Reviews for Luckless
Tashakcooks chapter 26 . 2h
Great story! I think the Tampon box might have been my favorite party, especially since Edward seemed kinda grossed out by it. The guy that has eaten people. lol
Siriusmunchkin chapter 26 . 10/2
Enjoyed all the ups and downs, twists and turns. Thanks for taking us along on the adventure.
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 1 . 10/1
Luckless has been nominated in the poll to find the Top 10 fics completed in September on www . twifanfictionrecs . com
letsjustdance chapter 26 . 9/28
Is that it? I loved, loved, loved this story! *hugs*
Vtweetymccn chapter 26 . 9/24
Aawwww man he didn't purpose to her! It's not the end is it?
cherylstweedy chapter 1 . 9/21
When I read complete stories I don't usually review till the end, but this chapter was so intense and incredible thank you.
TrillionSchiffer chapter 9 . 9/20
So... Bella has got a 'highlander complex'? LOL

There can be only one!

HEEEERRRREEEE we are. Born to be kings. We are the prince's of the uni-versssse!

TrillionSchiffer chapter 7 . 9/20
Im sorry, but Edward was the most useless person alive in this chapter. What the hell was all that 'talking' for? this could ended one, two three? If this was just to bite her, then fricking hell. There had to be another way to do it.

I was burning my braining reading how domesticated this vampire version of edward was. So damn tame, he was completely useless. Carlisle defanged them all.
TrillionSchiffer chapter 4 . 9/20
That was... kinda strange. She is obviously denying him information that he more or less has a 'meaty' hold on. SHe was obviously the same person, but is not saying anything.

Thing is... she sleeps, and smells good, but doesn't age, and looks like she can heal from grave injury.

Mysteries and contradiction. She is 'supernatural' but what is she? If she was wolf the smell would've registered, and a whole bunch of other things, but nothing. CONFUSING.

You got your own thing going her, and you give no clues on how to figure it out, so i will keep reading.

Also. It was weird that they were just kissing out of the blue. But that is just my opinion.
TheFadedLight chapter 26 . 9/18
i didn't realize this was the last chapter! i totally thought there was more to the story - especially bella's curse.

i very much enjoyed reading this! it was such a neat idea amd concept.
frostedglaze chapter 26 . 9/17
This was such a great story, though it did leave some loose ends. I will always wonder about the gypsy, and whether or not Bella and Edward can have kids, what with modern medicine and all. And whatever happens to Jake?
Guest chapter 1 . 9/14
Really appreciate that you took the time to reply to my reviews. I really feel this is a great story, unique, well thought out, with some really poignant parts, beautifully written. Loved it and think you need far more reviews to reflect how good it is to bring it to the attention of more readers! I am now a follower, look forward to your next story.
1853kaz chapter 26 . 9/15
Yep, great place to end it, with his hand in his pocket. It'll happen! What a fabulous story! I can't believe talented people like yourself are still writing amazing new takes on the AU universe, just for me! ;) One day I will outgrow this obsession. Until then, thank you for the pleasure! Cheers :)
Bobbie Francies Reisen chapter 26 . 9/15
nice update.
1853kaz chapter 25 . 9/15
Wow. What a gut-churning discussion. Keeping it real! Forgiveness is hard won when it matters so much to you. :)
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