Reviews for The Bishop, The King, and The Knight
Kawaru86 chapter 7 . 12/31/2017
So I'm on my 4 re-read of this series, still loving it! Still desperately hoping for more, and i hope your well. I do have a question for you that you might have answered and i missed it. How do people see/find out what someones soul words are?
MitsukiTachibana chapter 51 . 8/29/2016
What can I say about this one? Well, you really ceased that Shonen trope and held it with a massive deathgrip. Again, those OCs, really poorly written and felt very flat. Too overpowered (I don't care if they don't do anything), too efficient (unless it would actually benefit the main character in any 'good' way), and well, not very interesting. That Marshal guy though, he really needs to take a long walk off a short pier. On him alone, I probably would have punched you in the nose (if I knew who you really were and we were at the same place) if we had met in person. Making characters overly quirky does not make them have depth, make them feel more real, or endear them to readers. What it does show is a lack of understanding of the character, the inability to get into their head and let their voice speak for them through you, as well as a lack of understanding of personality.

All those OCs, and canon characters... it was hard to keep track of their individuality when nearly every single one had the same cut and paste smug villain persona. There were minor variances in arrogance, sarcasm, superiority complexes, and such, but all in all, it was hard to keep track of them. Now, I don't have a lot of familiarity with the Index manga, so this may just be the fault of horrible shonen troupes, but really, how many smug villain/antagonist types really need to be sitting around in their councils of smugness talking about how much their plans are superior, or how pathetic the others' people/plans/powers are?

The magic and religious junk - well, arguably I power-skimmed through any chapter with excessive amounts of your opinions on how things should work. When 50% of a chapter is exposition, you have kind of failed. Additionally, your attempt at drawing on real religion somehow managed to offend me, and I am not religious. The Anime Catholicism used in the Index series is in name only, and I like it that way. Trying to tie so much real religious diatribe to this story really bogged it down and heavily detracts from the appeal. My own opinions of religion aside, I really feel that this heavily detracted from this story and added nothing other than an excessive bulk of additional words to pad out chapters. I hate getting slapped in the face with religion. Which is oddly ironic based on her relationship with the Kuro personality, as well as her origins. Catholicism holds a very dim view on same sex relationships and artificially created life.

The only thing that kept me going was the Shiro/Kuro dynamic. Oneeni was also a good character, except when I kept getting slapped in the face with her religious overtones. She is more religious then all the actual church affiliated canon characters have ever shown through the entire series. Also that relationship between Kuroko and Mikoto, you managed to make Mikoto a very abusive partner (both knowingly and somewhat unwittingly) and I am not sure I am okay with that at all (especially taking into account how emotionally damaged Kuroko seems to be). Hurt usually comes with healing eventually, unless a tragedy, but I have no hopes for this relationship in you future works.

Overall, I see this as a large disappointment from the previous story arc. All those things I worried about you managed to exacerbate, and I don't feel that it is going to improve with your next work in this series.
God chapter 4 . 8/12/2016
Way too cluttered with one's own speculation and fanon. Doesn't add anything meaningful and the supposedly rich mythology is a heap of pseudo-religious babble. This loses any feel of the original canon work.
Jo Wendlandt chapter 27 . 5/1/2016
I really enjoy reading your stories, you bring so much more to the already well developed characters of Raildex. I also really like Oneeni's character song, may I use your lyrics and turn it into a musical piece if you'll allow me?
Raineh Daze chapter 51 . 2/2/2016
It only took reading everything for a fourth time but I finally have some idea what Aleister might've stuck in Kuroko. And it wasn't even something that off the wall, since it was said far, far back that there were only two shards of Horus and they were both owned.

I still admire a one-sided fight that took two entire novels to set up all the equipment for.
kingpariah chapter 51 . 8/11/2015
Finally (smile) took me awhile to finish, -due to length and RL interruptions-, but its done and I have to admit, this was an amazing and dynamic story, 20 out of 10.
kingpariah chapter 7 . 7/31/2015
Oh wow, this book is turning out as good as the first one.

That anime opening was AWESOME! Everything was fitting and easy to visualize and keep track of.
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 51 . 5/2/2014
This was an interesting epilogue , with quite valuable information ... after a very touching reunion... well only the background because you didn't show any details , just how Misaka felt in that time (with her super barricade XD).
The most important of the chapter was to know a little more about Aleister , I really didn't expect that was his goal , all what happened and it will happen because just for that , somehow a bit disappointing (knowing that a human being is hiding behind his face ... it's something shocking ) ... I really feel sorry for Kuroko ...
Although I must admit I wasn't expecting to know about Kuroko in whole this thing ... well not directly, but it's really impressive. Not to mention that you managed to explain why Aleister was interested in her first. Fortunately we got Kuroko and Oneeni back yay! I think that's what I liked about the whole chapter, I can only hope that the next book happen all what i missed about KuroMiko moments and of course Oneeni leaving aside the chapter and for to summary this book, only I have to say I'm impressed, I didn't expect the book to last a full year ... full of many original things. Overall it was great to see the way how the situation evolved throughout the book, although this book had more information than the previous book. I also liked how you were improving the action scenes ... I could notice that they were more fluent actions of the characters (and bloodiest XD). Romantic scenes?, well ... they were also much more natural and simple, but i alway can feel " the love in the air" ehem 6:
Of course all the funny scenes ... always they were ready in the best time in order to relax the situation or to make me laugh ... you really are an expert ... :D
On issues of drama type, I found some scenes very fantastic, I must say ... sometimes when you give too much power to the character, and afterward you appease it to conceal the "massive bomb" (final battle or climax) to the end I found it very shocking, but fortunately how you wrote all those scenes helped me to harmonize the material.
Congratulations for a great book and I wish you continue improving your skills, that's always important.
See you in the next book! :D
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 50 . 5/2/2014
I don't remember where I put "wow" in the begining of my review, but I right now is the best time to say ... "CRAP WOW", I know Kuroko has acquired power in this fic, but fought against the whole faction Kamojou?! A suicidal madness, too many powerful enemies (except Kamijou , who can be easily beaten WITHOUT ANY power hehehehe XD) ... well the fighting was extraordinary, despite some difficulties, most made it to my head, showing me top notch sequences ... but same time I must admit that the scenario was something far removed from the canon, which led me to certain shocks ... but I forgive you because the very "Stu#"$#"$" of the author is not able to give better details (ego and disrespectful mode: oN XD XD).
There were many things I liked in the chapter, for example see Kuroko using all her tools along the fight... it was almost like a dance, in some respects obviously omitting the part where she" kills them all." Also Shiage's attitude despite the critical situation , appealing to her merciful side and his faith in the girl who saved him before ... no matter if he finished as a miserable coward for his girl ehem X3. And ironically when she facing Kamijou, including the fun part of "bare punch against metal" (oooo so clever monkey! maybe next time you can try to stick your hands into the fire to see if you don't burn XD) I imagined his spine shivering hahahaha like a cartoon , of course the discussion between his views wasn't bad ... with sadness under all circumstances I agree with Kamijou, but I admit that the way in which Kuroko countered his ideas was quite interesting , especially the part of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth "(" I cannot sit here watching you hurt my friends " ... ehm but hey, they attacked me first ... in that part I imagine his face ... O_o SHIT ! we are the bad guys !) .
Of course there were times very serious too , as when she dropped the helmet ... I couldn't help feeling sorry for Misaka to such irony (that time... only that time) ... or when Kuroko was fully prepared to kill Kamijou ... I understand that the temptation is VERY BIG but between concern ( excitement , joy ) and suspense of whether she would do it with Misaka in the same place made me feel very nervous (well it's a overstated what I said, also i was saying do it do it do it 3) ... ! But thanks to Misaka (damn it 3) the tension low drastically whe she intervene and she finally admit her feelings ... but the answer is not as expected ... poor Kuroko . All that ended with an entirely mystical and sinister end and for what ? ... "Change the dirty diaper "
In summary a very complete episode, you really manage to convey many emotions to the reader ... really excellent work despite the sad ending D:
Take care!

PS: What was that feeling Awaki felt and she hidden in her thoughts, maybe when she fought Kuroko?
PS2: and where is Misaki at the time?, maybe she's doing a "rapidito" (or two) with Avon in a luxury hotel hahahaha XD
PS3: This chapter had many ironies, one of them was like Kuroko did the same thing that Oneeni save her loved one (seriously, the action was almost the same XD) and the other was Kuroko finally got what she wanted in previous episodes but sadly in a moment that she didn't want to ... sometimes you are a very, very bad girl with characters , don't you? 6:
PS4: This is the second one ... second dragon that Kuroko couldn't kill ...
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 49 . 5/2/2014
I know you said this, but as a fan I guess I have some benefits when writing a review, so ... Wow I didn't expect this chapter here, after all the war ... maybe it kills the thread in the story, but at the same time after the facts we know, serves like a comparative parallel.
I quite liked the chapter even though there is no progress in the story, but greatly satisfying my curiosity XD. I'll start by saying I don't feel sorry for Misaka ... but at least her thoughts were properly addressed during the chapter (especially with that erotic dream 6 :).
Another thing that i really loved was how you guide Misaka's feelings for Kamijou, of a way more natural than light novel ... from my point of view, I think it's possible to have admiration feelings for his heroism shown to some situation more than romantic feelings ... well it never lacks the typical crush on first sight, but given the interactions between them, it is clearly no romantic interest by Kamijou ... and for other side Kuroko, well I agree that the word sexy isn't for her , and I can agree with "cute", especially when she is showing her vulnerable side (80% cuter * o *).
Of course, the last part left me frozen ... to fight against Aleister?! somehow it sounds insane and now with this topic about "black knight" i can deduct a little fraction of what it will happen next ... certainly something too ironic.
I'm quite intrigued with the final chapters and thanks to my super delay I can read it whole together hehehe 6:. Well this chapter was very good and reflective ... ideal for changing the switch after so much war , information and action.
Take care !

PS : I admit I missed quite Saten with her jokes ... and even though her involvement was minimal in the chapter, she managed to make me laugh a lot XD
PS2 : Misaka... again? ... you haven't learned anything with that damn sentence: "She can take care of herself . "... you forgot what happened last time when you said that !
PS3 : Kuroko can kick Kamijou's ass in different ways and Kuro can disarm him like a puzzle ... I loved that hehehehe XD
PS4 : Mental image of her wedding ... to die laughing at the presence of her Sisters XD hehehe ... less Oneeni TTxTT ( shit and I feel sad again)
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 48 . 5/2/2014
Finally, I believed that i would die in ignorance before the war ended ... but I'm glad that something ... something stays into my head hehehehe. Well the episode starts with the presentation of the real villain hidden under all this war in Russia ... I must say that when I read the name of Rasputin I was shocked and very fascinated by your always good research on character ... excellent detail and organization of material to contextualize in history ... one of your best qualities when integrating external material (good job girl XD), although I must say it gave me a bit of nostalgia because you made me think of the disney movie (Anastasia) XD if even i listened to a song the movie hehehehe.
Something I really liked was seeing as Kuroko met Prizrak and their fighting ... despite Kuroko's state ... loses all her shine when she is in her zombie mode (curse you Misaka with all my strength , although I must say that in this state Kuroko reminds me to Berserker from Fate/zero, thus fighting! d) ... but I laughed with Prizrak strategy to focus Kuroko's attack path ...
Finally the final confrontation, which I think was a classic to classic, with Rasputin's evil monologue included XD and the hopeful message, hidden in Kuroko's armor (officially she is a mobile radio XD) before a short but intense fight... I was impressed with the whole scene and for a moment I thought Kuroko would die until that I remembered about three chapters missing XD. Fortunately all ended with the joy of all except for Kuroko, I really hope you can fix this problem before the end of Book 6:
I was a very long and intense chapter, but I really loved your details.
Take care!

PS: Raputin in an acid bath, in some way it's a little sinister the punishment hehehehe (and the worst thing is I'm laughing at the thought P: )

PS2: A strong between lines ... for a side she is compelled to save Kamijou ... Aleister is a piece of shit as I hated him with all my being and on the other side she had to destroy a representation of something that insults your unbelief ... it was very ironic for her, especially the meaning behind of that moment.
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 47 . 5/2/2014
Wow ... this chapter was a very versatile for me, I didn't understand some situations and maybe that made me down a bit my enthusiasm, but I guess the essence is important thing (thinking about a particular girl ... essence :D ...). I liked the way how you wrote the situation of Kuroko, you showed her situation since a the outside perspective... well after the first part, the moment you used to guide us in this chapter..
Personally I get depressed quite see how Kuroko fight that way so ... suicide especially when she rescued Tabigake ... it really wasn't the best impression to her future father in law (bad Kuroko, first rule is not to worry about fashion things over your limbs of body D:).
Poor Misaka's dad, he naively believes his daughter isn't to blame ... (curse you Misaka /!) ... but anyway ... Soon we reach the end, it really excites me to know about the topic of this third war and if Kuroko participate in front lines instead of being an secret agent acting from the shadows.
I really liked the comment of Ivan to Prizrak: “you have unleashed a demon upon us” and Prizrak says with a troll face: “i’m sorry but … I’m a buddhist” hahahaha really funny and the other thing in the last part ... who the hell that this mystery man?, will be a character invented or pertaining to the original work?
Take care and I sorry for the short review 6:

PS: Birini Misuzu? ... that's her real maiden name ... or it was some kind of joke relating with Misaka nicknamed "biri biri"
PS2: It was amazing to imagine all that action with your detailed descriptions, really wow :O, it lacked only the music in my head, it was like a zombie destroying everything ... Kuroko seems to be possessed ... A DAMN ZOMBIE POSSESSED!.
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 46 . 5/2/2014
I feel very sad (and to read the chapter with the song "Tatta hitotsu no houhou" didn't help me much D:) ... why this happened?!, It's unfair, I really liked Oneeni she was a wonderful character, much better than the original ... why, but why did she have to die?! and of that way so raw and instantly, without a goodbye ... well ... the only consolation was she died for her important girl (and she massacred whole group of bastards) ...
When I read the chapter, I thought "what kind of mission will be this time?" for a moment I thought it would be an routine episode, but after tremendous scene ... I discovered how naive I was and very bad thankful, I never missed you so much a routine episode as at this time. I hope you don't misinterpret what I'm saying, I have enjoyed pre episodes, but always when the "argument" is repeated over time becomes a bit monotonous ... but I guess that didn't happen in this story.
Objectively the chapter was pretty good, emotional from beginning to end despite idiots like Marshall and Aiwass, they really enjoy teasing Kuroko ... but the last part really shocked me... the meaning behind Kuroko's words, to waive her life ... use the battlefield in order to die, really unfortunate.
Mmm I can understand why you were always warning us and I really appreciate it ... and yet I cannot be upset with you, because I'm pretty sure you've been the most affected by this ... connect with the characters that you create show a great passion and commitment with their work and that is very admirable.
An excellent chapter, full of deep feelings that reach readers.
Take care

PS: It is very true what you said about Kamijou, that idiot hits the bad guy and then he neglects with bad guy future actions, not even he calls anti-skill (if the guy is an esper) ...
PS2: But what the hell was that thing that came out of the rosary!?
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 45 . 5/2/2014
Ok... I have to admit this chapter was hard to read to me, really when there is great detail I get lost easily and reading becomes a bit boring for me (curse my deep ... # $ # D:) ... well despite my limitation ... i could enjoy some things. First the small moments of Kuro and Oneeni ... quite short, but full of deep meanings especially in the moment where the fic is ... almost like the old war films ...
How ever a complex strategy to solve an equally complex situation, trying to give the best result for Kuroko ... that's very impressive and also a little fantastic, from my point of view ... sometimes I think a little of the irony of this situation ... "to be able to save so many people and not being able to save herself," just sad (sigh) ... well i hope everything better, or I want to believe that, after I read Kuro optimism when she saw how Shiro intervenes in the situation. A really amazing scene (Shiro I miss you too! TTxTT). An interesting work leaves me with more suspense.
Take care!

PS: Marshall you’re a son of bitch what kind of joke was that acronym?! ... I'm glad Kuro hit him, but she have to hit his mouth instead his stomach
PS2: Oneeni, cute but naive girl ... Don't you know you can say "I love you" with your eyes as well? (sees with eyes of love imagining the person I love) especially a sexy wink (kitten meow XD!)
PS3: I liked the Kuro gave priority to her actions ... to do something against her nature for Shiro... it was really touching, even though in the end she gave in to her limitations ...
Lady Poison Dreams chapter 44 . 5/2/2014
Well afterward a long break (my big lie of the day 6:), I finally can reading. When I knew about a new mission, I must admit I felt a bit of disappointment... too many and complicated explanations came to my head ... besides I thought after so many missions maybe you 'd fall in the monotony ... I was wrong, very wrong and it was a real relief.I quite liked that you add humor fact in the chapter because it cooled the situation and explanations especially when they reach action scene ... I couldn't stop laughing when i imagined Kuro being interrupted by Oneeni and her capricious pouts ... super cute, adding Elizard phrase to kill passions hahahahaha XD.
Something that surprised me was Elizard's attitude... i didn't expecting such intentions at the end of episode ... it changed my way see her in a second ... from a friendly and relaxed queen, to a selfish bitch ... well because of she's bad ... the misfortune happens, making me laugh again (seriously a sword in each arm, only two possibilities how did she choose the wrong option?! ... if it's such an important sword must emphasize enough hehehehe Elizard needs glasses and tablets to the memory 3) ... definitively the best between lines :3.
It is changing the theme and mood ... I was worried about Kuroko, her fighting style was reckless and very suicidal, her depression worse and when she refused to change with Kuro could be a fatal decision ... by the way, why Shiro must kiss Oneeni to change Kuro Kuro? ... before Kuro could change herself automatically ... that confused me a lot ._.'' . I hope Kuroko comes back to normal soon ... such depression is making me feel sad too ... not to mention the situation doesn't improve, this really doesn't give me good vibes.
Take care!

PS: Oneeni and Kuro need more lovey-dovey moments… that's the only within much violence and war D:…
PS2: Laura's face when she saw Kuroko took the sword and then ridden the horse... it was hilarious... especially to imagined her actions with that loooong hair (tangled mode:on)
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