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Mibs Shadow chapter 3 . 11/10/2015
That's a lot of Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion references: Earendil, Anarion, Radagast, Thorin, and possibly Kile as well. I read this story about a year ago before I read Tolkien, and I didn't get the references, but this time I'm catching them.
peace and joyce chapter 45 . 1/19/2015
I submitted Alexei Ryant :)
Favourite tributes: Harora, Amabel, Jacquelyn, Grimmjow, Thorin
Least favourite tributes... Kalliope and Chelsia.
Victor was a good choice :) I get what you mean about tributes... I was a bit eh about some of them too.
My favourite of your syots will always be 101st. Mostly because I don't think I ever really read 98th and 4th qq properly... I just couldn't handle them.
Human experimentation, huh? Oh dear *flashback of Dr Tiberius* oh dear oh dear
So basically marianne was killed by Kalliope who was killed by earendil who was killed by raziel who was killed by grimmjow who was killed by Jacquelyn who was killed by mutt (technically with the assistance of Harora's negligence) woah. Ultimate chain of avenging.
Thanks for an awesome story! ... No more. No more Dany A. :( but oh well. I can always reread 101st and 102nd hg all over again and relive the pain and bloodshed. Yippee. *ironically*
peace and joyce chapter 44 . 1/19/2015
And that line about being broken. Yes. And I like that Harora's weird power is gone. It just.. Works really well with the story. Which is almost over. No.
peace and joyce chapter 43 . 1/19/2015
And that got very dramatic and EVERYONE GETS BURNED IN THIS FIC I SWEAR TO GOD
This has to be one of the best hg finales. Just chatting, two of the most nonchalant tributes sittin' on a mountaintop. That, y'know. Spews lava. The sassiest though, I just can't handle it. I could copy and paste all the awesome lines from this story, but I'd be here all night and school and stuff exists tomorrow so I can't.
peace and joyce chapter 42 . 1/19/2015
Ah, Fate. And awesome characters. And awesome characters dying because fate. Oh yes, don't we know that.
But it was an interesting way for her to go, not in a duel but quietly with a wound from a plan that backfired pretty impressively.
And Mortimer is still very very awesome. Those buuuurns arrgh. :(
The counting seconds was a neat little touch too. Really poignant, even though Jacquelyn and Harora were so calm the whole time.
peace and joyce chapter 41 . 1/19/2015
Oh god, catch my breath. And wow all the surviving tributes have major injuries now... Lucky for them, makes it more even. They're really getting bashed up, poor babies. This is a susprisingly violent games for an arena that features Hobbiton.
KILE Y U NO RUN AWAY valiant tributes standing their ground even they die... aahh.
peace and joyce chapter 40 . 1/19/2015
Aaaaand that ending was creepy. Jacquelyn's leg though... oouch. I don't think
Radagast reminds me of hagrid, except hagrid (thankfully) was never chewed on by a mutt.
Technically the mutt wanted to play. And be friends. Just dead friends.
... How are they gonna get his body back now? Only these GMs don't seem very bothered about due to the dead. Poor Alexei :( that whole thing about the autonomy and bodies thing... So deep.
When you're a tribute, your body isn't really your own, come to think of it. Reminds me of Finnick. Or maybe that's because Jacquelyn nearly got decapitated. :( poor Finnick. Poor everyone.
peace and joyce chapter 39 . 1/19/2015
"Fun for kids of all ages" sounds like an ad for the hunger games right there and that whole scene with harora in the caves and thinking she's gonna die underground- chilling. Just really chilling, all of it. And that scene with raziel... So beautiful. Hard to believe how long ago all the earlier chapters feel. Her going a little bit cuckoo... Wow. You just do crazy characters so well. And that is a compliment, promise,
"Undead stalker" "watching them sleep" hehe twilight references. Only this story is actually GOOD and tbh I'd like twilight if it had undead people bathroom watching. Cause I'm weird like that.
Mortimers lack of reaction is just the best. I am now shipping him with Iresse. Just putting that out there. No regrets.
peace and joyce chapter 38 . 1/19/2015
That battle was epic. And kind of sad. Even if the GMs were getting really dems ex machine-y. Rest under the mountain Thorin. Now I really don't want to see battle of five armies of it's going to be anywhere near as depressing.
But yeah. Fate. All mentions of fate in this story are just super deep and epic and make everything better. Final six, huh? Wow. Death per chapter. I am so not ready.
("S*** ghosts" best line of everything ever. Ten out of ten, right there. And paying in blood is really cool.)
peace and joyce chapter 37 . 1/19/2015
See, why aren't more characters like grimmjow? I swear so many characters don't bother to check their enemies are fully dead. And then they die.
Woooah ghost Katica. And ghost everyone now, pretty much. Is it bad that my reaction was kind of the same as grimmjow's? Pretty bad.
Final battle time! And of course jacquelyn has a plan, she's THE QUEEN
*tuts* gamemakers and their unsubtle hints, tho. I wonder who was responsible for the night glitch, or maybe Dany was just like "I'm BORED GUYS LETS JUST CUT TO NIGHT ALREADY"
Oh, Harora. That doesn't look good, does it...
peace and joyce chapter 36 . 1/19/2015
Damn gamemakers. Door opening just as he dies... That sucks. For raziel, I mean. As a writer it's just super ironic and darkly humourous. Like this story, kind of.
Creepy caves tho. CREEPY CAVES THOUGH.
Anarion is avenged! Huzzah!
Yes, it doesn't seem a good year to be a career, this one. And I just rhymed.
peace and joyce chapter 35 . 1/19/2015
Mmkay so I'm just gonna pretend that whole five months without reviewing never happened. :)
Grimmjow being saved by his buddies! I'm all over that.
Ooh fingers tho. Poor baby :(
Yay for naps as well. Naps very important. Tis written in the good book. Thou shalt nap. Or something like that.
I can see it now. Kile and the zombie posse. Team zombie. Vote Kile of the zombie party.
Aww, tirre and Alexei. Together in death. That makes me feel better about them being y'know dead and reanimated and stuff. And the fact they're together suggests they can still remember their lives. ;'( heartwarming zombies also best thing ever.
This was a surpisingly humorous chapter for a very dark story, which I loved. The humour is so honest and ironic it's just beautiful
Cronomon chapter 46 . 8/31/2014

Mortimer just like randomly dying because, oops, miscalculation, sort of. Not really. Isis just doesn't care at all. But indeed, he did go the way he would've wanted to, instead of falling into a volcano or something.


Haha I am honored that you would write an alternate ending just for me. For a sec I thought it was going to be the "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN" but it turned out to be even better. Also that "slightly awkward pause as Harora thrashed a bit in the dirt" was pretty great. Ehe. So congrats on finally finishing! And with a day to spare. You did good, man. Awesome job :3
Cronomon chapter 45 . 8/31/2014
Day Eleven was just a bad day for everyone indeed. Like. Wow, just a very rough day.

ANYWAY. I super liked the little epilogue thing involving all the Gamemakers. All I really saw was "everyone was awesome and ended up really successful", which is how it should be. Except for Mortimer's parents but eh. And also District Nine probably took over the entire country from underground.

Looking over the list of tributes I literally don't remember anyone from before you ended the hiatus. Except for Natho, I remember Natho because I always imagined him as mentally-unstable Nathaniel. But anyway. I don't think this was a mess! I thought it was good! Your SYOTs are always very entertaining. Now to go see what the next chapter is all about.
raiden221 chapter 44 . 8/30/2014
I created Raziel District 4, and Marianne from district 7. I also submitted Sheila before so I was stoked to see her again. My favorite tribute, other than my own, was Mortimer. He was just interesting. My favorite alliance was Raziel and Harora. The only tributes that I didn't like were the LOTR tributes, they just felt awkward in this setting. I loved reading this and hope to see more in the future.
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