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purpleradiance chapter 11 . 2/18
wow... how naughty
Phoenixfire1519 chapter 15 . 12/18/2015
I do like this story and I hope you plan to post the two epilogues. I am excited to see what you have written for them.
TechNomaNcer28 chapter 15 . 9/7/2013
OOHH!Well wow!That ended on a good note but yes,I kind of wonder if Sirius told Severus about you know what as a revenge!Teehee!Oh,epilogues,nice!
wandamarie chapter 15 . 8/15/2013
oh it was a funny chapter thanks
gobalbucs chapter 15 . 8/15/2013
Wow, this was amazing! I loved it! (LOL, I see what you did there, when Sirius told Lucius: "Get away from my boyfriend," and then punched him in the face XD)

I unfortunately have to agree, that yes, I do see Sirius telling Severus about the You-Know-What as revenge for what he and the other Slytherins did- I saw it as soon as Sirius said that there was gonna be one hell of a prank in store for Snivellus one of these days :( Hmm... if you want to write that prank, I wouldn't mind reading it. If I could offer a couple suggestions: obviously Sirius wasn't thinking about the consequences to such a dire situation, so perhaps Remus should break up with Sirius? That's one option. Option two, he doesn't break up with Sirius for the same reason he forgives him for the prank- he doesn't want to lose him or his friends (As obviously, James would side with Sirius, then Peter would side with James, and he would be the odd man out). However, Remus could be enraged/depressed on the inside for what Sirius did even though he forgave him, so likewise, their relationship suffers. Remus avoids Sirius as much as he can while still technically maintaining a "Relationship Status" with him, and Sirius SUFFERS (Sorry I'm so mean, I tend to be that way whenever Sirius acts so damn STUPID). And OBVIOUSLY, since I fucking love these puppies too much for my own good, with either option, they work it out/get back together/go back to being two puppies in LOVE. :D

Because after all, despite these ups and downs, it doesn't mean that they love each other any less :P

Which brings me to your first question: I DON'T WANT TO READ ANYTHING WHERE SIRIUS DIES... UNLESS HE COMES BACK MIRACULOUSLY. However, I would not mind reading one where they reunite from Azkaban and they are still in love with each other and show it as much as their broken beings will allow them. Obviously, whatever you have written is your business, but I will read it, no matter what. I promise ;P

I probably won't read a Veil epilogue however, unless Sirius comes back, which I highly doubt you had in mind when you wrote it. That's just my opinion though :)

I just really want to read more puppy love though, so all I can do is hope that that is what you have :)

Aside from all that, BRILLIANT STORY. I really loved it. The only thing I wished for in this story was that the whole "Master" thing was toned down a little- it was a little much IMO, but it also could be that I'm just not really into that :)

I hope to see an update to this story soon! -Impatiently Waiting- :D
MoonyLover17 chapter 14 . 6/2/2013
AHHHHHHH! *Screams in excitement* We get to chose the theme of the ball? :D
I have so many ideas... How about a fire-themed one? One where everything is red and orange, and flames (not real ones!) are surrounding the hall somehow. Or how about a night-theme? Everything is about nocturnal animals like owls, wolves (Moony would love that XD) and bats and then they enchant the hall/room ceiling like Dumbledore did to the Great Hall... Or a Peter Pan theme ( I thought of Moony as you can probably guess) where everything is from Neverland... Oh hang on that sounds like a little teenaged girl's dream . No! Forget that. A ball with a Hogwarts Professor theme: everyone comes dressed as their favourite professor (I already know who Sirius will dress as :p) and the teachers will come as students maybe? They'll have to dress in their house colours. EEEEEP THAT SOUNDS BRILLIANT! Or how about a Quidditch theme? Brooms, snitches, quaffles and bludgers. Padfoot and Prongs will brilliant at organizing that and Moony would be DELIGHTED in that idea too since he finally got over (sort of) his fear of flying on a broom.
I can't wait to read what theme you pick! _ I love this fanfic so much I think it's one of my favourite :D
Hope your dad gets better soon. We wish you all the best with taking care of him and wish him a speedy and full recovery! xxx
littleoldrachel chapter 7 . 5/30/2013
First of all, 'Moonbeam' is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've seen other authors use it in fics, but they don't pull it off as a nickname nearly as well as you do. I love it, and I may have to steal it ;-)
Second, Jesus Christ, that was hot. I can't even- Wow. You managed to make it hot and cute at the same time, which is impressive. Remus was adorable as ever, but I love how caring Sirius was, you wrote that so beautifully - the Master stuff was sweet too, it wasn't too heavy.
I'm so glad Sirius won.
You're so amazing. I loved it.
gobalbucs chapter 14 . 5/30/2013
Hey! Glad you're back and I'm glad that your dad is feeling better! My aunt was sick for a while a month or so ago and I've been absent from FFNet for that duration because of it, but she's better now :)

So anyway, I have no idea what you should do for a ball, (so sorry I'm no help! D:) as I have no creativity at all whatsoever, but I know that whatever you decide to do will be awesome :D

Can't wait for that video, and for the next update of course! :D
Guest chapter 6 . 5/28/2013
You write smut so well. Seriously, I thought you handled that really well :-)
YAYAYAY! Remus lost! Aaaw, it should be interesting to see what Sirius does to Remus ;-)
And Remus' reaction to Malfoy & co. - that was inspired, it made me laugh so hard :') I can totally imagine Bellatrix in yellow :-P But I like that they are friends with Severus, and that McGonagall clearly has a soft spot for Remus - I've always imagined her being more motherly to him than the others xD
Amazing chapter, you're so fantastic
littleoldrachel chapter 5 . 5/28/2013
I love how good Remus is getting with the pranks - that one on Kingsley was amazing xD And it's so cool that Kingsley and the Marauders are friends! And that Remus is having fun for a change :-P
Sirius is so cute to Remus - Kingsley's right, they are slaves to each other already :3
(I still can't believe I didn't review before, I always meant to D-:)
littleoldrachel chapter 4 . 5/28/2013
What a chapter! Poor Remus :-( But protective Sirius is amazing :3 I loved how caring he was, although for a minute, you did have me worried that Snape was going to rape him or hurt him, the tension! D:
I can't wait to see how Sirius gets his revenge - this story is so amazing! :-D
littleoldrachel chapter 3 . 5/28/2013
My God, you are so good at writing fluff.
It was just way too cute when Sirius said they'd only have sex when Remus was ready, it was just adorable. And Remus standing up for Sirius was cute too, they're both so caring and sweet to each other :3
This is so cute! And Sirius is such a romantic, it's amazing, you're just so talented it's incredible!
littleoldrachel chapter 2 . 5/28/2013

Haha, I love prankster Remus, that was such a great prank! And I love the idea that Remus loves Peter Pan - that's one of my favourite books :3
This is an amazing plot idea - so original and funny, and such a twist from the usual portrayal of their relationships. Your writing is so flawless, I wish I could capture their relationship as beautifully as you do, the way that Sirius is so sweet to Remus, gah, I want a relationship like theirs! xD
George-Washingdone chapter 14 . 5/28/2013
absolutely brilliant prank. As for the theme of the ball, anything's good with me so long as it's not too corny.
littleoldrachel chapter 1 . 5/27/2013
You've characterised them so perfectly - I love how Remus is so studious, but he has a streak of rebelliousness, and how Sirius is really sweet and teasing at the same time. And Peter and James are fantastic - this is exactly how I've always imagined them.
And my goodness, I could write novels about how amazing your writing is. It's so real :3 the conversation is so realistic, and their relationship is perfect, fluffy but also life-like.
I don't just like it, I love it :3
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