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Firestargold chapter 24 . 11/27
Trinity Destler, bravo on your work! It is a very smart fanfic. I enjoy your complex/intellectual interpretation of these characters. I also think your version of Loki is the most realistic I've ever read. Keep up the good work!
vampgirliegirl chapter 24 . 11/17
Noo! Poor jane
abyphile chapter 24 . 11/16
I'm afraid to speculate about what Loki thinks is going to happen next; both with Thor and with Jane. I'm pretty sure it involves "worst case scenario". I hope they both come through for him in amazing and undeniable ways.

This story is incredible and I usually agree with just about every observation that wbss21 makes, but she says it much more eloquently that I ever could. Just picture me squealing every time a new chapter is posted, followed by focused enthrallment once I start reading, and you will have my opinion of this story.
megumisakura chapter 24 . 11/15
great chapter!
Armand chapter 24 . 11/15
Thanks for the update!
JPElles chapter 24 . 11/15
So Loki and Jane are leaving to another realm before he gets back? I'm very curious where this will head from here.
mfaerie32 chapter 24 . 11/15
NNNNOOOOOO don't go!
wbss21 chapter 24 . 11/15
Okay, firstly, this wasn't even anywhere in the realm of bad. Oh my god, your writing is just as superbly crafted and gripping as ever, and I truly, sincerely mean it when I say to you that seeing updates from you on this story will almost always be the highlight of my day. I can't ever emphasize enough how this truly is my favorite story in this entire fandom, and I'll always regard it as such.

Secondly, oh man, there was so much about this chapter that was so good, I don't even know where to start. But I suppose the beginning will do! I continue to just adore Jane, her bad-assery on so many levels, her being both so sure of herself and her decisions and also so unsure and vulnerable. But her determination here not to back down, not to so easily forgive Eric for basically abusing her trust and failing to show any real trust in her, just felt like such a moment of triumph. She's not okay with what Eric did, to her, or to Loki, and she wasn't about to just forgive all and let him back in. Eric deserved her dismissal, and all her harsh words. He completely screwed up, and even though I get that's he's concerned about Jane, his attitude and judgment towards Loki is, frankly, uncalled for, based utterly on assumption and his own inability to understand. So, yeah, way to go Jane for giving Eric a swift kick in the butt, and for standing up both for herself and decision making, and for Loki.

I loved the scene on the roof between all three of them, and Loki's gentle, friendly teasing of Eric, even while Eric was at points being vitriolic in his criticisms of Loki. I guess if that doesn't demonstrate the difference between them and the reason Jane booted Eric and stuck by Loki, nothing does. Also that Loki actually genuinely felt bad for Eric is a further testament to those reasons. Loki's a good kid, deep down in his heart, and Jane recognizes that, while Eric's got his head shoved too far up his ass to see the same.

And of course, you continue to capture the contradictions and paradoxes in Loki which make him such a fascinating and incredible character, and through the eyes of Jane, seeing as much as she does, it just makes Loki all the more captivating here. I know I say it in every review I leave you, but the contrast between Loki's mind blowing intelligence and power and charm, and his deeply reaching low self-esteem and vulnerability, are amazing, and just as amazing is your ability to bring both those sides of him to life in his character and make it flow so perfectly. One trait never contradicts the other, but simply highlights what a complex character Loki really is.

You can really see Jane struggling here too with her obvious and genuine love for him, and her rationality telling her to take it slow, to make sure she understands everything before moving forward with him. Her heart already knows what she wants, clearly. She's deeply in love with him. But her mind is telling her to slow down.

And of course, now with everything out in the open as it is, Loki's powers of intellect and magical prowess really are a thing to behold. Again, seeing this through Jane's perspective really helps the reader to see just how absolutely extraordinary Loki is. If you contrast his vast understanding of the actual, intricate workings on the BiFrost with Thor's complete lack of understanding, or rather, inability to explain it at all, it really highlights just how smart Loki is. That is isn't just a common thing among the Aesir, to have that kind of understanding of those things. Loki's really a genius. And then of course Jane's struggle still to comprehend magic, her desire to fit it into a box she can label and explain, but also knowing, deep down, that she'll never be able to do that, shows Loki's literally otherworldly power so well. And you capture the feeling that a human being, and particularly a human being of science, would feel meeting a real life, no joke sorcerer. She can't believe it, even as she knows it's real.

I also continue to adore your descriptions of Loki's casual shows of strength, as well as your descriptions of his physical form through Jane's eyes. He's so perfectly formed, and you capture that beautifully in the way Jane looks at Loki.

But oh man, that ending! I seriously did not expect any of that, at all, and now I'm freaking out and scared and don't know what to think! That an einherjar somehow was pulled down from Asgard to Midgard, and the whole confrontation between him and Loki, man, that just blew my mind and left me on the edge of my seat. And seeing Loki just transform into what he actually is here, a true prince, true royalty of the most powerful realm in the universe, and to see the guard bow down to him in deference, it really reminds you again of who and what Loki is. It's easy to forget sometimes, because he's so hurt and so vulnerable and so childlike in so many ways. But you feel Jane's awe and sudden realization right along with her while reading this exchange. Loki's command and rank over the guard was so evident, and just fell so naturally on Loki's shoulders here. It was just beautifully executed.

And then, ohh, just seeing Loki's magic, seeing him spell the guards spear and telling him to give it to Thor, telling him it would bring Thor to him, and activating the Bifrost without anything but his magic, gah, I just kind of geek out whenever Loki shows off his powers like that.

But of course, then you bring in the startling contrast, between this sort of role Loki occupies, that he plays, as a Prince of Asgard, as this royal being who has easy and rightful command over an entire world, and then when he turns to Jane, she sees who he really is underneath that, which is just a frightened and lonely boy who believes he has no place anywhere in the universe, and no certainty at all as to his future. What he says to Jane at the end here sounds so horribly ominous and defeatist, and it just makes your heart break completely for him, and for Jane too.

I have to say, I'm both incredibly terrified and incredibly excited to see what happens when Thor arrives. I have a feeling it's going to be explosive, though in what way, I can't guess. Needless to say, I await your next update with bated breath! This story is just the best thing ever, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for sharing it!
Guest chapter 24 . 11/14
Thank you for the lovely chapter. Well worth the wait.
Guest chapter 20 . 11/6
Thank you, thank you, thank you...! As a woman of science myself, I completely believe that Jane would want to hear Loki's point of view before making a conclusion. All the stories where she finds out who he is and blows up make me irate. Facts, figures and explanations first is what any logical person would want. I love how she all but says this. She has some information from various sources but until she gets this other side, how could she ever make a decision about him for herself?
Guest chapter 14 . 11/6
"Unpack you suitcase, you're never touring the Milky Way." Best line ever. And it's great to know Darcy has got her priorities right. Geez in that hypothetical situation Jane is dead and your more sad about your postponed field trip to space!

This story is so brilliant, absolutely one of the best I've read on this site, and your characters are so intense and complex. I also really love the discussions between Loki and Jane. Most authors avoid the science stuff, clearly not comprehending it and not even trying. The tesseract is the fail -safe enegy source they always involve to get out of any sort of jargon. Literally most stories proceed in this order: lets have Loki and Jane ogle at each other. Next lets have them argue before having a heart to heart. Instead you use science as a means to reveal them bit by bit to each other!

Now if you actually understand what science you include I applaud you, if not, well who cares? I sure am not an astrophysicist and it works for me. Janes bluntness, Eriks suspicion and annoyances, Darcy's witty remarks and Loki's nuances are all wonderfully written. The characters are so different from each other and so true to the brief movie characterisation it's stunning.
Guest chapter 5 . 11/5
This story is so wonderful because it fits so neatly together. How nothing seems forced and the connections within the chapters are like puzzle pieces. I love how the entire point of this chapter was to bring relevancy to the line at the end. Yet within it, Loki (and other characters) were developed, and background was given. Also, while the purpose of the narrative was to give meaning to the last line, it also gave purpose to the whole story. We know those in Asgard mourn. Not to mention it was just a gorgeously written chapter. You have great intra-chapter timing, I haven't read enough to see if the same can be said of the plot as a whole but I am excited to continue this story.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/5
This was a beautifully written chapter. Is nature or nurture the determinant? Does blood determine fate or do we have a choice? Are monsters born or made? These questions asked by Loki make me think of Cal from East of Eden. That book is immediately where my thoughts jumped as I was reading this, which makes me wonder if you have read that book. Nevertheless, I am excited about this story and have hopes it will continue as strongly. The last bit is particularly potent. I love the irony of it and how you managed to convey so much of his despair with such a simple bitter observation.
vampgirliegirl chapter 23 . 10/24
Haha! Loki just punned !
DreamFlight chapter 23 . 9/22
Love, love, love it.
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