Reviews for Finding Their Place
Belle chapter 1 . 10/25/2020
HI! I'm Belle. I left a comment on here like, three years ago saying thank you for writing this story.
Then last night, I remembered all the good times it had brought me, and decided to reread it. And what do I find?
An update.
An update after YEARS since the last one.
I squealed and hit it immediately. I'm rereading this starting NOW and can't wait to see what got added! Thank you so much!
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 38 . 6/14/2020
OMG THEY LIIIVVVEEEE! *clears throat* sorry I got a lil too excited there. I’m so happy that the Durin’s are gonna life! (I’m gonna leave that typo there because I find it hilarious) I’m so happy! I’m so excited to see how things go with them around and what changes because of this! I’m also curious about when Baylee makes her journey for the horn how Dis joining her will go about. As well as when Baylee and Ori are kidnapped if there will be any differences there as well! Oh oh oh and I love that it will be named after the cute name bofur gave Baylee! Oh I’m just so excited! Also I hope things get better for you in real life! I’m sorry to hear they haven’t improved much.
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 37 . 6/14/2020
Awe I know this story was posted a long time ago but I hope you and your loved ones are all right! And thank you for summarizing the ending of the story! It was so lovely and surprised me. No offense to other authors but they usually don’t give what the rest of their story would have looked like when they discontinue it. So thank you for doing that for us and thank you for even creating this lovely story! I’m glad I’ve stumbled across this story and at the time I did because now I get to relive her story again in your rewrite!
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 36 . 6/14/2020
Baylee and Bofur are just so stinkin cute! And Dis is such a sweetheart! Poor Zori I hope he feels better! Omg the ending was hilarious and adorable! But poor bofur that had to be mighty embarrassing to walk in on his brother.
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 35 . 6/14/2020
I feel like Baylee’s grown so much as a person through out the story and has gained a lot of strength and confidence she didn’t realize she had at the beginning of the story. I loved how we got to see Warren realize this and truly see what a strong woman she’s grown into. It will be interesting if we get to see any of Baylee’s mothers family on her journey! I’m really excited to see her travel with Dis! I like to think that her entire family are watching her from the halls of Mahla and will be with her through this journey. Bofur and her falling asleep together in chairs is so adorable!
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 34 . 6/13/2020
Awe poor Baylee just can’t catch a break. I love how everyone’s supporting the Tankard and her friends came to help keep the place running! Bofur’s such a sweetheart but Mahla does he get hurt at the worst possible time. Poor thing At least Warren and Will are having some conversations in jail an not sitting in silence, and Will got everyone to laugh as well! I hope things get better for them.
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 33 . 6/13/2020
POOR BAYLEE AND ADELA! Ugh that man is a horrible human being and I hope he gets what’s coming to him! The beginning with the snowball fight and bofur and Bifur in their zone was hilarious and then that cow of a man ruins the day. Ugh how could someone do that to their own daughter. Not only separate her from her husband but take her child’s father away ugh I wish i could punch him! Poor Baylee is gonna have to go on another adventure isn’t she
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 32 . 6/13/2020
picturing Nori performing for Zori is stuck in my head now. This was such a fun chapter to read! I loved Ori’s impression of Dwalin too! I’m glad Dis is finding a new family in this silly bunch
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 31 . 6/13/2020
Poor Baylee It sucks her aunt is against her courting Bofur but I wish I could have seen both her face and Bofur’s when Baylee walked up to him and kissed him I love that Adela is learning Iglishmêk and was able to hold a conversation without Will in the room! Omg Bifur being a cheeky dwarf and sneaking into the woman’s bathing room but awe I’m so happy for them. Though he’s gonna have a cheeky grin on his face anytime anyone asks how he proposed while Lovisa will end up smacking the back of his head
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 30 . 6/13/2020
I love dwarven family dinners so much! And Zori and Edda are such cuties! It was so cool seeing Dwalin giving her a tattoo and seeing him tease Ori lol I love how Baylee just rushed outta Erebor on a horse to get to Dale like a badass. But that was a sweet way for their twin connection to happen and bring her to Will when he needed her and so she could meet her nephew when he was born! I squealed at that ending omg!
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 29 . 6/13/2020
Awe I feel so bad for Dis I’m excited for her to meet Baylee though or well I hope she does! Oh and YAY BALIN HAS FINALLY MADE AN APPEARANCE! Awe Baylee and Bofur are so cute! OMG POOR LOVISA! That had to be terrifying to watch and poor Bifur thought he was staring death in the face. I’m so glad he’s fine and that they finally Kissed!
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 28 . 6/13/2020
as sad as the ending is I’m so happy for it. I’ve always felt like people forget about Dis, and how she must feel loosing the last of her family. She lost her brother and her two sons for crying out loud!
I’m glad that Baylee and Bofur are Okie I was worried something would happen to separate them and for a second I was scared there. I love reading Baylee’s interactions with Bofur’s family! And Bifur and Lovisa are stinkin adorable omg!
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 27 . 6/13/2020
Yay they’re finally in Erebor! I’m so excited! I’m curious of how everyone will react when Baylee finally tells her father and aunts about her courting Bofur. And oh no why do i get a bad feeling about who ever just rode up on a pony I don’t think I could handle any more drama
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 26 . 6/12/2020
Awe Bifur is so adorable with Lovisa! I’m curious about what’s up with Nori though. And I adore Bofur and Bombur so much omg! Baylee could start a need nose point line of pink goblins
GhostMizoriMidnight chapter 25 . 6/12/2020
YAY THERY’RE HOME! I loved the UR’s reunion and then Bofur and Bifur’s nervousness about their bother having breakfast at the tankard It was so nice to see Baylee and Adela bonding!
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