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Guest chapter 31 . 7/2
Is Naruto tanned or does he have Kushina's ivory skin?
lepidus chapter 31 . 7/1
This story hits each point nearly all other works on the site miss entirely. For too long I had ignored this one, because it seemed to me another boring "Genius!Naruto" unrefined, uninteresting, and unoriginal fanfiction.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised by not only the general tone in which it is written, but the style itself and the refreshing break from terrible to mediocre writing. Your creation of characters and the way you describe them exactly how characters should be introduced and their development, especially of Naruto. In the short time I spent reading this story, I became attached to the characters and came nearly to tears more than once (but I'm a fucking wimp, so it's not surprising).

Not just Naruto, but every important character in this story is interesting to me again. Reading your story hasn't quenched my thirst for quality, interesting fics, but instead has reminded me that there are works out there just as heart-wrenching and intriguing as yours, and it'll be hard to return to reading anything else from this site.

Thank you so much for creating this. I hope one day I will make something this beautiful. I can't wait till the next chapter, but even if it takes forever, it's like you said: we endure.
godofwargow010 chapter 1 . 6/29
a bit depressing for a first chapter but i understand its for the background so ok
Blitzstrahl chapter 31 . 6/27
Wouldn't mind seeing Karin hook up with Naruto, a guy that heals on his own, should be appealing eh?
What was with Sakuras interest in knowing Naruto is back?
Will Naruto be talented in genjutsu Now?
Did Jiraiya teach him any fuinjutsu?
ZeroQi chapter 10 . 6/23
Well it's a good thing they gave the plate to someone who wasn't Naruto. You know, the super strong/smart one of the team?

Fuck me. What a terrible way to add failure to a story. So forced it seemed fake.
Guest chapter 31 . 6/18
I like this. I can only hope the next chapter comes out soon.

31 chapters in 5 years... : Please don't make me wait?
Guest chapter 19 . 6/17
murshedmanzur chapter 1 . 6/12
You have made my day.
my 2 guys chapter 31 . 6/10
that was good keep the chapters coming
TheMark5Girl chapter 31 . 6/10
I wonder when the next update would be.
SlyUzumakiVii chapter 1 . 6/3
omgggg all the connections and backstory now make sense! I love this story so much!
NataS666 chapter 27 . 6/1
Noooo ;( Not Mayu;( Whyyyyy? It's the first time I liked the OC character so much... And now you go and kill her noooo :( Seriously, this story is really good, but damn... didn't like that at all, but oh well, it's your story.
SevvyOmahgawsh chapter 26 . 5/31
You have got to be fucking kidding me! Rai, get the fuck up and live! It's way too expensive to let Rai die like that. Unless we get a refund and buy a resurrection thingy...hmmm...ok, guys! go do the reanimation jutsu on Rai, and then do something called I have no clue what and make his reanimation last as long as a normal person's life span.
TheMark5Girl chapter 27 . 5/30
It's heartbreaking that Mayu and Rai died. I liked those characters. It hurts me that they died.
GwendolynStacy chapter 31 . 5/29
Ohh, we're seeing Haku again! Honestly, I was as surprised as he was when Naruro brought up that he'd spared him. I'm pretty sure this is the first fix I've read where Haku plays a role without Zabuza at his side - this is going to be interesting! I suppose it's his drive now to kill Kakashi, huh? Understandable, I'm looking forward to see how that plays out!

Oh my god, I adore Sakura and Ino's rivalry :'D Sakura is such a little shit, I love her! Rubbing it in that she was promoted first, just like a good frienemy would :P And right, Menma is still there, too... I still know really little about him, so I can't start to guess what you have in store for him. Unless he was just to replace Naruto, because the teams wouldn't have been even otherwise?

And ohh, Karin is there, too! And still being used by everyone around her... I'm looking forward to seeing more of her! Haku, too!

Whoo, Naruto and Kakashi are reunited! I wonder if we'll get to see more reactions from the villagers, once the shock has worn of. And I suppose the other rookies, but considering that Naruto wasn't close to them like in canon, it won't be as huge of a deal.

You've got quite an assemble for the Chunin exam, some really surprising - but /amazing/ - characters! Makes me thrilled to see where this is going! :D

I'll miss reading these daily, but please take your time! I'll wait patiently for whenever you find the time, and continue the story happily!

Thank you so, so much for writing this wonderful story!
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