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Twilight-Lloyd chapter 3 . 8/3
I like Harry's bag, it's like a more violent form of Luggage.
Rangle chapter 5 . 7/26
This chapter is so unbelievable it's mind boggling. The fact Harry as Death's "master/servant" rolled over and debased himself, and Death because he's a representative of her, it's so stupid. You don't negotiate an alliance by debasing yourself like that. Why don't you make your Harry the slave of all beings in Warcraft? That does seem to fit his MO by the way he stupidly behaves. You don't even need to be politically savvy to know you don't do what he did in this chapter. He's behaving like a stupid idiotic teenager maybe even preteen for goodness sake.
link01742 chapter 15 . 7/19
"Who do think you are you are less than the maggots that borough in my minions flesh!
"YOU ARE NOTHING!" Arthas proclaimed on his icy throne
"I'm Arthas the Lich King look up on my works ye mighty and TREMBLE"

My name is Harry James Potter I am the master of death I am the personification of all things do end and I will prove to you the one truth of all things and you and your fel scourge will fall this day

"Oh h-how can this b-be I am the Lich King!" Arthas gasped as Harry held him at sword point

The last words Arthas heard were ...

"Nothing lasts forever"
Wise.sarachi chapter 15 . 7/10
I hope he not dead.
SonOfNenji chapter 15 . 6/27
Cliffhanger~ .

SonOfNenji chapter 11 . 6/26
I don't like the Unspeakables. They are too showy and pompous.

SonOfNenji chapter 6 . 6/25

Alurmi is so cute... x

Hopefully Ysera is friendly and there were no spies, because he just dumped a whole punch of dangerous information in there.

Also, I take it all this foreshadowing indicates Harry's form is a Dragon?

SonOfNenji chapter 5 . 6/25
I disliked the 'performance' being done by Death. It was showy and pompous.

I think perhaps a Grim (rather than a wolf. Use a Dire Wolf in a pinch), or a ferocious looking dragon like a Horntail (or a custom one. Are there dragon species related to Death on Azeroth?) would make for the best animagus transformation for Harry.

Aside from the actual connections with his personality and current title, he has black hair, pale skin and killing-curse colored eyes, so it would be more than simply appropriate.

SonOfNenji chapter 4 . 6/25
You need to address what exactly the Hollows DID and why Harry could be called Master and made to behave as a servant/champion.

It's not particularly a problem though. We're used to this, as readers, and it really sort of feels more natural for Death to lead if it has any sort of personality rather than being a personification.

Also, what's with Arko? She went from being terrified for her solidity and dignity to being a fan-girl? She needs some serious character development...

And I'm starting to think she's like Sakura now... with her own Inner-Arko yelling "Get into that bastard's pants right now! CHAAAAAA!" (with electricity for comedic effect...?)

Otherwise, this chapter was great. Dobby was and still is a very nice touch!

SonOfNenji chapter 3 . 6/25
It's amazing how quickly things went to shit the moment Harry lost consciousness, and how quickly everything returned to the straight and narrow as soon as he woke up...

I think I liked this chapter.

SonOfNenji chapter 2 . 6/25

Is the elf possessed by a Demon in some way, or is it her own mind that's demoralizing her, either naturally or due to being near/affected by demonic magic?

Somehow, seeing black-minded demons undergo brutal genocide didn't bother me as much as you'd think.

Maybe I've become jaded?

Vengeance makes you more apathetic towards a scumbag's momentary suffering.

SonOfNenji chapter 1 . 6/25
Wow... Harry seems kind of... endurant here.

9 hours of chanting and exact wand waving? Wouldn't his vocal cords get shredded and his legs and arms fall out from under him?

Hermione better be okay now that Harry's gone... Dark!RonTheWifeBeater is a pissy subject and hopefully she has more backbone than to let him, without cutting off his manhood and feeding it to him.

temple of the chaos raven chapter 2 . 6/3
ElementalMaster16 chapter 15 . 5/6
very awesome fic! i have to say that i like plums work a bit more, but i really could tell you why, so that's a good thing i think :P that being said, even if this fic comes second to that one, it's still a great fic! and i enjoy the differences :)

Guest chapter 2 . 4/9
After the end of the first chapter with you adding dobby and the authors note at the beginning. About not making Harry godlike because people will complain, has madee not want to go any further
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