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PastelMuffins chapter 8 . 9/22
Finally! The plot is progressing! The wait was killing me!
ShadowTomes chapter 1 . 9/4
Ok, just so you know, that's not how being twins works. They're not twins if one is five years older than the other. That's just being siblings.
Chris657 chapter 10 . 9/3
can you full fill a little request for me as a fellow dmc fan and please put the gun/suitcase Pandora into Dante's arsenal it's one of my favorites
Guest chapter 26 . 8/17
Dude you have the most creative fanficon I have ever read. The crossovers are smooth and the character development in your own universe is amazing. I can't wait to see the next chapter and hopefully the ending. Keep it up!
Silvergod29 chapter 25 . 8/13
It's funny how u put Bayonetta in this fanfic
Guest chapter 26 . 8/9
Please update us on whether or not your continuing resident evil. It was really good
Silvergod29 chapter 9 . 8/10
Dude ilove this story it is my favorite dmc fanfic
Geoffrey297 chapter 1 . 8/4
What the hell minato makes no sense, he keeps saying he cares after the fact yet before and during there is no hint of compassion so either he is a sociopath or extremely bipolar pick one
ndavid chapter 26 . 7/14
The Storm Master 567 chapter 23 . 7/14
I might lose my mind if Dante returns to the leaf. Love the chapter and love the introduction of the beautiful Bayonetta.
AjaxTheSonOfTowa chapter 25 . 7/10
I have a requested crossover story that I want you to write :

Crossover between Devil May Cry ( Reboot Version / AU of Vergil's downfall story / but it will be more of a redemption story for DmC Vergil instead of him descending into pure madness and becoming the new king of demons ) and Dragon Ball Z ( Xenoverse 2 universe ) .

Main Pairing : Vergil ( DmC ) x Towa ( Xenoverse 2 / Basically when Mira explodes himself / in the final battle cutscene / Towa somehow survives but moments before she could put her next plan into action the demoness is somehow cornered by everyone ( Future Warrior and Conton City Hero ) including the Time Patroller named Trunks along with the z fighters / Plus Chronoa / but luckily she miraculously escapes / barely alive of course / although she is left with severe wounds / ones of which she cannot recover from / Aka dying from blood loss In the location where Mira had his first fight against Future warrior ( Xenoverse 1 ) / due to her staff being completely destroyed / meaning she can only use her Ki to increase her physical attributes / Speed /
Strength / Durability/ Aka / while in hell / DmC version of hell / Another thing is that she doesn't have her staff in this story / since that obviously allows her to travel through time and dimensions / aka she could escape hell this way / basically her hollow self is the one who has it / just to point that out )

Rated M for Violence Gore Minor Language and Partial Nudity .

Genre : Drama / Romance / Supernatural

Title : The Demon Scientist And The Nephalem Son Of Sparda

Summary : When the demon scientist known as Towa finally meets her own demise in the hands of the time patrollers along with Trunks and Chronoa herself . everything she had truly ever hoped to achieve quickly comes crashing down around her . resulting in her mind slowly drifting into a twisted dimension of eternal damnation itself . however unlike her someone else had ended up in the same circumstance as her through totally different means of course . on the other hand he was truly all she had left in ever having a chance to returning into the world of the living . although as much as she held her own disconcert and fretfulness for the man named Vergil , she secretly knew that if she didn't stick by his side at all times he could potentially become a monster just as terrible as her former creation Mira .

To the author please do my requested crossover story .

That's all I am kindly asking..

Thank You ..

PS : Towa will have hollow representations of her inner demons just like Vergil himself ( Meaning she will have to overcome these inner demons realizing that they are only demons / and not the real thing / along with lamenting over what she's truly done to herself ) .

Here are the characters would actually represent her inner demons ( For example Hollow Towa represents her manipulative evil and selfish personality traits / And The CaC you play as in Xenoverse 2 represents what Towa actually thinks of him or her on the inside / even though it's a hollow version / Also / Hollow Mira represents her humanity / well somewhat that is / basically he is slightly less evil / prideful / and arrogant / and the real Mira somehow ended up in DmC hell much like Towa / but he's been heavily weakened ( too weak to get up or even attack her ) also looks much like how he did before he turned into final form Mira / due to his previous fight against both Conton City Hero and SSB Goku / basically he truly represents the absolute last piece of her humanity once she kills him ( Out of pure hatred for her own former creations betrayal towards her / along with him literally begging her to forgive him for him becoming such a traitor to her and their love towards one another ) then she becomes fully corrupted / making her literally more evil than she already was / which obviously won't happen in this story / instead she will just leave him to rot in his own grave in the distorted dimension known as Limbo / which is truthfully the best place and punishment for an arrogant someone like him )

P.P.S : Here is the bad ending ( Or Demonic Path / if it actually happened ) to this crossover story ( well mostly that is ) :

aka completely ignoring his own merciful words due to her own deprave mind becoming so obsessed on gaining the absolute power she truly craved itself / and only showing love towards the man she originally encountered after her own descent into hell / meaning both truly love one another / but they will mercilessly kill and destroy any enemy that gets in the way of their dark and malicious goals / meaning they are truthfully husband and wife / Aka Demon king and Demon Queen of the demons themselves / plus the rulers over the 12 universes of the Dragon Ball multiverse / Nephalem Omni King and Demonic Omni Queen / due to Towa studying the language of the gods / and then going back in time along with her own husband Vergil to the instant where the super dragon balls were created on the spot and both of them wishing to become Omni King And Omni Queen / plus destroying the super dragon balls / preventing anyone from using them / and finally traveling back to the present time / taking over the 12 universes as a ominous result and then ruling over all of them with a cruel iron fist / throwing it into a twisted dark age / until their biological hybrid ( half angel half demon / plus godlike traits ) son Ajax comes along / after realizing the true horrors that his own mother and father had hidden from him behind their own backs / he finally puts a stop to their cruel dictatorship / and in the end uses his own inherited godlike powers to restore everything to how it was originally before they completely screwed it up / with the exception of him being the new Omni king as a result / and the angel / Daishinkan / truthfully admitting that he accepts him as their newly crowned king / Plus the angel attendants and their gods of destruction / because he did bring peace to their own multiverse at last / although the great priest is sometimes fearful at times of his new ruler becoming much like how his evil parents were before him / after being thrown into such a sinister dark age for at least two decades of an absolute living hell for everyone / aka 20 years at the most )
Guest chapter 25 . 6/28
So Kitana like Sasuke confirmed? And here I was hoping that prick would die in every scene he is in but I like Kitana and hope she gets a good ending but hopefully not with that emo dickhead because I still hope he dies in every scene he will be in.

With Mary and Naruto’s relationship strained right now I wonder how she will take the news of him and Rosa when she finds out.

Looking forward to more Naruto using Devil Trigger, definitely will be his ace in the hole for when shit starts going left for him.
Ocean of Neon chapter 26 . 6/30
Regarding the renaming. Do it.
Hell Fire chapter 26 . 6/27
Welcome back mate
NatsuErzaDragneelSusanoo chapter 26 . 6/29
Your time has come out! I hope you'll be continued.
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