Reviews for Ned Stark Lives! Part 2
99thProblem chapter 29 . 6/5
Hope Cersei gets skewered by a wight someday
99thProblem chapter 23 . 6/4
Jon you idiot that's the biggest TIFU of the north
99thProblem chapter 21 . 6/4
Wow I get that Arya is not quiet right in the head but Catelyn should have been way less supportive. She is very OOC this chapter.
99thProblem chapter 1 . 6/4
Arya the fuck is wrong with you u crazy mofo
TMI Fairy chapter 4 . 4/8
1 - Looking at the map I would forward the thesis that Harrenhall and The Twins are at opposite ends of the Riverlands.
2 - the Faith's armed orders were disbanded by the Targaryens, so "Targaryen warrior religious orders" is a misleading term ...
3 - I suppose that in this AU by now the debt has changed. Nevertheless I think the canon figures for Robert's debt were: Lannisters - 3M, banks Faith Tyrrels almost another 3M.
4 - the gold under the tarpaulin reminds me of a certain novel set in the Far East around the First Opium War :)
5 - I liked the trick with the gold - "her is your payment and now fuck off".
6 - I like how you portrayed Cersei - barking mad she is!
7 - I'm not a fan of ninjas and other assassins who make one wonder who come they do NOT rule the world if they can slip in everywhere and anytime. This was a let down.
Otherwise a fine chapter and an entertaining read.
anand891996 chapter 6 . 2/5
so much of pointless drama... the first half of the hot pie chapter is basically pointless...
Guest chapter 23 . 12/4/2016
Jon is way OOC in your story. I think I'm going to stop reading now.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/4/2016
I don't think he's a bastard. Targaryen's have married more than one woman in the past and could have married Lyanna via the old gods for example.
Guest chapter 5 . 12/2/2016
Ghost bounced around and looked from one to the other and then yapped and growled and then whined a bit.

"He wants Jon," Robb said.

"Aye," Ned replied. "Then let's not disappointed him. Time to go."

I loved this section with Ghost and Jon reuniting.

I do think that Jon is behaving a bit OOC though; in the Watch, he became commanding and forceful, yet you have him almost hiding behind his father and taking orders from him.
Guest chapter 10 . 12/2/2016
Arya is too OOC. She's only 11, she wouldn't be in love or even really understand it. And he wouldn't be in love with a little girl.
Guest chapter 2 . 12/1/2016
So, Ned thinks Jon is a bastard? I don't believe that's the case.

There is no way that there would be Kingsguard, including the legendary Ser Arthur Dayne, guarding the Prince's mistress and bastard child.
Redery chapter 9 . 11/29/2016
Waited for this chapter sooo long. Finally Jon Snow, Lord Commander to fix all that is wrong... at least until his men kill him lol. Was Slynt actually part of the books or just tv? Because Jon had to execute the baby murderer to show his men to obey him.

Honestly like Val more than Rosalin. She's just any pretty southern lady, but Val is at least a fighter.

Samwell Tarly, bane of the White Walkers. Fat, useless, in love with the first girl to ever talk to him, but only man in the world to kill two white walkers lol. I love Sam.
Redery chapter 8 . 11/29/2016
I love this story lol.
Hope nothing happens to Robb or his wolf.
Stupid Lord of Bones and the other wildlife why would you fight each other when there is something out there to kill you all
Redery chapter 7 . 11/29/2016
Yes! Awesome chapter! Didn't think you'd actually do the faceless against red woman thing lol. Can't wait to see her fall she's completely wretched.
Redery chapter 6 . 11/28/2016
Interesting choice for the p.o.v. Though have to say half the chapter felt like filler and unnecessary, but the second half made up for it. The Mountain needs to die. Preferably by the Hound's blade.
Stupid red woman, now she knows Gendry has the King's blood. Someone needs to hire a faceless to end her before she mucks up the seven kingdoms even more. Honestly, her lord of light sounds like the lord of darkness they're always going on about
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