Reviews for The Barriers That Divide our Hearts
kriitikko chapter 11 . 9/14
There are few things that make me as happy as to see a good Sinji/Misato fic continuing. :-)
Bcaffera chapter 11 . 8/31
Helloo. Great story.
I love Shinji/Misato stories and yours is one of the best I read.
It's funny but with enough romantic and action scenes.
The battle against Gaghiel was excellent. I like Asuka, but I also don't like her (yes, it sounds weird. But let just say that when is not an Shinji/Asuka story I don't like her. At all) so it was really great how Shinji defeat the angel and pissed her of.
Great work, hope you keep at it. :D.

P.S.: sorry if my english isn't good.
XD chapter 11 . 8/31
Nice ;]
Genesis D. Rose chapter 11 . 8/30
loved this chapter, I like how you keep the action scenes short and focus on what matters, the growing relationship between misato and Shinji
The Sinful chapter 11 . 8/30
Ya know, only other Shinji/Misato story I've read lately was "Don't Look" and it wasn't really a romance (shocking I'm sure considering it's a Slender Man crossover). After the mess that was "You Can (Not) Redo", it's nice to see them have a healthier relationship.
Tellemicus Sundance chapter 11 . 8/30
Yes, yes, yes! A new update so quickly! I love you so much right now! And though it was short, I quite enjoyed it! While I understand that it was likely done for the sake of expediency, I have to admit to being kinda disappointed that Misato's 'argument' with the Admiral was cut. It's always amusing to see a grown man like him acting like a pouting brat. And that last scene was a real 'awwww!' moment. Great work!
Guest chapter 11 . 8/30
I don't know what you took to make two chapters in a week but I hope you take more. Awesome as always!
painfulldarksoul chapter 10 . 8/29
I don't mind waiting, but I kind of forgot 95% of everything in the story, overt the time I waited. I'll have to reread this at some point.
Christopher chapter 1 . 8/28
It would be nice to see you spice it up.
NeoWolfX chapter 10 . 8/28
See you next year!
34A7B chapter 10 . 8/28
Very nice as always and I am glad to see this updated.
Tellemicus Sundance chapter 10 . 8/28
Eh, I don't personally care too much if you miss crossing a few 't's or dotting a couple of 'i's. Lord knows that there's a SHIT TON of people on this site that don't. That being said, there are two things I eagerly look forward in this story: the character interactions and development. You are one of the few people who write EXCELLENT Misato/Shinji nowadays, so getting an update here is always a joy. I just wish we could get more of them more often. Oh well, can't have everything I suppose.

Still, I'm very eager to see what happens in their relationship next now that Asuka is likely going to be massively cutting in on their little private time moments. Will Shinji feel 'obligated' to date someone closer to his age now that he is going to be having much more regular contact with her from now on? Will Misato back off on her teasings due to Asuka's presence (and likely tantrums if she saw such)? How quickly will Kaji inevitably come to conclusion that Misato is making moves on a boy half her age?

So many fun times are a-coming following this! I just wish they'd come sooner though!

Great chapter! Please try to update sooner, okay?
artifactBC chapter 10 . 8/28
It's quite fine, though I was expecting that there's a continuation from the last chapter when they both slept together. Like the morning after. Thanks for the update. I'm always looking forward to Shinji & Misato's progress regarding their relationship.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/28
great story
shadowrunner22 chapter 10 . 8/28
It's not bad, and it's nice to see your back.
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