Reviews for Children of the Lonely Mountain
Hobbsy3 chapter 5 . 3/26
I recently re-read the Sons of Durin and Children of the Lonely Mountain AGAIN because I love them so much, and I just wanted to leave a review to tell you that this is the only time in my life I have ever been so upset at the death of a car, and this is one of my favourite chapters ever. It is just awesome, thank you :)
Narcissa-Weasly chapter 25 . 3/15
They care for each other so much Kili and Fili.
nessyschu chapter 16 . 3/14
This one always makes me cry. So sweet.
Narcissa-Weasly chapter 19 . 3/13
Can't you write something more where Ori gets a happy ending?
Lavaed chapter 1 . 3/1
this is so adorable! It made me curl my toes in cuteness
GamineGirl chapter 25 . 2/10
I love that we got a little inside look at one of the boys' facial expression conversations in this chapter. I've always wondered about those.
wrmauney chapter 9 . 2/9
hahaha hehehe, Tons of laughter and mirth!
Tam chapter 20 . 2/8
Yay! So glad you're back. I love your writing.
Werde Spinner chapter 24 . 2/8
Best! Depiction! Of! Nori! Ever! So few people even *try* to write Nori, and ever fewer do him justice, so I am absolutely DELIGHTED by what you've done here.

And now I'm laughing over the jab at Dain. From tears to laughter in a couple of minutes. It's your writing that does this to me, dang it.
Werde Spinner chapter 25 . 2/8
Yup, definitely crying now. I can just picture the scene in my mind - tiny little Kili faced off against Thorin, with Fili slackjawed in the middle, not knowing what to think.

If there's one thing the Hobbit fandom agrees upon, it's that Fili and Kili should NEVER be split apart. Never. It's just wrong. Thorin, you know better than to threaten that - but I guess it was the only thing that would shock some sense into them.
NessySchu chapter 25 . 2/7
Ahhhhhh I am dying of feels. That was so precious and lovely and I love you. Thank you.
Thorny Hedge chapter 25 . 2/6
Oh, I do love those little grifters. :)
Tam chapter 25 . 2/6
Great chapter. What a nice surprise to a long day.

Thank you
Purestrongpoem chapter 25 . 2/6
Great chapter.
GamineGirl chapter 24 . 2/4
Yay more stories! I've always been curious about Nori, since he seemed like the only one that was totally fine with their criminal lifestyle. Thanks for letting us get inside his head for a bit! Some day I'd love to know more about how he adjusts to their life on the mountain.
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