Reviews for Ned Stark Lives! Part 2
Altzelic chapter 50 . 11/23
Such an amazingly written story
kkeenergirl chapter 50 . 8/8
I loved part one. I loved that Ned lived which causes it's own chain reaction. Part 2 was harder to read. I know the more sci fi aspect of others and wights are required for this story but I'm not a fan of that storyline so it's dry and long winded. for me. I'm looking forward to part 3 though. I'm starting it now.
jltavare chapter 50 . 3/29
Wonderful story and writing!
Jaezmyn chapter 20 . 3/2
Goodness, I'm seriously disappointed with Arya's arc. Her father and brothers are fighting for their lives, for the lives of the entire realm and all she can think about is becoming a woman and having her betrothal broken? This impulsive idiot is not someone I'm ever going to be a fan of.
Jaezmyn chapter 10 . 2/29
Repetition of the facts is not to be done so many times. It gets tedious to read. And this girly way of thinking is so not Arya, despite her different experiences. Also, she's 11, what would she know of marriage and commitment - this part of the story is only tiresome to get through. I don't mind the pairing, I'd like it more if she were at least a teenager when it happened - they could've stayed friends. Also Arya worrying about the danger at the Wall only because Gendry is going? Not done. Catelyn's double standard is sooo... I get that filler chapters happen but this one was really boring considering it was just about Gendry leaving and not much else happening.
Jaezmyn chapter 4 . 2/27
I can't believe I actually felt sorry for Cersei only for her to turn around and blame only Tyrion when she was completely on board with his decision earlier. So like her. You captured most of the characters' traits so well.
areviewer chapter 10 . 2/13
I know that this story is finished...but I need to say it. I just don't understand why you're forcing this Arya-Gendry thing this way. It would have been fine if they secretly had feelings and kept it from everyone, but you've got them openly acting like lovers, and it's everyone's reactions that bothers me. They're all grinning and smirking and winking to the point where it would be comical if it didn't completely kill the atmosphere of the story. Hell, even if Gendry was highborn, their conduct and the subsequent reactions of those around them makes no sense. It is so odd for people to treat them like husband and wife.
I know that you said your decisions for this arc was influenced by your feelings towards your own daughters, but a good author should put aside his own morals and convictions for the sake of the story. All these people are a product of their time, and they should be acting as such. It's like they're all behaving completely medieval right up until it's about Arya and Gendry, then they're all suddenly in 2020.
And then there's the whole creepy vibe of a grown man waiting for a 10 year to hit puberty so he can bed her. God, I feel sort of dirty just writing that out, I can only imagine how furious Catelyn should be. And although 10 and 15 are only 5 years apart, there is an astronomical difference in maturity, both physically and mentally. It just makes absolutely no sense, and it kills the immersion, which is a shame because the rest of the story is fantastic, and it's evident you did research to keep it accurate, believable, and detailed. It makes me want to skip Arya and Gendry chapters, but I can't since they're both great characters otherwise and I enjoy their POV.
All you had to do was not rush into their relationship, keep it hidden and when it did come out make the reactions of the other characters more reluctant, and it would have been fine. Alas, I guess no story can be perfect. I'll just pull out my suspension of disbelief so I can enjoy the rest of the story.
yeah chapter 14 . 12/12/2019
...cersei just died...does she understand anything like the fact that her brother rules the rock and none of the lords of the west have no love for her? she will die for this
yeah chapter 11 . 12/12/2019 are talking some mad shit for someone in crusading distance
yeah chapter 2 . 12/12/2019
ı never understood the trust in the wall. It is a static defence. Like in the magic side of things it wasnt upgraded for dozens of milenia while night king had the same amount to work with his magic to find a solution. It wouldnt be a strecth to think he would have found a way to destroy the wall.
Guest chapter 50 . 10/13/2019
I love this story. Thank you for writing it. Now I go on to part 3
Guest chapter 42 . 7/8/2019
I know that this story is long finished, but I have to comment. I don't believe Sansa would ever be in love with the Hound. I know some people ship these two, but its as improbable as Sansa falling for Littlefinger.

Aside from this I think your story is quiet good. One last thing. I don't see Lyanna choosing Rheagar over Robert if he didn't marry her. One of her problems with Robert is that he would never remain faithful to her. So why would dhe choose that same thing from Rheagar?
ZenJack chapter 37 . 5/26/2019
Norren? Self insert? WTF
ZenJack chapter 35 . 5/26/2019
Theon's a cunt. I hate him.
themirrorminder.372259 chapter 50 . 2/23/2019
SO excited to see what happens next with Arya and Gendry. What BRILLIANT writing and plot work, kudos to you for doing such an amazing job! :D
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