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Vtweetymccn chapter 25 . 6h
So on Isle Esme will we have a wedding?
Also what about Aro, Caisus and Marcus won't they get curious about Edward's mate?
Edmazing chapter 25 . 12h
I spent the last couple of days backtracking and catching up and I can't tell you how much I love what you've done.

I love the role reversal with Bella shutting Edward out of the decisions. Surprisingly, it was easier to tolerate with Bella in control. Maybe because I knew they both would survive? Idk, lol.

Either way, I'm glad that you had them hash it out. Empathy is a skill that Bella seemed to need practice with, but I think the lesson was learned.

Best wishes on your travels,
Luvtwismut chapter 25 . 5/21
I'm so sad it's almost over too! :(
This was a great chapter for these two. They really needed to talk in order to heal. Hopefully, Edward can work out his forgiveness. :)
Giriath chapter 13 . 5/20
I've been enjoying the narrative of your story, but your Cullens are just too stupid for me to suspend my disbelief. First Edward attempts to turn Bella despite her protests, when it should have occurred to him that maybe she was protesting because a change was unnecessary. He suspected she had revived at least once! He should have asked if she would live, and if that was why she was telling him no.

Having already failed to act logically once, Edward and all the other Cullens should at least have considered that maybe the venom was killing her, once they understood the change wasn't proceeding as normal and her life signs were diminishing. Instead they all fail to observe the obvious hypothesis that she isn't an ordinary human, given that she may once have revived and is now rejecting the venom, a phenomenon Carlisle has only heard of in legend.

Having eavesdropped on Bella and Jacob's conversation, Edward is aware Jacob would likely know all about Bella, so the logical thing to do here is to call him using Bella's phone to inform him of the situation and inquire as to what if anything they can do to help Bella. I was thinking this as I in disbelief was reading about the Cullens passively watching Bella die, then was shocked when this didn't occur to any of them even when Jacob rang them himself.

Did you not see how stupid this makes your Cullens appear? Did you prioritize senseless drama? Your Cullens are old and experienced people with a lot of room in their heads to think with. They should hardly be this moronic.

Furthermore I'm sad to find your Edward self-obsessed and controlling, perhaps even more so than in canon.
frostedglaze chapter 25 . 5/18
I can't wait to read about what happens to James. I am a little wary about the next chapter being the last chapter. There is so many things left unfinished, and I would love to know Garrett's side of the story of when he met Bella. Not to mention what happens with the Volturi, or if Jacob ever finds the gypsies or vice versa.

I am glad Bella and Edward talked about their relationship, they needed it. Any chance of an epilogue?
angelari7 chapter 25 . 5/17
I'm going to miss this story.
Alice's White Rabbit chapter 25 . 5/17
I can't believe there is only one chapter left. I am so glad I have been here from the beginning of this amazing story. I'm glad they are finally talking honestly-it was needed, but it will take time to heal everything. They are on the right road now, though.

mo kagen chapter 25 . 5/17
cullenmeadow chapter 25 . 5/17
Everyone makes mistakes ...! Thanks for update :)
slc6548 chapter 25 . 5/17
Good chapter!
Cullenosopy chapter 25 . 5/17
If James is engulfed in enough lava, he just might make it until the sun engulfs the earth as a red giant. One hell of a long bummer for him.

Talking is good.

Have fun on your travels!

Thank you!
divyvicki chapter 10 . 5/17
I was so glad to see this updated. I love this story.
Rebadams7 chapter 25 . 5/17
Forgiveness is the hardest gift to give and the finest to accept!
cecilia4059 chapter 25 . 5/17
I wish canan Bella could be this tough to forgive Edward when he returned in NM. He deserved far worst than this Bella ever did.
Thanks for the chapter.
NanStew chapter 25 . 5/17
Thanks for updating. Like this story.
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