Reviews for Loyal
countessofbiscuit chapter 1 . 6/3/2017
What a beautifully conceived evolution of Rex and Ahsoka's relationship.
The Order 66 section was particularly poignant and reminded me of that iconic fanart 'What Have We Done?' with the weeping clone in the Council Chamber. Obvs Rex has a different sort of weight on his shoulders, but the same grief and helplessness came through.
And the scene in which a terrified Ahsoka confronts the ghost of her heart in a pair of Jaig Eyes should really be put on screen 3
Loved it.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/11/2016
Great job! You managed to keep them really in character :)
SecretCrystle chapter 1 . 4/25/2015
So wonderful of a story momentsGREAT job with it :D
Guest chapter 1 . 4/23/2015
Awesome story!
themetresgained chapter 1 . 5/10/2014
This is so good, I wish you would write more Rex/Ahsoka!
matyre chapter 1 . 2/28/2014
This was beautiful.
My first Rex/Ashoka fanfic!..Actually, my first Star Wars fanficiton in general! Could not be happier with the way this turned out. It was pieced together so beautifully and I enjoyed every minute of it. :)
Great work! You're an excellent writer.
Zipitnow chapter 1 . 11/24/2013
Love Rex/Soka (doh, I just said that out loud), thanks for the great read and just as a side note, death to Lux/Soka, really, really can't stand that pairing, he (Lux) is just...icky...
Jade-Max chapter 1 . 2/27/2013
As far as first Ahsoka and Rex fics go, this one is a home run!

The opening of this fic is one that I've envisioned for a long time in my head, but is the execution that makes it a delight to read.

It's got a very natural feel to it, with the flow being part of what makes it *feel* like we're in the episode. Ahsoka's offer to help him feels very selfless and genuine and it's both fitting and adorable that this is the moment where you have Rex really seeing her as an 'adult' for the first time.

The comment about "Now do me" garnered a laugh, especially since Ahsoka's oblivious to just -where- Rex's mind went with the comment *grin* the teasing and banter that ensures, coupled with Rex's thoughts, are just priceless and typical -them-; he might be seeing her in a new light, but despite that, he's

It's fantastic to read them as they are and being so in character to boot. They feel like Rex and Ahsoka; that can be tricky to capture but you do so beautifully.


This second portion is, to me, the real gem of the story; it's here that we see Ahsoka as the adult that Rex saw her becoming in the first part of this story. His feelings have deepened with time but he's come to understand - by watching Anakin no less [I find that very amusing] - that having feelings and acting on them are two very different things.

His selflessness in refraining from voicing what he feels for her at this meeting really are the act of a man who loves another; he's willing to keep himself quiet, to suffer in silence and let her wonder, all for her own good.

It's totally how I see them; Rex would -never- allow his feelings, no matter what they are, to be a burden to her. He sees what could happen and chooses, right or wrong, for both of them to maintain the friendship that's sustained them this far and move forward as they have to give her the chance she's earned.

Very deep; a great insight into Rex's character here.


The Order 66 passage is interesting.

I think, based on what comes before it, is where the insight into his motivations are. Not so much in this section itself, but before that we see that Ahsoka's hold on Rex, both emotionally and mentally, are far stronger by ties of more than just obligation, rendering him able to resist and desert.

To put it bluntly, Ahsoka holds his loyalties so completely that a chain of command issuing an order that once might have held sway, is now rendered powerless.

Now, would Rex go without his brothers? One doesn't know. Honestly, I think he might try and sway a couple of those closest to him, but over all, I could see this as the breaking point for Rex. Perhaps not in this manner precisely, but you make it work for the story.


The sequence on Nar Shaddaa makes me smile every time I read it. We see Ahsoka on the run, yes, but what stands out from this section for me is just how well they know one another. As soon as Rex offers her his hand, Ahsoka is there, taking it, trusting him to help her... just as he knows later, even injured and slow, she won't leave without him no matter what he says.

I mean, he has to know it, he starts moving even as he's trying to convince her to leave!

The brief spat of action is really well written and easy to see, which brings the whole scene to life.


Ah Tatooine.

The refuge of the refugee, eh? A good choice for where they end up and appropriate ending sequence.

It's very telling that she's urging him to go, because Rex would probably be torn up about having to have leave his brothers behind, but the loyalties that called him to her, are strong enough to override those doubts and regrets. He's made his choice - and it's -his- choice, not an ingrained command he followed by rote - and is going to stick by it.

His defense of his actions are very heartfelt but it's the subtlety he uses to showcase what he's feeling, that what she knows he's feeling hasn't changed, that catches my breath. Unexpected, but at the same time, they're so in tune to one another that Ahsoka has no trouble following his line of thought. A beautiful way to showcase just where they're headed from here.

Fantastic to read.

Side not, for some reason, when I'm reading that last section, I just have this image of the two of them curled up in this little hotel room, arms around one another, tucked into bed. I'm not sure why, but that's what the soft spoken conversation evokes.

Beautiful piece; great work on your first every Rex/Ahsoka fic! I certainly hope it won't be the last!
Takianna chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
First Rex/Soka fic? Great job! I think you captured them well and captured the unsaid things that a soldier could think. I liked how it was written and it was broken up so nicely with her growing older. :)

Keep up the great work!
LongLiveTheClones chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
Wow. Really well done especially for a first fic. Love the progression of the relationship between the two of them especially when Rex decides NOT to have the relationship with Ahsoka and walks away from her and the disappointment in her eyes as she asks if there was something he wanted to say to her. Great tension and suspense in that moment. There was great suspense in this fic all along.
Kelana-ti chapter 1 . 2/2/2013
Aww. Cute.
sachariah chapter 1 . 2/1/2013
This is your *first* Rex/Ahsoka fic?

Could've fooled me. ;)

This is an incredible peice of work - your understanding of Rex is solid and the portrayals of both characters are a delight to read. And the story has all the elements of the model Rexoka fic - angst, humor, romance, and Order 66.

I love that you used Zygerria as the place where Rex comes - for the first, it seems - to recognize the depth of his own feelings for his Commander. It's perhaps the first time he's seen her - for lack of a better term - as woman rather than a warrior, as a princess rather than an officer. Her maturity and beauty - inner and outer - are so much more evident in this scene, and it's so easy to feel for Rex as he fights the feelings welling inside him. Even something as small as helping each other to "suit up" takes on an intimate quality, and while it's sweet to read it must be torturous for the good Captain. While she's clearly a bit shy about it, Ahsoka seems... open, willing to accept what Rex might say, but he can't allow her to hear it, can't allow himself to acknowledge it. There's a barrier between them, partly external, primary imagined, and he can't cross the gap.

It doesn't get much easier for Rex in your next scene either. I've always thought that a Knighting had a melancholy aspect, as the Master/Padawan bond is (officially) severed and old friends are left behind. Like a graduation ceremony, you want to be happy for the person but it's hard not to see it as the end of a happy past, and maybe the termination of a possible future. That's totally what I feel for Rex in this scene - a churning mixture of pride, joy and bitter regret. I love that he's literally the last person to seek her out and see her off, and I can only imagine the pride he must feel at seeing the youngling he met on Cristosphis, grown up and recognized as a capable leader in her own right. In a way, she was his apprentice as much as Anakin's, but without the artificial structure of a ranked teacher and subordinate student. He told her during their first conversation, "Experience outranks everything." And I'm sure he sees the confirmation of that in the brave young General.

But she's leaving him. She's no longer his Commander, no longer "his" Jedi. It's the end of what must have been an intense but short period of camaraderie. Now she's leaving and there won't be those moments and chances to miss anymore, and I can't help but feel the remorse that's filling Rex as he realizes that.

She feels it too, and she gives him one more chance, almost as though she *knows* he wants to tell her something. But he can't, and this is one of the things I love about your story, because it's so fitting for Rex. Even now, on the verge of "losing" her and without any more obligations between them, he can't risk becoming a burden on *her*. He won't let his own longings become a weight on her own heart, despite the fact that she might well welcome them regardless. But that's *so* Rex - selfless to the bitter end, unwilling to put his needs even on level with those he cares for. He can't risk hurting her, and so he will continue to hurt - and he won't have it any other way.

And then, Order 66.

As other reviewers have noted, it's difficult sometimes to accurately extrapolate how Rex would/will react to this order, with the conflicting loyalties to his brothers, the Jedi, Ahsoka, Anakin-now-Vader, etc. I can see why some get confused with all the tangled allegiances flying around the room, and yet I think you perfectly distilled the matter to its crux.

*It was like being back on Umbara, trying to decide between loyalty and faith and he knew, this time, he would end up staring into the dead eyes of a trooper once again. Only this time, the face staring back at him really would be his own. But would it be the soldier….or the man?*

Wonderfully, wonderfully put. Because *that* is the question. Not between his brothers, or the Jedi, or any one superior or friend, but between two world views, two regimes, two different men. Order 66 is an unconditional claim on everything Rex has learned and made his own. It unequivocally demands that Rex surrender the individual he has become, and blindly engage in the most aghast crime a soldier can commit. There's no middle ground - the soldier and the man have been turned on each other, and one of them must die.

But in the end, the man in Rex wins out. And when he does, the rest - painful and heartrending as it may be - comes all too naturally.

The ensuing rescue and reunion was all equally well done; others have pretty much spoken my thoughts on the last couple scenes. The ending is necessarily bittersweet, but the simple promise at the end is made overwhelmingly significant in light of everything these two have been through, through 5 seasons and your little story.

Well done.
spikala chapter 1 . 1/31/2013
Impoeia, you have outdone yourself on this. I LOVE this piece and how you’ve worked the song into it. It works so well!

The way you’ve written Rex and Ahsoka just feels so right and in character. The way they interact during the Zygerrian incident and the hints at romance, Rex trying so hard to stay professional and keep his distance, were just a pleasure to read.

I really liked how you also looked at Ahsoka’s promotion to Knighthood. I love how Rex decided to swallow his feelings so that he wouldn’t make Ahsoka uncomfortable. It felt very soldierish that he thinks of the worst case scenario and extrapolates out—downside of being command :(

This line in particular: “Yes, she was a general now and she was not his general. He would have to remember that.” made me very sad and wistful for things that could never be.

Order 66. That’s always such a touchy subject in the GFFA and there’s been so much speculation about what might happen to Rex and Ahsoka. I liked your taken on what Rex might’ve done. As laloga said, leaving his men might be a bit off, but they have Commander Appo now, Rex isn’t the only leader the men of Torrent have.

Nar Shaddaa. It was a really nice touch how Rex and Ahsoka only just manages to stay ahead of their pursuers, as you pointed out, they’ve got the same training as him. Another great touch, which I thought added in extra realism was Rex getting wounded.

Love how Ahsoka gives Rex the choice to go back. And he stays! Squee!
“There’s nothing left for us to be loyal to.”
“Nothing, but each other.”
Just gah! Love!

Thanks so much for writing this, it’s gorgeous and I can’t quite believe it’s the first time you’ve written Rexoka, it’s done so well.
laloga chapter 1 . 1/31/2013
Great job!

Loved the details in the first section! What a great idea, to have Rex dislike the "scent" of his Zygerrian costume, as it feels so foreign. I imagine he's not used to much else besides his armor, after all, especially garb that belongs to a whole 'nother species. Loved the mention of Ahsoka worrying about her people as well; that felt so glossed over on the show, but you handled it perfectly, here. :)

The second section was lovely as well. Wonderful job with Rex weighing over the benefit/risk of saying the things he wants to say. He felt very in-character, so very Rex-like. :) Also loved his thoughts on Anakin, and what keeping the secret of an "illicit" relationship could do to someone, and that he didn't want to cause Ahsoka any pain.

Hmmm. I'm not quite sure I "buy" Rex abandoning all of his brothers, even for Ahsoka, but I can see that it wasn't an easy decision. I think if he were to do anything like that, it would be under extreme duress and he would have to have something of a plan in place for getting to her and getting her to safety. Rex doesn't strike me as an impulsive guy, though as a soldier he is certainly able to make snap decisions. But Fives, Kix, Coric...he's known some of these guys longer than he's known Ahsoka, after all. They're his brothers, and it's difficult for me to accept that he'd leave them in this way. The writing was excellent, though, and I do think that he'd be able to essentially slip off-world without a whole lot of hassle, once he decided to do so.

Ah, Rex, playing the hero. The "rescue" scene was action-packed and exciting, and I like that he got shot. Not that I want him to get hurt, but it felt more realistic that he didn't escape unscathed. Of course, he's willing to sacrifice himself for her. Very sweet, and very in character! Sigh. He's so darn selfless, that Rexter. :P

Awww, and they end up on Tatooine. Good place to hide, from what I hear. :P It was nice that she acknowledged the enormity of what he gave up for her. While I still don't think he would have left his brothers the way he was shown to, here, I do think that he would stick to his decision once it was made, and like that you portrayed him doing so.

Very nice piece! :) Great job capturing the emotional ups and downs between these two characters, and as usual, the writing is superb. :D