Reviews for Mass Effect: The First War
Bobboky chapter 22 . 2/25
Awesome job.
DeathmatchDrunkard chapter 21 . 2/23
Well, what's there to say? You crafted an amazing world, told an amazing story that has me jumping in circles wanting to read more.
SirRacha chapter 22 . 2/16
Well interesting story but i feel like you make the Citadel way to stupid
Radioactive-Rubber-Pants chapter 18 . 2/12
Would you believe that I had guessed that the humans were bluffing the moment that the Planet exploded? Thank you sociology.
The Hero named Villan chapter 17 . 2/8
ending of this chapter is one of the best chapters ever just because of that, just undescribable awesomeness
Brian1972 chapter 5 . 2/3
Nice story so far. But since you made Warp Travel so damn fast why doesn't send Earth relive ships? I mean if they have 20,000 ships who seem to be superior it should be possible to flat a single Turian fleet without streching it too far.
Franco731 chapter 17 . 1/23
Great quote from the director of project freelancer!
Joat the Goat chapter 8 . 1/22
Errr... maybe late to the party, but iirc the Chrysler building is in Detroit not NYC
casquis chapter 19 . 1/10
Dude, you have so much talent and potential, but after this chapter I just can't keep reading any longer. This is Halo, there's no way around it, there's no denying it. The SIGMAs are cheap ripoffs of the Spartans, the SIGMA IIs are the same thing. OD3s? ODSTs. Had this been a crossover it would've been fine but every additional word I read feels like you're lying to your readers and I can't take that.

On a secondary note, this is a humanity wank, completely unrealistic as to time lapse and technological advances, but that by itself doesn't bother me, there are plenty of decent wanks out there. This one is just a little bit too much though.

In any case, I do wish you good luck in your future endeavors as a writer even if this one didn't work for me.
faolanlasky chapter 17 . 1/1
all warfare is deseption.
High Fleet Admiral of the UNSC chapter 1 . 12/31/2014
this is halo
a lot of halo mass effect crossovers are like this say aye if you agree
archelle.canedo chapter 1 . 12/21/2014
I don't know how you did it, but in the time it took to read this, it became real. I found myself, heart pounding, grin splitting,and adrenaline filled after each victory. I looked outside my window and wondered what had happened to the explosions and where the devastation dissppeard. I was high on happiness in one chapter when I got up to the kitchen to get a drink. I fell to my knees in front of the fridge and cried for the loss of life and innocence. I was living in this world.
luisg1778 chapter 22 . 12/18/2014
This is now my favorite story
luisg1778 chapter 15 . 12/17/2014
This story just keeps getting better and better
luisg1778 chapter 8 . 12/16/2014
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