Reviews for Fifty Shades - 10 years later
Guest chapter 196 . 7/20
I was hoping for more soon.. it's been so long.. hoping all is well and more is to come soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16
Hope this note finds you the next chapter coming soon?
cmazzone chapter 196 . 7/6
I absolutely loved this book. Hope all is well with your family. In some parts I was fearful of the outcome but you were leading to but was pleasantly surprised. You also made mention of the possibility of writing a sequel and I so hope that you do. Hopefully I will be able to read your next did an awesome job on this one.
Guest chapter 11 . 7/4
Is the aunt's name Edna or Elizabeth?
fiona chapter 196 . 7/4
Are you write anymore page if please hurry up thankful
DJ chapter 185 . 7/2
As I reread this chapter again it makes me want to read more about Christian and Andrew spending more time together and maybe talking about his time with Andrews mother. Maybe Christian starts seeing our calling him his " son". This might bring more emotion from Andrew & Teddy. Sims my thoughts on your great story!
jolanda chapter 196 . 7/2
I absolutely loved your story
but I see you haven't finished it and hopping that you will
as you mentioned that you would continue until lucky was born
I know its been a few years
you have answered a few questions but have left it open
thank you four an amazing story
tana chapter 196 . 6/24
I loved this chapter I can't wait till the next one
Elissa chapter 196 . 6/21
please give me more!
S.P chapter 196 . 6/20
Wow, what a chapter. I couldn't pull myself away. You are a terrific writer and I'm craving the next chapter. Thank you so much.

I hope your family is well and you are getting back to a somewhat normal life from all the problems yu have stated. Good luck to you and your family.
Monica Lopez chapter 196 . 6/18
Very touching chapter I can't wait for more.
Guest chapter 196 . 6/15
Love your story. Please don't end it yet. Looking forward to you next update.
Guest chapter 196 . 6/15
I just have to say that this is the best fanfiction book that I have read. I have read this book 4 times now please don't end it or please tell me where I can find more of your stories. I bet it would be great if it was made into a movie.
Jamie Johnston chapter 196 . 6/13
Another fantastic chapter. Wow! That was so amazing. I loved it and look forward to the next chapter! xoxo
infinite.394 chapter 157 . 6/12
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