Reviews for Black and White
Radio Free Death chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
The format is odd. Why center the text?

The content isn't too bad. It does a lot of telling however and there are some things that are a bit off. Janice comes to terms that she's a cold-hearted killer by stating she doesn't feel anything after murder because two days in the Capitol numbed her to this. Yet isn't what the Capitol offers her much better than what she gets at home? She is waited on hand and foot, I'm assuming. If anything, her living conditions would've played a part in it more than two days of eating whatever you want.

Not seeing the black and white metaphor. Janice has already polarized her fellow tributes by saying the careers are the ones to look out for and everyone else is cannon fodder. What does she mean by the Capitol blurring this? Its encouraged but it seems that it's only encouraged by the tributes themselves.