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Trickit chapter 28 . 9/12
Awwwwww this is the first fic to make me ship Loki/Jane. XD love it!
Vashka chapter 28 . 9/5
Yay for relationship progression! Loki offered Jane the stars and she will only ask him to take her if he really wants to go? I'd say that's love! She isn't using him like so many others have in the past and respects his wishes... I can't wait to see what Loki thinks of this!
Shalifi chapter 28 . 9/5
Great chapter.
Imogen74 chapter 28 . 9/1
Oh wow...those were two intense and really awesome chapters! Thank goodness you didn't abandon this! Well done.
Hyperdrive 24 chapter 28 . 8/24
Can't wait for the next chapter! If possible could you give some for moments between Loki and Jane ? I fell like they have been taking in quiet moments together for the last few chapters
wbss21 chapter 28 . 8/23
Gahhh, my heart... Just excuse me a moment while I sweep it up into this dust pan over here.

But seriously, another absolutely brilliant chapter. You make me so damn emotional, there really aren't any words.

And Thor... You massive dick, lol. I knew his reaction was going to be bad, but he really just sort of blew all of my expectations out of the water with his completely immature and extreme behavior. The thing with Thor is, he's so dumb, lol. He always means well, but he's so self-involved and blinded by his own sense of worth and having grown up always being told yes and always being told he was right, that he can't see at all when he's so monumentally wrong, and worst of all, he can't see when he's grievously hurting his little brother. The things he said here and the way he acted were bordering on cruel, I thought, even though you could tell Thor didn't intend that at all. But that's really a snapshot of his entire relationship with Loki, and helps us to understand all the more clearly why Loki lost it the way he did.

First just the way he flat out attacks Loki couldn't have been more unreasonable. But I have to give a shout out here to how badass Loki was, despite the fact that he's obviously terrified of Thor. He still showed his killer combat skills in deflecting him and keeping his cool. And lets face it, Thor is scary as hell, which is also something I love seeing you capture. Fan fic writers have a tendency to make Thor so goofy and lovable that he isn't intimidating at all, but he's SUPPOSED to be intimidating. And he seems that way in the first Thor film, when he's battling the frost giants, etc... He seems dangerous, and you've captured that perfectly here.

As usual though, Thor, in his selfishness, thinks this is all about him, and that Loki is only using and manipulating Jane into liking him to get at Thor. How Loki kept his cool as much as he did during this whole sequence is a mystery, because Thor was being downright awful. But what I really loved about this too was how much this scene just really reinforced how much Loki loves and respects Jane. When he flat out says that he could never sway Jane's affections towards him because her will is just too powerful, and also that we see Loki only really lose his cool when Thor grabs hold of her. Loki's fear that Thor will accidentally hurt her is really palpable here, as is his fear that Thor is going to turn Jane against him, which is probably something he's had to deal with all his life, people giving Thor's word all credit, while never believing Loki. That right there should be a clue to Thor that Loki isn't faking his love for her. But then just hearing what Thor said to her, about Loki's loyalty and devotion being a thing she shouldn't want, that it was dangerous, etc... That, more than anything, broke my heart. How Thor could say that about his own brother, that was just so sad to me. He continues to fail to see how heartbroken Loki is, and how terribly he's been treated his whole life, by his own family even. To say that Loki's devotion is a bad thing, when Loki has always been so wholly devoted to him, and to Asgard, and their father and mother, blah, that just killed me.

There's a really stark difference here too between how Thor views and treats Jane versus how Loki does. Thor views her as this sort of weak, helpless girl in distress, while Loki views her as this incredible, brilliant person worthy of all his high regard and respect. It's no wonder from that alone why Jane fell in love with Loki over Thor.

I couldn't help but cheer when Loki tricked Thor into letting Jane go and used the portal to send him back to Asgard. Thor needed to be forcibly removed from that situation, seriously. He needs to go sit in a corner and think and get his head out of his own ass. He's such an idiot.

And gah, my heart just about shattered at how hesitant and afraid Loki was to just ask Jane if she would go with him to Asgard. He went about asking her in such a roundabout way, clearly terrified of her rejection. I've said it before, but he reminds me so much of a little kid, and he just breaks my heart, just like he breaks Jane's. His relief when she doesn't outright say no is palpable too, and it just makes you feel all the worse for him, because you realize he was half expecting her to say no.

And I loved Jane's talk with Darcy afterwards, in trying to figure out if she should go or not. You make Jane such a real, relateable character, brilliant, but also so riddle with insecurities and uncertainties, and the heartbreak of always having come so close to fulfilling her dreams, and always falling short. Her crisis and dilemma here are so real, and her friendship with Darcy is so natural. Darcy feels completely lost and unsure herself, but she's also sticking by Jane, and supporting her 100% in whatever decision she makes.

I thought it was incredibly poignant too when they finally get down to the real question of whether she trusts Loki to be able to bring her back or not, and the way Jane tells Darcy that she isn't going to use him, that she won't tell him she trust him unless she means it, and that they don't have to go to Asgard just for her sake, that they can stay on Earth if that's what he wants and needs. Jane's refusal to abandon Loki is incredibly touching and moving. I don't know if Loki has ever had anyone like that in his life, who could see he was drowning and who refused to let his hand go. It's heartbreaking and emotional on such a powerful level, to see Jane accept that role, to want to be there for him and support him and not use him or hurt him or abandon him despite knowing it's going to be rough. On that alone, you can see why Loki is so taken with her too. He's never had someone like that in his life. F*ck, I love these two so much.

If Jane says yes, I have no doubt things are going to be hard when they do get to Asgard. That place, as Jane so insightfuly points out, is Loki's home, and he just wants to go home and be who he was, even knowing he never can be again. But it's also the source of all his pain and misery, all his insecurities and heartbreak and sadness. If Loki's a wreck down on Earth, he's going to be tenfold that in Asgard, and I think Jane knows it. But she can't leave him to face it on his own, and that makes her a hero already. And man, does Loki need a hero. And that's part of what's so amazing about this story too, is that even though Loki is so incredibly powerful, and so insanely brilliant, and strong and badass, ultimately, it's Jane who is the one who can save him, who can be a hero to him. That dynamic is just so beautifully and subtly executed here. Jane's the one who's really protecting and rescuing Loki.

I can't wait to see what happens next, and as always, thank you so, so much for sharing!
Tigerstripes17 chapter 28 . 8/22
Ah, every chapter update makes me so happy yet so nervous because I'm super afraid Loki will be typical Loki and self sabotage his own happiness with Jane somehow. Always looking forward to more!
josephguy217 chapter 28 . 8/22
Awesome chapter keep it up
Mercury97 chapter 28 . 8/22
Yay! An update! Thank you! I love the vulnerable but still strong Loki.
helenxxx chapter 28 . 8/22
i do love your characterisations, and the visuals are wonderful
Guest chapter 28 . 8/22
Ahh your story and updates give me life. Just want those two to admit their damn feelings for each other and live happily ever after already!
mfaerie32 chapter 27 . 8/11
Thor can get over his holier than thou attitude. It's not his place to decide if Loki is right for Jane or not.
LingeringSentiments chapter 27 . 8/11
Last chapter Jane was wishing for reprieve to sort out everything that happened in the past few days, and in this chapter Darcy has her confront it all at once. Brutally practical. She even brought up the L-word in describing the thus-far undefined thing between Jane and Loki. She definitely has what it takes to go into politics.

Thor is mistaken if he believes that everything will be alright if Loki simply goes back to Asgard and begs forgiveness. Loki is not the only one who should be seeking forgiveness. Though Thor has admitted to some wrongs, it feels like he's still trying to claim moral high ground. Also, even if Thor is willing to continue on as if nothing happened, that doesn't mean that Odin and rest of Asgard will follow. There is no "back to normal" for them, and their "normal" was broken and unequal anyway-regardless if Thor chooses to see it or not. As for Thor's insistence that Loki intends to use Jane as a means of it paranoia or jealousy? Hmm.

I'm beginning to wonder if Jane shares Loki's lack of self-awareness. At the beginning of this chapter she questions if she wants Loki to stay, when not too long ago she declared that they were in "this" together. But she's had a tumultuous past few days, so it makes sense that she'd feel conflicted and uncertain. I'm glad she figured out the answer to that question by the end of the chapter, and that Loki was there to see it. Maybe now he can believe that she wants him around because she cares for him, not because he's of use to her.

The last part of this chapter left me with the goofiest smile. Jane and Loki, especially in this story, are really adorable. I don't even mind that the excrement will probably hit the fan now that Thor is certainly aware of what's between Jane and his brother. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Jane will do next with the bridge device, and whether or not SHIELD will make a re-appearance.
wbss21 chapter 27 . 8/11
I've said it countless times before, but I'll say it again. I wish so, so, SO much that you were writing the Thor films at this point. Your work is so absurdly superior to anything Marvel has put out at this point, that it's almost enough to make me cry.

But onto the actual chapter. I can't tell you how excited I get each time I see you've updated. This story remains the absolute best thing I've read in this fandom, hands down.

I was really glad to see Jane finally open up and talk to Darcy here about what's going on with Loki, and of course, leave it to Darcy to just get down to the truth of the matter, which is that Loki and Jane are in love with each other. Jane's initial denial, obviously being born out of fear and uncertainty, felt really natural. She's really starting to realize just WHAT Loki is, what both Loki and Thor are. Just how powerful and ancient they are, and juxtaposing that with her love for Loki is understandably terrifying to her. She's stepping into something she wasn't at all prepared for. More interestingly even is her fear of failing Loki, I think, which just speaks to how much she loves him. She knows he's an emotional wreck, that he'd deeply heartbroken and deeply insecure, and she doesn't have total confidence in herself to be able to help him. And that feels really real too. I like also how Darcy is supportive of Jane, but also clearly very reluctant and unsure if her being in love with Loki is at all a good thing. She's worried about Jane. But at the same time, you can tell she wants Jane to be happy, and knows better than to tell her what she should and shouldn't do.

And then there's Thor. I have to give Thor some credit here for trying, and for being more observant than when he first arrived. But still, he's seriously pissing me off still too, with his assumptions about Loki's ill intent, and his more or less skirting around the issue of Loki's fear for him. I get that this is new to Thor, being able to admit when he's wrong, or being able to admit his mistakes, but he continues to accuse and accost Loki, whether he means well or not. Accusing Loki of using Jane at this point, as a means to get to him, is only going to further erode Loki's ability to trust Thor. And also using language like "I'll begin to be able to forgive you" if you do this and that, again, it sounds as always with Thor self centered and thoughtless. But of course that's perfect characterization. He means well, but he's so self-absorbed, that he doesn't really see how he's hurting Loki in the process. Again, you can see why Loki lost it the way he did when you think that he's had to put up with this kind of thing for over a thousand years.

Of course Thor is right too in what he says about Loki's own wrongs, about how his lying to him about Odin, and sending the Destroyer, and letting the Jotnar into Asgard was treacherous and a betrayal, and I think Loki fully understands and acknowledges that at this point. But it also bothers me the way Thor won't openly admit that Loki was right to fear Thor, or that he felt and still feels disgust when he imagines Loki as a Frost Giant. Loki asks Thor if he thinks he's a coward for being afraid of him, and Thor acts somewhat cowardly in my view here by talking around the issue of it and not telling Loki flat out that he was right to be afraid. There's something really heartbreaking here I think. Thor, whether he knows it or not, is always speaking to Loki as if he's delusional or crazy, when Loki is anything but. Loki knew Thor's violence, his temper, his pride, his disgust at the Jotnar, and I don't think Thor is allowing himself here to fully acknowledge or look at the fact that, more or less, Loki's reaction after finding out the truth of his heritage, only made sense in light of all of that. It must make Loki feel incredibly alone, then, when his big brother can't bring himself to even just say "you were right".

And then Thor wants Loki to abandon Jane and come back to Asgard to resume his place by his side, just like before, again not allowing himself to see that maybe Asgard isn't a healthy place for Loki to be, that maybe he really does only love Jane, and that being with Jane these weeks and months has been the first real happiness and acceptance Loki has known in a long, long time. Thor is going to have to learn to let Loki go at some point I think, learn that he doesn't own Loki. And that he can prove to Loki that he really does love him by letting him go and letting him be happy.

Well, and something obviously happened between that conversation and Jane and Darcy making a mad dash out into the desert, because when Jane gets there, they're sending a message to Asgard, and Thor seems to have accepted that Loki isn't leaving. I'll be interested to see what Loki said to Thor that convinced him to let him stay. At least Thor is trying to hear him out now. That's a big improvement. I felt so bad for Jane when she thought Loki was leaving her. But that moment was really beautiful between them, when Loki took her face in her hands and told her he wasn't. And then they kissed, oh boy. It shows that Loki at this point doesn't care at all about what anyone thinks of his love for Jane, including Thor. That he isn't going to let that stop him from loving her. But I am worried about what the fall out of that open display of affection is going to be, how Thor is going to react to it. Thor obviously isn't the type to like it when what he had considered to be his is taken away by somebody else. But I guess well see how much he's grown here.

As always, incredibly done. This story makes me so emotional, haha. I can't wait to see what happens next, and again, thank you so, so much for sharing!
LingeringSentiments chapter 26 . 8/11
First off, I'd just like to say that I really appreciate your skillful use of body language throughout this story. That along with your spot-on dialogue just makes everything that much more engaging and immersive. This is one of my favorite Thor stories, and one that I re-read often.

This chapter had some really intense discussion. Thankfully Darcy was there to bring down the tension, while contributing bits of humor and practicality. I laughed out loud a few times at Loki's amusement with Darcy in this chapter. Thor may have found the verbal games annoying, but I suspect it was a necessary coping mechanism for Loki. The discussion could have gone much worse if Jane had to play referee for Thor and Loki on her own, even if she hadn't been so exhausted. She's an additional pressure point for the two of them.

I'm a bit irritated with Thor's insistence in believing the worst of Loki, but it's understandable given the circumstances. He was blindsided by everything that happened after his interrupted coronation, and Loki's actions have been inexplicable to him. Thor and Jane share an honest and straightforward nature, but her perceptive skills eclipse his. Thor never saw the cracks that led up to the collapse of his relationship with his brother, and at the moment he's not willing to listen when Loki tries to point them out.
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