Reviews for One Shocking Surprise Series
NarutoKushina chapter 146 . 5/21
Really good one, that is a prank Naruto would be happy to tell everyone about especially with how it ended for him and the pranksters.
NarutoKushina chapter 145 . 5/21
Good one, all three got what they had coming to them for trying to put him in a Genjutsu not they complained though.
NarutoKushina chapter 144 . 5/21
Damn those are some really hot costumes they showed off for him. So they showed up to the party a day late I am guessing.
NarutoKushina chapter 143 . 5/21
Good one I bet the report goes to Jiraiya before it goes to Tsunade.
bankai777 chapter 146 . 5/16
Naruto finally got pranked.
bankai777 chapter 145 . 5/16
It looks like that Naruto would be a great interrogator.
bankai777 chapter 144 . 5/16
One can only imagine the fun they had.
bankai777 chapter 143 . 5/16
I wonder what Kakashi wrote in his report.
Tenma Sosei chapter 146 . 5/16
Hmm, that was interesting. I was confused at first at what was happening but soon caught on. That was awesome!
snake1980 chapter 146 . 5/15
man great job on this one shot. and nice picks of the girls I cant wait to see what u do for the next oneshot.
snake1980 chapter 144 . 5/15
man what costumes the girls had wish I was in naruto place.
DocSlendy chapter 142 . 5/2
Oh, how fun I do hope you do more! Like with Karui!
troutman30 chapter 142 . 3/15
Nice series, a few basic set ups, a little repetitive at times but I think that's because I read it all in one night, if I had read them as they came out it would have a better read. Spread out over time the previous stories wouldn't have been so fresh in my mind.
I enjoyed the stories with the lesser know characters and Winry, wouldn't mind a Yuffie or a Tifa or even a Ginny and a Lucy thrown in.
troutman30 chapter 138 . 3/15
Funny I was just trying to think of someone who hadn't made in into this series and up pops Mabui, I don't remember her appearing as a participant.
Is there anyone left? Oh wait, there's that old lady adviser. I can't remember if she's Udons grandmother or Moegis.
Good luck coming up with a scenario for her!
troutman30 chapter 136 . 3/15
Nice subterfuge, Hinata at the wishing well had me thinking Hinata all the way!
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