Reviews for Fifty Shades - 10 years later
Glittergrandma chapter 196 . 3/9
This is an excellent story. So very thought out. I have waited and waited for the completion (over 3 years). I have even re- searched thru for the story by title and author and it doesn't appear in any search. Was this ever completed? Where can I find the completing chapters?
Jane Bibbey chapter 2 . 3/1
When is the next chapter out? It been way to long
georgiapeach23 chapter 196 . 1/24
Very disappointed that you just left with no word. It wouldn't take long to log on to give us a quick update. I regret even starting this story since there is no ending.
Julie Snow chapter 196 . 1/24
I really miss you and am hoping everything is ok with you and your family.
chillyadams chapter 196 . 1/24
Hi, there’s still so much love for this story, I hope you’re well? Do plan to still finish this amazing story? Much love
Gill chapter 196 . 1/22
Loving your series, Will there be more?
Guest chapter 196 . 1/16
you promised not to stop writting until lucky was born. I hope that you are doing well and did not stop writing due to an illness. Please update us soon. I am starting to have withdrawl. LOL
kirithy chapter 196 . 1/16
I just finished this amazing story and cant believe that it doesnt have an end. Please just let us know if Lucky is a boy or girl...
I hope your husband is doing fine. Thanks for the 196 chapters, I loved loved loved :)
Maria A Venereo chapter 196 . 1/14
Please tell me you are bringing more to the table. I am anxious for more.
Thank you hope all is well
Vicky Smith chapter 196 . 1/14
Please please please, continue with your story. I have just finished reading it again for the umpteenth time. What happened with Leila and Baptista? Did she try to get any more revenge against Ana and Christian? What was in Ella's diary? What was on the tape that was found? Was Lucky a boy or girl? What happened with Elena and Elizabeth Morgan? You're an excellent writer. Your story is one of the best I've read. Please don't give up on us. Come back to us.

Guest chapter 196 . 1/7
Sad you haven't written more. Please do... it's fabulous!
Guest chapter 196 . 1/7
Very well written please finish it please
jillianaw chapter 195 . 1/5
Love this story! Please please finish it (:
Guest chapter 196 . 12/23/2017
Just want to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday. I hope all is well, and really hope you come back to writing the store. Reading from the beginning again for the 7th time.
sharon chapter 196 . 12/19/2017
this chapter was great stuff, cant wait for the next episodes, when will the next episodes be posted
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