Reviews for The Next Great Adventure
Ultor chapter 15 . 8/11
Please continue the story soon it is very good I very much enjoy reading it please continue it it's a very good story very interesting and could you make it so that Harry is with Sylvanas and/or in a multi pairing Love the story please update soon
Frogs on the Window chapter 15 . 8/7
I periodically reread this one, and the other two similar with Harry brought to Azeroth. And each time I have two reactions: 1) wish there was more. However, can't force muses, and I understand leaving a hobby project if it's no longer fun. and 2) reloading WoW on my computer and playing through some familiar areas again. Rolled another human today so I could run through the starting areas again, as I got nostalgic after reading the journeys through Westfall.
BingeReader97 chapter 15 . 8/5
Love it and I want more, too bad this looks abandoned.
Brissar316 chapter 15 . 7/17
I'm really hoping this is just a massive delay instead of adandonmemt like wizard runemaster. I'm really looking forward to a flying juggernaut. Also, why doesn't Harry just fidelius the ship
R. A Cross chapter 4 . 7/4
I hate it when writers makes the personification of death as a female and also act like a bitch. I know Life is a bitch or I daresay Fate is one but not Death.
Besides, the number of personification of Death being male outnumbers female. If my memory serves me right, Hel is the only female personification of Death. And she's a half-asgardian /fae (whatever)and Jotun. So Death's personification should be male.
Also having this as a no pairing is much better...
Just saying...
Anyway, the story is great so far that I'm reading it. It's just irks me that Death is a female and a bitch(personality-wise).
Sorry, I just have to rant it.
Luna's Meow chapter 8 . 6/26
Jaina is right for multuple reasons. Horcrux. Imagine destroying the knowledge. Guess what would happen? No more horcruxes? No. The spell was invented by someone in the first place. Destroying the knowledge only means that generations later when someone reinvents it unknowing to the fact that it already existed in the past, will leave the side of good with no knowledge of it. And with no knowledge of horcruxes, they will never know how to stop the evil Lich, and even if they discover them, they won't know how to destroy the phylactery(ies) they find. Destroying knowledge is NEVER the right choice, because evil will always find a way.
Luna's Meow chapter 1 . 6/26
Contacts. Right. Because accio contacts won't work? Harry is famous. Famous in the kind of way even other famous people canonly dream about, considering he saved all their lives. Everyone in the wizarding world would know he is either wearingglasses or contacts after his picture being on the front page of the Prophet multiple times.
Calikarcha chapter 15 . 6/22
Uppity Update?
The New Mystical Arca Master chapter 15 . 6/20
Very good story hope to see an update one day.
NorthCross chapter 15 . 6/12

Started as a nice fic, with a lot of promise. Unfortunately, around ch. 8 writing style, character and plot somewhat changed. And not in a good way. I'm pretty sure that introduction of Unspeackables is justified for the author, but it's just not helping the story atm.

So - thank you, author. Decent work, but I find it hard to keep reading when quality dropped.
RHJunior chapter 8 . 5/28
I would contend that Death is lying. She sure as shootin' answers to a Higher Power. She is death, she did not CREATE the universe she exists in.
RHJunior chapter 5 . 5/28
Death be not proud; the final enemy to fall shall be death.
DragonsvsVampires chapter 15 . 5/19
This story is amazing, and if you ever feel up to coming back to it I would love to read about the taking of Karazhan.
tpowe15 chapter 12 . 5/14
I really hope you you end up pairing Harry and Karinaa
Celexs Draconia chapter 15 . 4/18
This story is awesome. I really enjoyed reading it, and would love to see some more. Excellent work.

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