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Rebecca15 chapter 10 . 8/8/2002
You got a flame? Don't listen to whoever it was - I love this story, especially now that it is starting to pick up speed.

This chapter was great, but I'm hoping for some more D/Hr interaction!
SweetWater chapter 12 . 8/8/2002
Ahhh, how could you hav ended it there! I like this, please write more soon, and hope you have fun at the beach!

ChocolatePeacock chapter 12 . 8/8/2002

well I liked this chapter it was really good.I'm really suprised over Pansy. You know theres not to many fics were Pansy actually likes Hermione. but all in all I like it. At first before you but the part in with Lucious putting the imperious curse on all of the gryffindors I thought Harry and Ron were crazy. Well I can't wait till the next cahpter to see what draco tells Hermione
Animeflamechick chapter 12 . 8/8/2002
Interesting idea about having Hermione and Pansy get along. I'm starting to get tired of all the fics bashing Pansy, it's too predictable.
Sanaria chapter 12 . 8/8/2002
Cool! But don't leave us on a cliffhanger like that! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I like how you made it so all the Gryffindors were under the imperius curse! That was a cool twist!
fairymagic689 chapter 6 . 8/8/2002

I love your story its AWSOME Malfoy and Hermionie I always thought look cute together since she's so pretty and Malfoys just plain SEXY!The stories keep on
Rosa chapter 11 . 8/8/2002
I like this fanfic. Hope to read more soon.
SnowBirdie chapter 11 . 8/8/2002
Hey there! I saw that your story was called "Complicated" too! Mine is called "Complicated"! I just thought that I would read it to see how it goes, and I am VERY impressed! I really like this story! Usually I HATE stories with Original Characters, but I really like Jewel.

Okay, Hermione and Draco are blind. I am not being critical or anything, but, I mean, common! The Gryffindor password in Hermious Dracous. *Or something like that* You think Hermione would take the hint. The names in their dreams... Can we say 'clueless'? Sorry, I am just annoyed by them to no extent. But I will tell you one thing, I love Harry and Ron's characters. Well, except for the whole murder procession. That is NOT very Harry and Ron. Why are they being evil? That's not good!

Ginny is a good character in this too. She stands up for Hermione, but she is still shy around Harry and therefore, not speaking of what is really on her mind. But she shouldn't have to put up with Harry's crap! What is wrong with her! Gina... lol. THEY ARE BLIND! And as for Jewel. I really like her character. Sorry, I am just repeating myself, again. She is sweet, but bitchy, but independent at the same time. I like that!

Okay, now I am going to rat out on that little dream... AHH! It was HILARIOUS! I know that it probably wasn't suppossed to be that way, but it was. I pictured some huge soap opera with Helen all throwing herself over dream boat Daemeon, and him being the brave hero that throws himself in the pits of hell to save his beloved! It was great! I loved it! But still, THE NAMES! ARE THEY BLIND? DEAF? STUPID! I am going to pop a vein if they don't get it, and soon!

I really liked this story! You update often, so I see. Good. Not many people update often, or at all, and I feel like plotting murder against them! Alright, now with this whole death in the Quidditch feild, let's not get into too many dramatics. I mean I know that they are really peeved, but this-is-stupid! Poor Draco! He didn't even do anything! Wait, he did. What did he go sending her a note like THAT for? And when Pansy is next to her? Forget it! He deserves to die for his abundance of stupidity...

Well, that is my review. I like to write long reviews, and read long reviews. More people should start doing it instead of 'Nice story!' or 'EEEEK! Write more!' That pisses me off to hell, so do humanity a favor and write long reviews! JK. Don't listen to my Dictator ways. It's a stage I'll get over. Loved the story to death! Can't wait to hear more of the adventures of the blind people! Ugh...


ChocolatePeacock chapter 10 . 8/8/2002
Hello I personally like this story it's really good. I love the whole plot of the story it's really great keep up the good work I can't wait for the next chapter it's getting good. I like that you put Jewel in the story. I surprised that Pansy wasn't Jealous or anything like that. It almost sounded like she was kinda happy for her but yeah. Harry and Ron are control freaks like gosh get your on freakin life and stay out of hermiones. I can't wait for D/H to really kiss. Snape is a jackass he didn't have to put them on blast like that. Now That was just rude but yeah. I like your story can't wait for the next chapter


P.S. I like Nelly also (It's gettin Hot in here)LOL
Sanaria chapter 10 . 8/7/2002
I love it! Awesome! Plez update soon! More, more, more!
Rosebud1 chapter 10 . 8/7/2002
Nice story. I like Draco's sister and how she brings out a different side of him.
SomeGrowYoung chapter 10 . 8/7/2002
Cool story. Okay, so I admit it when the Draco/Hr thing is written right it's okay. I wrote on some other story "errrhhhhnnn... draco and hr are weird together" or something... like that. But I guess they're okay. Anyway, keep writing.
Lizzy chapter 9 . 8/7/2002
I think I know who those characters are suppose to be. I think Helen is suppose to be Hermione, Gina is suppose to be Ginny, Jewelia is suppose to be Jewel, Daemon is suppose to be Draco and Luico is supposed to be Lucious. Am I right or am I right?
Muffy chapter 10 . 8/7/2002
Cool story please make it fast on the writing cause i really want to see what happens
BoOtYbAbY chapter 10 . 8/7/2002
WHOA BUDDY! ur so fast with the chapters! kewlies, OH, and make sure you make hermie hex Ron and Harry! GODDESS they make me mad. lOL. no, j/k, you can do whatever u want w/ them. KEEP GOIN!
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