spelled out, because I think there's so much beauty in obscure yet detailed stories, which is something you pulled off so breathtakingly here.

Favorite lines (all of them let's be real here):

"At the bowing of the godhead, her silhouette breaks into a queen." - YOU COULD BE THE KING BUT WATCH THE QUEEN CONQUER

"Revolution always sat well in their bones." - pleASE

"They are wrapped around each other like the strength of them will keep an apocalypse apart but he doesn't think either of them believe it." - I'm crying alright leavE ME ALONE

"smoke in her veins and poison in all her angles" - I often scream out loud because of your way with words? I just can't deal with any of it anymore.

So in summary I'd just like to reiterate that you are perfect, Ellie, and don't ever forget it. I can't wait for you to post fics more frequently (pshhh procrasination WHAT IS PROCRASTINATION?!) because your writing is practically my reason to breathe. xxx
the optimistic cynic chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
This is a great piece I enjoyed reading it! I almost want to read more about the background of whatever revolution they managed to lead, but not really since it might take away from this piece.
justalittle l o o n y chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
oh my god ellie this was fab.

like, i looked at your dreamcast blog before i read this just to get an image in my head of the characters, and i could really visualize them? roxanne being a far better queen than hugo was king just really shone through to me- maybe because your passion for queens really just glows in every word of your writing?

i also loved the sort-of-au-ish-but-not-really quality to it. it just brought all these questions into my mind- why were they made to be kings and queens? why was the world ending? what is the importance of gods? but the little mentions of both swords and wands just grounded the story in this wizarding-but-not-quite universe, and that just answered all my questions in ways i still haven't figured out, you know?

so, yeah, excellent writing as usual.