Reviews for Everything and Nothing
DobbyRocksSocks chapter 1 . 12/30/2017
What the fuck is that ending? Okay, sorry but really? Dammit Laura :(

So, just as beautiful as the other one but more painful because poor John and then the ending. Unnecessary! But no, the emotions in this jump off the screen and it’s gorgeous and heartbreaking and all the horribly good things in writing.

I’m still scowling at you for your perfection at angst.
heir of fire chapter 1 . 1/6/2014
Sobbing :,(
The Angel of London chapter 1 . 7/6/2013
That was painful. And I don't like you (okay, that is just the feels talking).
I swear if Moffat makes John suffer for long, I will get pissed (as in angry, not drunk. But heck, maybe I'll steal my mum's wine!).
But that was good and bad - well done om the writing, bad on the making-me-feel-sadness at such a late time.

Keep up the good work. I like making myself crying and suffer over fiction. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29/2013
Being A Wallflower chapter 1 . 2/23/2013

OMG Laura this is a STUNNING PIECE OF WRITING! I love love love LOVE IT!

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations. (You read it? :D)

I love you, Laura. Perfect.

The count-up, the way it keeps on referring back to things, the ginger hair (was that reference to BCs natural hair colour? I thought so) and the ENDING. Oh, the ending, darling, is flawless. The way he thinks that Sherlock's alive and so does the reader 'cause they've watched the series and THEN HE ISN'T.

Ily x
Forever Siriusly Sirius chapter 1 . 1/29/2013

Gods this was indescribable.

The second person and the present tense is what really helped the feels, like writing it that way made it so much sadder and more beautiful and just /so amazing/

I love how you portrayed John, how he had to speak to the whole of London because sherlock os more than just a beadstone

I love how hewent to see mrs hudson and how the flats been empty and it still smells like sherlock

I love that home os a head in the fridge and bacteria in the milk

I love that he. Goes to work at the surgery fixing others when he cant fix himself

I love how you measured this in days, and i love how they were /sherlock&john/

By the time I got to 365 days, I had tears running down my face

At two years I was like sobbing

Then 782 days I lost it completly because hes alive and john punched him in the face and they are johnlock and then john wakes up and its shit it was a dream AND YOU CRUSHED ALL MY HOPES AND THE FEELS AND THE TEARS JUST MERLIN

the immagery about the hole in his chest...deR god womanyou have a gift.

The funeral scene, mycroft talki g about britherly love and john notbeimg able tosayanything WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH POWER TOMAKEMEFEEL LIKE THIS :(

I loved this


But now im thinking of reichenbach and sherlocks death AND ITS TOO SOON (It willnever be the right time,) AND MEMORIES AND PAIN AND /sobs/

Brillant just brilliant

(this may notbe1.5k but it was pretty long :P)
LIVEalittleLOVEsome chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
I really liked this, it felt so real and tragic. loved how you showed how much John knew him and the end was the worst kind of perfect. Good job :)
hazelgracegus chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Wow. Seriously wow. This was just so perfect and the leg when he went back seriously how are you so brilliant just ugh why

But honestly, wonderful writing and characterization and really it's no wonder why you are my favorite fanfiction author ever.
GreenGirl111 chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
That was really, really amazing! I'm just gonna pretend I didn't read the last sentence...
Exceeds Expectations chapter 1 . 1/27/2013

omg i can't believe you, this is not okay, okay? this is very, very UNokay and i've read it THREE TIMES and i'm STILL CRYING, laura, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME

"happy birthday, let me stab you in the chest"

but i'm lying and i'm masochistic and i love it, i do, and i love YOU and i've lost the remnants of all things grammar because TEARS

the first paragraph, THE FIRST BLOODY PARAGRAPH, and "zero" and i was just crying like a - like a /crying thing/, and it's so gorgeous, and so painful (these words will be repeated a lot throughout this (really shit) review) and i just want to squeeze john because [It's /this is my note/ and /keep your eyes fixed on me/ and /goodbye, john/.] and i can't even copy/paste that line without more tears, that's how much it hurts my soul

[It's the end of everything and the beginning of nothing, nothingness. It's the sickening crack of flesh hitting pavement. It's sherlock! and denial and no no no no no.

It's the end of the world as you know it.]

do you know, i've never opened something, read the first paragraph, and then cried all the way down to the end. but i have now, and that's your fault, and oh MERLIN my johnlock feels are still too raw for this

[You wake up and for just the slightest instant you've forgotten, but then it hits you all over again and you crumple because what now?] this, so much this, i can imagine this happening x1000 because they fell into a routine - a routine of /being there/, dammit - and sherlock left and john is just lost, because sherlock gave him /life/ again, gave him something to have and i don't even know what i'm saying anymore argh

[You can't, because how do you stand up and explain to people that he was a mad bastard but you wouldn't have him any other way? How do you explain Baskerville and Irene and that night at the pool? How do you explain coming home to a head in the fridge and milk cultivating bacteria and thinking this is home? How do you explain the little things and the big things and the things that made him sherlock, made you sherlock&john?] this is one of my favourite paragraphs from anything ever, like, seriously, i'm now sitting in my grandmother's sitting room blinking furiously because she's RIGHT THERE and my niece is over THERE and i can't cry in front of them and yet here i am, blinking, blinking, and hoping they don't look up. it hurts so much to think of john trying to articulate what he had with sherlock because they are /different/, aren't they, sherlock&john, they are nonsensical and crazy and no one will ever understand them, not really, and you show that wonderfully, you really do, laura

[You can't explain him in the space they'd give you; you can't explain him at all, because he's untouchable, indescribable, transcendent.

Was, you correct yourself. He was those things. All he is now is dead.]

i want to hate you, but i can't

[You beg him for one more miracle, sherlock but you know best of all that while he may have been sherlock, he was still human and dead means dead.] look, okay, reichenbach broke everything inside of me (and you KNOW THAT because you CAUSED IT) but it was healing, and then you broke it all over again with this. one more miracle, sherlock, is probably the most amazing, heartbreaking thing ever, i cry every time i see john at that graveside, and here you are, reminding us that even sherlock is just human, even sherlock is breakable. and john has made a hero of him WHEN WE KNOW HE SHOULDN'T DO THAT, DON'T WE, LAURA asagkjhalfjghaklbariuojlkfha kl

['s been over a month — forty-two days, whispers the part of your mind that's keeping track and you hate it because it's just one more sign that you aren't letting go.] yes, yes, john being unable to let go or move in is so yes, so right, so STAB-IN-THE-HEART-y, it's just /oh/

[You stand in front of a headstone and tell him that it's been one year but it doesn't feel right, this doesn't feel like him. He isn't a headstone in the cemetery...

You speak to all of London — because, really, he's more here than in some headstone — and you tell him that it's been a year. You feel stupid, because either he knows already or he knows nothing at all, depending on what you believe, and either way he doesn't need you to tell him.

You can practically see him, staring at you with that look where you can tell he thinks you're being supremely idiotic but for once he's being too kind to mention it and the pain of the image tears a hole right through your chest.

You whisper your i miss yous to the wind and hope that wherever he is, there are plenty of serial killers, and then you laugh, because in some ways hell is his heaven.]

jesus christ, this review is running away from me but i need to comment on everything i can DID YOU SEE THAT ABOVE PART? I AM BLINKING FURIOUSLY AGAIN JUST TRYING TO COPY/PASTE, I THINK I'M DYING, LAURA. because sherlock and /london/ and john imagining him and heaven for sherlock and even john now, this is what john needs, and i am breaking

[Logic isn't winning here, and there's a Sherlock-shaped hole in your chest where he used to be, and all the tape in the world can't patch it up.

You go to work at the surgery and you can't pretend that you don't see the irony in that — you spend your days patching up other people's wounds when you can't even patch your own.]


[You climb the steps slowly, leaning too heavily on your right leg and counting all seventeen steps. You knows as you do that this might be a very, very bad idea. Pouring salt into a wound that already refuses to heal is… stupidity at its finest.

But you never claimed to be a genius and you're sick of people expecting you to be him when you aren't. You're allowed to be stupid sometimes. You push open the door.

It smells like him. Two years later and this room still smells like him, smells like home.]

the leg, laura, THE LEG, his limp and that's just a tiny detail and you're fabulous because it's the tiny details that make the biggest, most vivid pictures, and you're perfect. and then people expecting him to /be/ sherlock, to fill that unfillable gap, it's just so WHY DON'T I HAVE WORDS PERFECTAMAZINGARGH - it's SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT but it's not, because that's too superficial and i need something deeper and sweeter and more melancholic, you know? but there are no words for your writing and your johnlock and oh GOD laura i'm not even UNDERSTANDABLE ANYMORE. it smells like sherlock and sherlock smells like /home/ do you know what that does to me

these two give me far too many feels

[You are frozen. You cannot move. You cannot breathe.

This can't be happening. Your fist collides with his face and you hear her voice in your head; if I had to punch that face I'd avoid your nose and teeth too and you grit your teeth because you're angry, furious.

Alive. Alive. Alive, your brain stutters, and you can't accept it but there he is in front of you and how do you ignore what your eyes are telling you?

And then you wake up gasping and the ache in your chest throbs and you hate yourself because he's dead and he isn't coming back.]



this review is awful but you melted by brain, shattered my heart, probably damaged my major organs, i'm gonna go into a feels induced coma soon, but thank you, thank you, thank you TO THE MOON because, love, i love this so much it hurts.

i love you so much it hurts.

i love i love i love

and it hurts

(i have not read back over this monstrosity, i have no idea if it makes sense, but here, have my brain vomit as an act of love)
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
_/\_ - this is what you do to me. Does that make you happy? That you're breaking me into a million tiny pieces. It's all your fault.

And this is so heart breaking. Like words can describe how wonderful this is. Think of all the positive words and that is what I think of this.

The second pov is so perfect. I love using it for slash and for John, gah! It's so wonderful. I would quote my favorite lines, but I loved them all so much. They were all perfect and lovely and gorgeous.

If I cried easily, I would've broken down in tears over this. Like seriously. It was that great!

I really love this. /favorites
Milarca chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Oh, that was *absolutely* gorgeous. I haven't yet read any post-Reichenbach fics (just finished watching Sherlock a few weeks ago..) so this one was an extremely lovely, succinct first. I loved how John "allowed himself to be stupid" and I have to say I almost thought the ending was real. Poor, darling John. Poor Sherlock :( And it was nice as a general cap to the last episode, an in-between of sorts - beautifully written, loved it :)
hasfihasifgaoifg chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
I feel so proud to have beta'ed this.


There isn't much I can write, because it will never do it justice. Instead, I shall highlight:

[You can't breathe as they lower the casket into the ground.

You feel like you need to stand up and make a speech — you were his best friend, his only friend, if he's to be believed, and Mycroft is looking at you like he expects you to, but you can't. You can't, because how do you stand up and explain to people that he was a mad bastard but you wouldn't have him any other way? How do you explain Baskerville and Irene and that night at the pool? How do you explain coming home to a head in the fridge and milk cultivating bacteria and thinking this is home? How do you explain the little things and the big things and the things that made him sherlock, made you sherlock&john?

You can't explain gunfights and back-alley chases and bomb detonations. You can't explain circuses and Angelo's and Bart's. You can't explain him in the space they'd give you; you can't explain him at all, because he's untouchable, indescribable, transcendent.]

I love this. The little things that made them who they were. Not just the army doctor and the detective...they had so much more. Things that nobody knew, didn't bother to find out. And John knows Sherlock so much better than everyone, because he sees everything - doesn't he? - he has all of these experiences that he can never share with anyone because it's /Sherlock/ and Sherlock is impossible to even begin describing, like you have put so eloquently.

I love you so much fajshfilaskhfilasfgiafseg
Schmiezi chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
This is heart-braking. Wonderful! I love the idea of Sherlock's heaven being filled with serial killers. :-)
IforIgnore chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Poor John...I thought at the end you'd brought Sherlock back...that means if he comes back now John will think it's a dream. :)