Reviews for Louder Than Thunder
Guest chapter 39 . 7/12
Keep strong and stay healthy nothing it's more important than you, your tranquility of mind body and soul greetings from Peru ;) Angie
yeliel123 chapter 39 . 4/28
I think a lot of people can relay to that. I'm glad to read that you're feeling better, hope you'll find all your spark back to do anything you want in your life! People are still here because your writing touched them, it touched me and believe me I'm a Klaroline junkie, I'm addicted and missing them so much that I've read almost everything on fanfiction and I can tell you that your writing is one of my favorites, I love it. I'm not saying this to put pressure on you to continue the story, you take your time and even if you never finish it it's okay ;) Sending you a lot of love from France 3
LonelyAnne chapter 39 . 4/23
I'm glad you're doing better now and you got the help you needed! I know what it's like to go through all that; anxiety, depression, wanting to commit suicide (hence my name), it can get really bad and make you feel numb, as if you don't know who you are anymore.
So this break you took was well needed and I'm happy that you were able to renew yourself again and get the well needed rest and support!
Stay strong and know that your readers, like myself, support and love you!
As always, I'll patiently keep waiting for your next update!
SusanSmile chapter 39 . 4/11
Welcome back, sweetheart! I have unsubscribed many klaoline stories last year, but not yours;) I'm gonna read this story all over again!
I'm proud of your achievement! You are the strongest!
Take care 3
xXevanderXx chapter 39 . 4/10
Love you, so happy you are back on and part of the family again.
TwilightHybrid chapter 39 . 4/10
Glad to see you're doing well. And take your time, we're still here and we'll be here when start back writing. RL can get to you sometimes and if you need a break, we completely understand. Just take your time until you feel as though you're ready to write again. Thanks for the explanation. And Update when you can!
Ashleighxx chapter 39 . 4/9
I'm so glad that your okay now! Your health and well being is the most important factor to focus on.
Love and cwtches :)
AngelOfMusic44 chapter 39 . 4/9
I know what you are feeling... anxiety can be crippling. But we can't let it stop us. And you didn't. I know i dont really know you, but im proud of you and am honored that you chose to share your struggles with us.
Keep your head up hun, cuz i swear, there are rainbows and sunshine out there!
Sakuraraestar chapter 39 . 4/9
Don't worry. Take your time.
LonelyAnne chapter 38 . 1/2
Finally had a chance to catch up and I'm glad I did, it was great! Lol, Kol and his perfect moments of interruption! Can't wait to see what's up
Land on the stars chapter 16 . 10/12/2016
Wow Adelaide tortured Jean - someone she loves like a daughter - just so she could tell her about what happened. Now I know that people will do whatever they want to know stuff, but what Adele did just seems plain selfish to me. She seemed to hate doing it but still did it even though Jean didn't want to say anything. Sometimes things are too painful for people to talk about and her torturing Jean just because she wanted to know something rubs me the wrong way. Not that I don't like Adele or anything, this just feels weird. Especially when they hugged it out.
Land on the stars chapter 4 . 10/12/2016
Did she become a hybrid because she drank Klaus's blood before Tyler stabbed her in the heart? And since the council from the other side sent her back in time they had to change her into something else just to balance it out since she just got a stake in the heart?
Klebekah1998 chapter 38 . 8/20/2016
This story is awesome, I love are very talented and you worked a lot to do such good chapters and thank you for that, you are aweome.I love all the relationships between the characters but I love will al my heart the brother-sister relationship between Klaus and Rebekah.I was hoping that you will add some scenes with them in your story because I love it and I wish I could read more scenes about them from will be so awesome if Rebekah will get the cure and be you.
Ellavm18 chapter 38 . 7/18/2016
thanks for the update
brighteyescoldheart chapter 38 . 7/7/2016
Please update asap! So hooked! I've spent the last week reading this and I need more! How long until Caroline makes it back to her time?
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