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Tsukari chapter 1 . 11/12/2015
Omg. OMG. This is awesome. The ending made me cry, even after I reread it. Twice.
Personwithacoolname chapter 1 . 11/8/2015
Oh yea, again one of your good stories. As I've read the Bondlock already and seem to be as addicted to your writing as Q is to his tea, I hope that you're still writing new Bond stories. Are you?
dreamer 3097 chapter 1 . 8/9/2015
A good onr
IMixDangerousChemicals chapter 1 . 4/2/2015
Ahh feels!
Momma Lici chapter 1 . 1/15/2015
Guest chapter 1 . 9/22/2014
This is adorable!
Wolf-mistress chapter 1 . 9/8/2014
I absolutely loved this story. I loved the tie-in with the original Q (he was always my favorite in the Bond movies). As I am reading upwards in the list I do not know if you have done so or not, but have you or could you write a brief blurb about what happened to 005 as punishment for destroying Q's mug?
happychica chapter 1 . 6/21/2014
'M might make an acceptance' - make an exception.

That mug is in the movie all of about a minute, and yet it is so referenced. The props people did good work that day. I feel like I need to hunt one down for my Grandmother.

You're good at keeping them in character. It makes you stories much easier to visualize. That said, I've been eyeing your 'Supernatural' fics...may have to go see how amazing you are at the Winchesters...
Random Little Imp chapter 1 . 5/29/2013
That was cute, loved the flirting during missions.
BlackRoseGirl666 chapter 1 . 5/11/2013
This is amazing, I love everything about it. Great job!
Zephineange chapter 1 . 5/9/2013
I love it ! Personalities of Q and Bond are both cute and very accurate, and their relationship is just totally endearing... Besides, the idea of the mug and the title "overlord" make me laugh every time. XD Thank you very much for your story ! And I have to say that your others stories are very good too. Bravo.
Thanks again,


PS : Quick question, is it you who makes your fics' pictures ? Because I find them really cool as well.
badwolfbadwolf chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
This was fantastic! I love me some possessive Bond, and I really liked how fiercely loyal their relationship was. I really enjoy your writing!
starrysummernights chapter 1 . 5/8/2013
This is the ship I never knew I wanted and now I've boarded (thanks to your stories) I find that I'm unable to get off. I love 00Q- first heard about it in your Label story and now I'm being all fan girlish and looking up Youtube clips and hating myself lol. This story was so cute and good.
Writingperson chapter 1 . 4/21/2013

I'd have made the cup more dramatic, maybe his mentor (former Q) gave it to him the day he decided to retire, filled out the paperwork and sent it in. then decided to head to M's office to personally inform her (meaning he'd be waiting outside the office when it blew up). That'd mean that last time Q saw Q-old he received the cup.

Very last time he saw his fatherfigure and he has the mug to show for it...

How's the Bondlock going? I'd like to see that idea too
Sunshine Through The Storm chapter 1 . 4/16/2013
I've been meaning to read this for a while, and I was halfway through chapter 58 of Confetti, and then my need for 00Q came back. I swear, it's like an addiction. I can't get away from it long enough to read a damn Mystrade story! But I'm glad I left this story for a while, because it still feels like you wrote it after we wrote our stuff, but you didn't. You wrote it a month before that. Meh, I'm excitable. Every time I read "005", I can't help but giggle!

*'That's the Overlord's mug,' the young man stated.
'Overlord...?' M questioned.
The woman sitting closest to them cleared her throat, and when M looked at her she nodded at Q, who was still flirting with Bond while at the same time ordering him to blow up various walls.* - There isn't a single part of this section that I don't love. Q's miserable underlings refer to him as the Overlord, rather than Quartermaster or Q is a beautiful thing, and the fact that Q and James are blowing up walls whilst flirting is clearly evidence of a perfect partnership. Oh, and a confused M is always a bonus!

*And he'd apparently felt the need to use Q's latest gadget- a novel that's pages were actually explosives- to blow a hole in a wall.* - I feel like this is one of the things he designed at university, and then when he was looking through some old stuff he found it, and decided to make it. Because it sounds awesome, and he can make it any book he wants. Hell, he can print slash fanfiction onto it so that James doesn't get bored at the airport! "And that answers the question of what Lily reads on the plane." "Better than what you read." "I don't like planes, Lily." "Case in point." Speaking of books (I really need to tell somebody!), I ordered a Spanish copy of Chamber of Secrets, and it came! I'm so happy because I can actually understand most of it. It's fantastic.

*Despite seeing and hearing the way the two worked together, M had still been shocked to his core when CCTV footage of the two going at it on Q's desk had reached his office.* - And how did that get there, I wonder? *stares intensely at Mycroft* Actually, it was probably Moneypenny. Or Tanner. Or both. Both is good. I think I ship Eve/Tanner, but I also like Eve/Mallory and Eve/Q. She's my character that I ship with everyone in this fandom, really. Like Anthea in Sherlock, and Jack in Torchwood/Doctor Who.

*1. Moneypenny would find out, threaten 005, and 005 would stop hanging around Q-Branch like an over-excited puppy.
2. 005 would find an exploding pen in his pocket and be harmed just enough to make him weary of ever setting foot in Q-Branch.
3. Q would finally snap and either a) kill the agent or b) threaten to destroy the agent's life in his jim-jams while sipping Earl Grey tea.
4. James Bond would literally kill the other double-oh for trying to get what was his.* - I'm going for option three, mainly because I don't know who this James bloke is. And I've seen Q when he gets mad. He'd probably combine a and b, killing him whilst in his jammies and then have Earl Grey afterwards. "Remember that time we broke the fridge?" "And you scored 36 runs whilst I argued with Q? Yes, I do remember that. Vividly." "It was a really ugly fridge, though."

*'Oh you'll be sorry!' Q grinned evilly. 'Because I'm tasking you with cleaning and re-making each and every single piece of equipment that 007 brings back.'* - "Alex, I'm scared." That is actually quite a scary threat, because have you ever tried to remake a gun which has bits missing, and the bits that aren't are broken, cracked or pounded into dust? And you need to spend hours and hours on it, and you'll end up missing all the good TV shows, and then you'll stop spending time with your girlfriend, and then you'll break up, and then you'll die alone. "With your 60 cats." "And the hamster." "Yeah, Auntie Val!" "Professor X!" "How many times? It's Alan Turing!" "Oh, hey Q. When did you get here?"

*005 was the first double-oh agent to realise the true importance of Q's mug. He was young, cocky, full of his own self-importance, and had taken a shine to the Quartermaster.* - *growls are heard from the back of the room* He's such an arse. He's so full of himself, and doesn't take no for an answer, and I think he would benefit from a kick in the nuts. Why didn't Q do that? "No means no, you tosser!" Hey, is a good cure for an over-inflated ego to stab the patient with pins? Because it should be. "How the fuck did you get a medical degree?" "Well Sally, I'm glad you asked. I went to university and studied medicine!" "My girlfriend will kick your arse if you don't stop." "You're still dating Anthea, right?" "Right." "I'll stop."

Behold, a long review in which Sunshine babbles on and on and on about stuff. And I don't even regret it. This story is actually stupidly cute, because it shows how much value objects hold for people, even if others don't understand it. It's lovely.

Sunshine :) xx
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