Reviews for The Secret of Friendship
HP-fanfic-fan101 chapter 1 . 1/29/2013
I love this! It's brilliant! Why in the world couldn't the PAID writers of the show make Clark a good liar like this?
My favourite example is here: "Lex you know where you came from, I don't. Like any adopted kid I wanted to know, I wanted to find out but the more questions I asked the worse the answers got. I got to the point where I was afraid what the truth might actually be. Can't you see why I would get pissed off then when you started looking into it?" -Honestly if Clark had said this at ANY point during the show (and the part about not having the answers) it would have saved us viewers from a LOT of Clark's hypocritical whining.

I also love how what he said isn't so much a lie as a deliberate mislead in connotation. Again I must say that this is the most brilliant Smallville fanfiction I think I have ever read. (Although I might be biased because I learned something that I wouldn't have if I hadn't read this...Still think it's brilliant, and by the end they repaired their friendship. Again, WHY couldn't the PAID writers have done something like this? At least for one episode like show us an alternate world or something since 'Lex Luthor' and 'Clark Kent/Superman' have to end up enemies for the show to comply with comic canon.)

I have got to thank you for mentioning that Caucuses mountains thing because I did a quick Google search and I'm now reading something about white people may have descended from albino Africans. (I already knew about the Out of Africa theory and have visiting the 'Cradle of Humanity' on my bucket list, but I can't believe I never made this connection before.)
Surveyor of Cheese chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
Well, if you wrote this as a story instead of just a script - holy shit man, I woulda been crying.

As it is, I really do miss the good side of Lex from the earlier seasons. Nice going.