Reviews for The Bishop, The King, and The Knight
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 43 . 2/12
Wow um, I think it was an intense chapter, I mean to defeat and enclose a full guild only to support and follow the events of the light novel, that was ... a lot of work. _. (but someone has to do it :D). I really don't know how to start ... I hope you don't misunderstand me it was interesting reading, very much and to read as Kuroko and Oneeni kick ass always make my day, but I think it was too much... I say two girls against a full guild is not a favorable prognosis and despite the exceptional strategy and teamwork... i think the situation was somewhat forced.
First... I don't know much about the light novels , but I know that recently appeared Othinus (speaking concretely :3) in the texts , and that you 've made her with GREMLIN's issue, it was an unexpected touch , but good.. very good 3 . Then analyzing the coolest scenes (for me 6:) , Ollerus's scene and how he was persuaded to assist in the plan was funny and somehow to imagine Kuro is performing the strategy "guilty feeling " was hilarious (she hadn't to put a puppy eyes for change his mind :D).
Something I didn't expect was Misaki's assist so soon and without Birdy D: ( noooooo I wanted to see Birdy sniff sniff ) she really helped a lot to the mission , especially controlling Ollerus (he was a guide, a decoy and puppet, in the same packet hehehehe poor and naive magician 6:) ... also when Kuro confesses Misaki about her lack of immunity against Mental out , hell , I hope it has not been a bad idea and I don't mean because I think Misaki is a bad woman ehem ehem XD . And above all I really didn't expect Shiro's (momentary) return for to save the day and suffer from a tragic irony .. why she must also kiss Oneeni to switch to Kuro too ?! , not supposed to Kuro could change herself!
Definitely a chaotic chapter, but I quite liked the initial fightings, the ambush, "was very police outlaw" with a set of movements and well developed strategies (to imagine magician's faces, when their powers aren't effective, really made me laugh a lot XD) ... and also, I must admit it was very creative all you wrote about countermeasures for different magicians, very clever ;).
I just hope after this chapter Shiro's back and the situation improves a bit D:, especially after making such works.
Take care!
PS: The best part was: Kuro between boobs XD: “Yeah. Just hold onto me, you too Oneeni." She said. The Queen nodded and stepped forward, embracing Kuroko. Oneeni took this as a sign to do the same to the other side. “I meant the hand. Grab onto my hand" hahahaha no matter how many i read it, still makes me laugh hahaha XD
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 42 . 2/12
I will start with the same sentence as the previous review ... "It has been a long time since I read a chapter that was so" ... romantic, I really missed them, officially you made my day XD ... Well, I think before my fangirls mode be "on" I think should start with general things.
When I started reading the chapter I thought, "I think I'll have problems again," because I knew nothing about Ollerus and Silvia and though I investigated...I think it was useless, I didn't win any relevant knowledge of them w hahaha.
The "fight" scene where Kuro and Oneeni show their superiority, left me with a "WTF face" O.o ! when Ollerus obediently says his message and pays the fines, it was so funny hahaha (especially with Kuro wearing her armor XD) of course my WTF face is wider when I read the discussion about Gemstone ... all Ollerus's fuss and determination just for a girl says something and she disarmament whole his argument XD
Fortunately then the chapter continues with the best one, "the date". Personally I give Oneeni 100% in this episode, from beginning to end, she was completely wonderful : first she showed deep concern for the Sisters , so altruistic and pure ... but also she showed her " altruistically selfish" side too when she ordering not to reveal anything about her and Kuro, only to Misaka don't be with Kuroko . I know it is "bad"( big lie XD *) but somehow I canbot disagree with it ... because unlike Misaka Oneeni unconditionally loves Kuro ( Kuroko ) (it is fair Oneeni be happy with her! XD) . Of course what happens next is much better 6: a date with five stars though it killed Kuroko's pocket XD, but she was rewarded with her custom tur to all the places she wanted to visit , thanks to her knight Oneeni (it so classic watch Kuro as the knight , so a change of roles is always good, thank you very much Oneeni :3 ) ... but what led me to heaven was the the dance on the roof , that scene accompanied by the song " Ai wa Toki no " was a perfect mix (for me) : D.
A wonderful chapter, I have to say it with enthusiasm because it really was a very, very good read.
Take care!
PS: To Imagine Kuro wearing her armor, knocking on the door and saying "Hello Ollerus. I come from Academy City. I'm here to Ensure you pay for your crimes "other Wtf ... hahahahaha
PS2: Oneeni is so considerate, she gives Kuro a beautiful scarf with Kuro's money XD.
PS3: An assault, always adds a touch of adrenaline in a date, although in this case was humor too "mind taking care of them Oneeni?" HAHAHA good one Kuro in heels. 3
Ps4: where are you Kuroko ?!
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 41 . 2/12
It has been a long time since I read a chapter that was so hard to understand (for me x) . When it talks of governments, I lose in the detail, because I don't understand, plus some information belongs to the light novel ... I guess that caused that I couldn't enjoy the chapter as I want.
Of course everything wasn't bad for me , something interesting and I quite liked "see" during the chapter was how you read the moments before the meeting, giving small pieces of information with actions and interactions gave us a fairly enjoyable read , even in the meeting. Marshall's constant games against Kuroko (and I don't say just by the papers footballs 6:), that calmed the tension (at least for the reader, Kuroko wanted kill him XD). Another thing very nice was that the main character during the meeting wasn't Kuroko . Itora changed drastically the typical atmosphere that Kuroko gives this fic (a logic environment , but full of self-sacrifice and self-criticism, all with the goal of always seeking a utopian solution to the problems ) to a other side more real in drafting and analytical. Of course everything weren't information, you're very good mixing different "environments" in order to create something supplemented ... in this chapter were; first a cute moment between Oneeni and Kuro ... pretty short, that make it so clever. After an entire chapter dedicated to their dynamics, to write a moment with the same intense may fall a little repeated, so good job with the subtleties : 3 and the second one was Avon, Queen, this moment satisfies the needs of the fans to see something romantic in the chapter and of course not always have to be Kuroko , or not? hehehehe.
Well even though I didn't understand a lot information, understand the subtleties of very good written scenes ... that's enough to have a good read (Fan mode: ON) ;P
Take care!
PS: The best part of the chapter: "Avon was one of Those People who thought That hard work was an important thing to help one learn Mental discipline and all that nonsense." "nonsense" XD hahaha what the hell?! that word is a good way for kill a good lesson XD
PS2: Misaki's bear hug for one side disconcerting, but for another side it's so nice see that their interactions better. I think they have a pretty good dynamic. 3
PS3: It's good to know Birdy will back again :3!
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 40 . 2/12
Lately my reading go forward very, very slow and it frustrates me a lot :P, but I guess the result is what matters or not? (NO!? O.o). I know I said "Wow the end is near or things like things are moving" in the previews chapters, well after I "saw" this scene I realized that I was very innocent ... now yes, after I saw this tremendous disaster I can say "hell, now if everything starts to fall, the world will have to go to the" $ # "$%"! "ehm ... I apologize for my ignorance, but the whole issue of world war in the novel Original ... really involves "WORLDWIDE"? (I know how that sounds, but the truth was I doubted about that XD)
About the chapter I'll begin with action's scenes ... they were quite cautious despite being under complex situations ... to go saving people from around the world in little time, it can sound a bit exaggerated if the writer isn't careful when she/he write scenarios and although I admit that I was not 100 % satisfied with them ... I can say that your explanations and structure of situations manage to convince me enough ... that with some classic touches like " persecution" theme or " have to distract a turbid of normal people " ( violently ! 3) it managed to give coolness to scenes (good job :D). It will sound a little cliché what I'll say, but Oneeni's action scenes are always wonderful , and this is due to the excellent combination of her skills you used in each of the scenes,I even say that I begin to enjoy her skills more than Kuro' skills , because the reader can see the Onneni's skills limit :3. Another thing I quite liked was the reason why you don't involve powerful people in battle. Again you show a special attention to detail , showing great dedication that you put in your work and that should be recognized (seriously girl, I don't know how you do it ... Do you have a list of things like that... for not to forget ! Owo hehehe ) .
And of course it couldn't miss the cuteness in the chapter ... compensating (again) Misaka's absence, and giving us a range of new possibilities and very attractive (blessed Oneeni :U*). One of my favorites parts was: "...well actually it was because she loved the feel of Kuro-sama's skin. She wasn't a tsundere like the original, she wasn't going to hide the fact that she reveled in touching the person she loved…” (Eheeeeeeeeeem 6:)
Take care! :3
PS: I know it doesn't count, but ... the best scene was the last one you've written, for some reason (we know what it is*) it felt pretty good and it's as possible (Kuroko can easily kick Kamijou's ass, so Kuro too) XD
PS2: Kuroko I miss you! D:
ReaperLuca chapter 51 . 2/5
Nice! Good luck on your third story!
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 39 . 1/14
I won't stop myself talking about the length of the episode, because you clearly explained us the reasons (and to prevent future trout hit XD), so I'll start with saying ... really it was a sad episode , it didn't take me to tears (if I know, I'm a emotionless beast D:) , but it was very deep especially in the information conveyed to the reader. We can know , somehow the truth behind Kuro and her constant mask. I won't deny that despite certain cliché in explaining about Kuro somehow it left me with a pair of raised eyebrows , really I fail to visualize Kuro as a fragile girl ... but if that can "see" as Oneeni comfort her ... that makes up for everything XD ... and speaking of that ... shit I think I begin to love Oneeni more than the original one (that's a tremendous lie ... if long I known Oneeni is better than Misaka on my scale XD) ... her way to console was so... how to describe it without sounding ... fangirl ... Oneeni is ready to get married :D , she is brilliant in every sense ... Although I must say that for a moment I panicked a little when they were on the bed. While i'm reading "that part" in my head told me : Please do not , do not ... ! Kuro cannot be so hypocritical with Shiro about "sex to be sad" subject , thank you for not showing details and the situation does not change state or ranking XD .
Besides of the great moments fan services, the chapter was just to see how Kuro's emotional state evolved, from the moment of impact until reintegration activities as the black knight. Topic really necessary... I just hope that the situation improves and Shiro back soon :/, because we need Kuroko!.
A very thoughtful and interesting chapte to readr. Take care and continue with your great work!
PS: I really liked the KuroxOneeni moments, but I really enjoy reading the two stories. Both with very deep and detailed metaphors ... for one hand i really felt sorry for Kuroko D: and on the other, i think it was a very creative way to present two great realities in history.
PS2: What?! Heaven Canceler can see the raven?! I demand to know why!? O.o
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 38 . 1/14
I must say it was difficult to return to this reading (despite I being on "vacation " XD *) ... I had to read some chapters again to orient myself in the subject. But I must say it didn't help much because the subject of this chapter wasn't related to the previous one XD hehehehe.
Anyway, first I think the title wasn't related with the events of the episode, I think you gave a lot of connotation to the last part XD . When I read it , I immediately thought of what about... finally it was time to break that beautiful relationship (curse you, Kamijou D: * ) ... but as I'm reading the chapter, about interesting events were happening and explanations about previously unfinished business my fear naively began to disappear until the last part , where the impact came ... there was no interaction , there was no conversation or reasons, just it was simple word to change everything (even my mood, I got cursed him loud 6 :) I really feel sad for Kuroko and I 'm very worried about her future actions. (except they are related with Kamijou w )
Out of impact, the episode was balanced, but i felt events were moving too fast.
The best part of the chapter?, Well i don't know, to read how Kuroko kicked ass whole troop of knights was amazing (and to use cards, it was a very creative method 6:), but I think the conversation with the Pope, planning a betrayal in front to Fiamma and Terra, almost mocking them ... priceless.
As I see the situation is complicated and begins to move on, I hope know what the hell Aleister plan and how it will all end.
Take care!
PS: Hmm i think i was wrong, the best part was when Kuroko said: “So if we let him die then things will go back to normal…” I stopped my reading in that moment, i meditated thoughtfully that idea and I said myself: brilliant, a brilliant idea!
PS2: Leeches, cute leeches to Prizrak : 3 ... I laughed when I imagined a leech "eating" a magician, it's really awesome (but seriously, I like to know about that detail... i thought you would forget it... you have a incredible memory :D)
PS3: Kuroko like a Board of Directors member, it's unexpected, I guess she will have to wear a suit for meetings ... and of course Oneeni will be her beautiful secretary / bodyguard, right? XD
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 37 . 1/14
Begin the chapter with Misaka panic reaction after the call with Kuro with relevant information about the whereabouts of Kuroko was very good (thank you very much Uiharu XD) , I want to know how will be all the path that our group before they arrive with the Kuroko ... Hachi will be waiting for them, and to the surprise of all the girls and mine too, the waiting was super short , from concern to action with his surprise attack number two, immobilizing the level 5 in less than three seconds. Fortunately for the fans that moment helped the other girls show us all they have. Each gave a good show, first Uiharu saves Misaka after Konori-senpai with all her cool martial as you were explaining us a little about her martial arts training and style ... hmmm so can she beat Kuroko in a combat ? That's very interesting ... I like the way how you described Konori's power , you can give her greater ability (kick ass ability :D ) , though she couldn't against the eventually exhaustion, the good thing is Saten saved her ... that was unexpected but I have no complaints. It fantastic to see Saten being bold and great in the action time, achieving greater participation in the scenes. Of course I couldn't miss Misaka at the party , making a finishing touch to the fight ... but another thing unexpected was the emergence of a certain mysterious character to save the day, was Lammington ?!
The action continues ... or i would say the fight, I wasn't expecting such brutality in the chapter, the scene is literally something out of a horror movie and although I am not fan of innards and body parts scattered around the room, I guess that was the best way to show all Seiiku's skills ... hmmm I didn't like that character, surely combining science and human slaughter ... somehow reminds me to Gensei, the pedophile... thanks you Seiiku shows less madness because he has a goal related to himself (of course that doesn't mean he is not a beast hahahahaha XD). With a mixture of confusion and joy i can see how Kuro couldn't finish the fight and she is rescued by Misaka, very timely, but it will cause a lot of questions, especially after they saw how Kuro heals herself (thanks to Samael-sama 3 I hope to know more about him later, but the information you gave us was really very interesting,it lets me shocked from head to foot XD). Fortunately Kuroko has many allies who always saved her when she needs it and strangely is Misaki's turn for intervene that time. (I laugh when i Imagined Misaki is vomiting when Kuro destroys her eyes XD).
I have a question this is the end of this arc?, If so, I must say I imagined it to be a little longer, but you showed new characters ... that means they will participate in the final story arc or was just to break the weft thread for a moment? ... l whatever reason, it was very good arc, especially with the participation Kuroko's friends (less Oneeni Noooooooooooooooooo D:), I've always liked their teamwork.
Take care!
PS: "I knew I shouldn't have let her go on her own..."hahahaha really Misaka?! I still remember your words in the preview chapter “Kuroko will be fine on her own” please, don’t be hypocrite
Ps2: a interesting phrase “direct hit!, who said water type was weak against electric” Hachi sounded like a pokemon hahahaha
PS3: I have to admit… I was breathless when Kuro going to explain the situation… damn it, that really freaked me out (Misaki ascends in my ranking 3)
PS4: I liked much Kuro's lesson, i guess it describes the best way to show Kuroko potential.. and that is teamwork!
Flygon Master chapter 51 . 1/1
What a wrap up... I'm moved and I don't say that lightly; looking back at everything and seeing how everything ties together, you really are very talented. I absolutely loved this story and am eager to see what you do with your third book so until then just know how much of a fan I am of you and your writing, keep it up I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Flygon Master chapter 50 . 1/1
Wow... I'm absolutely speechless; I knew that it was going to be one hell of a battle, but damn man that was amazing. I will never get over how well you write those scenes... You are an awesome writer, please continue to keep it up _
Flygon Master chapter 49 . 1/1
I have not delved that far into the actual canon of this series; since I hate Index I never really bothered learning the plots and such from the other side. So you say that you are now outside of the main canon now, but to me almost all of this is new so when, if I ever, go back to read through the actual story I may bump into a few inconsistency's? Either way I love this story and it was nice to see Mikoto return, been missing her as of late
Spikesagitta chapter 51 . 12/26/2013
Ah. Oneeni is recover :) I didn't expect that. Pleasant surprise that!

So there is a book three? Looking forward to that then.
chaosrin chapter 51 . 12/26/2013
'todo' and 'the girl who had been taken from her'-typo
Need to reread chapter 50 more to fully review the awesomeness later.
As for Mikoto its nice to see she can function numbly in spite of the extreme grief after time passes plus that you did not linger over each stages of her sorrow in heavy detail.
That explains the strange nickname Heaven Canceller which is obvious but I just can't seem to get over it.
Aleister...that explains why, his everything, its quite emotional how the two child is linked in memories for him, is Kuroko really is his descendent?
Love to see the reaction when Kuroko met the gang of super trashed expendables, come to think is right to be consider the 10th most powerful when you have inside knowledge of their profiles?
Plus the details of the reactions!
Glad to see an KuroXQueen story.
Your two chapter really made my quiet Christmas day!
Merry Christmas
Jerisk chapter 51 . 12/26/2013
kyaa Oneeni comeback xD she still alive!, It is Exciting how reationship of them are going. Waiting for the third book and hope it romance like the First book :)
ElementalMiko12 chapter 51 . 12/26/2013
:D nice!
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