Reviews for Kiss it Better
MusicGurl8192 chapter 16 . 4/1
I'm so excited! Finally the truth!
I'm lazy too lol. (About you're Confessions), I totally get that. I also just write in my spare time and for fun. I don't know how old 14-18 ?I'm not sure...?
MusicGurl8192 chapter 4 . 3/31
What is Jace thinks Isabel is Clary? or something like that? What if he tries to go after Isabel? That would be a twist..
MusicGurl8192 chapter 2 . 3/31
I liked this Chapter! Stop being modest ;)
I like where the Story is heading so far :)
PezzaPlatypus chapter 26 . 3/14
Can you please do an epilogue please please please please. By the way awesome story :)
Guest chapter 26 . 2/27
Just just continue somehow! I was sobbing by the end of chap 25-26
Lilietje99 chapter 26 . 2/21
This story is just sooo cute! I'm so glad I found it! :) thank you for writing it!
We.Lurk.In.The.Shadows chapter 26 . 2/17
AWWW 3 i love it 3
gabriellejade99 chapter 26 . 2/4
No! It feels like the story just started. I can't believe it's already been a year. I've loved every chapter of this story, it's so original and creative. You should be proud of how amazing this fanfic is! Thank you for writing this, because every time I had a bad day, I would start to read this and it would make me feel better. Once again, GREAT JOB. I'm sad to see it end, but happy they finally got to be together!
vampchick09 chapter 26 . 1/31
I'm soo gland they found each other! Love the ending. ;)
Pzioneyed chapter 26 . 1/27
I can't believe it's over! It was awesome.
anniethewise chapter 26 . 1/29
This was a wonderful ending, though to be honest, yes, it felt a little rushed. I'm just grinning like a loser right now, it was so sweet and cute. I would love to see an epilogue though! Just so the ending feels more like an ending! Amazing job!
DamphiricAngel2014 chapter 26 . 1/29
I really think you should do a sequel story following them years later (i.e.: When Clary is getting ready to graduate, etc.) because I liked this story and I hope you write more about it. Read all 26 chapters in 1 day! So good and addictive!
ClaceandStelenaTMITVD chapter 26 . 1/27
That was great! I love it!
Booknerd178 chapter 26 . 1/27
I liked it
didnotthinkofthat chapter 26 . 1/27
Pleeeeeeaaaaase make an epilouge. I want more here D:
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