Reviews for Denial
Cecilia'sNotebook chapter 34 . 4/13
Absolutely amazing and charming story! I love, love this to bits!
Nine Bright Shiners chapter 31 . 3/26
I really enjoyed seeing a more gentle, vulnerable side to Cordelia here. It was very good of her to let go of her spite and hurt, and agree to divorce two months early, even though it inconvenienced her. I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback by the way Snape had spied on her with her lover, and made copies of her private correspondence - this chapter has made Cordelia a much more sympathetic character for me. However, I am glad that at last Hermione and Severus will be free to marry if they so choose. I really liked the scenes in which you built up to their confession of their love for each other, and you showed brilliantly how love brings pain because of the growing fear that all will not be well. I was pleased to see Neville take off after Luna at last - and I admire the practicality of many of your characters in unhappy marriages, who stay married until they find a new spouse - such an arrangement is realistic in such circumstances.
Nine Bright Shiners chapter 27 . 3/25
Wow! - Severus' reaction to Theo's return was quite something! I was blushing all over and sitting on the edge of my seat. A great story so far, I've been reading it madly for the last two days, and will be loathe to finish it. I think you understand the two main characters well: I was struck by Severus's reflection that he had momentarily been 'guilty of the worst crime possible: wearing one's heart on one's sleeve' - this was a terrifically observed insight into his character.

You also portray the progression in their relationship convincingly - and I especially loved the opening scenes showing Hermione's former classmates - it was so interesting to see the interactions between them all. It was great to see Draco so charmingly naughty - and I loved how he and Susan are getting along so well together. The detail of Susan not being bothered about Draco's flirting at the ball was marvelous - it was brilliant to see a woman so sure of her husband's faithfulness, and of her own worth as his life's chosen partner.

I am very pleased to see Hermione portrayed as an assertive character - you've balanced her self-confidence issues about herself as a person, and her simultaenous recognition of her self-worth very well. I also love how Padma is Hermione's best friend - I can really see the two of them clicking. Perhaps one of the few things that I personally feel could be changed for the better is the character of Cordelia. I thought the twist when Severus' new wife was revealed to be Theo's mother worked wonderfully - but I think her obsession with appearances is a little flat. I would like to see some more depth to her. Theo, on the whole, seems a bit more convincing to me, but again, he could be a deeper and more sympathetic character, I feel, even if that makes the morality of things a bit less clear cut. Just a brief scene or two with Cordelia and Theo showing real emotional vulnerability would have been wonderful.

However, a return to more of the many things I enjoyed: I loved Lance from the moment you introduced him, which is rare for me when it is an OC character (it helps that I have a fondness for the name). Moe is great too. I thought some of your dialogue was brilliant e.g. 'Your words, not mine' (from quite a few chapters earlier, I forget which one exactly). Thanks for this story, I look forward to reading the rest of it.
Jonia chapter 34 . 3/21
Loved, LOVED this story! VERY well done. Thank you!
Lwx chapter 2 . 3/16
Severus is already married and Hermione is about to. So unfortunately no matter how well it's written I will have to back out of this one.
Michi-Dae chapter 7 . 3/11
I named my dog Tony Blair, after the guy. Really. Its embarassing, I was a kid, heard his name on the tv, held the little dog above my head and said, 'You shall be Tony Blair.'
Kids, sigh...
Perry Downing chapter 8 . 3/11
"Surely that was the only reason he was so thoroughly vexed by the sight of their embrace?" Keep telling yourself that, Snape . . .
Perry Downing chapter 5 . 3/11
What a marvelous twist! Should she become Mrs. Nott I suspect the corridors at the Snape/Nott residence will see quite a bit of traffic in the wee hours.
Blue night fairy chapter 34 . 2/13
A lovely story with a beautiful ending!
Vena Grey chapter 34 . 1/27
I've only been reading SSHG for about a month - this story was the first Marriage Law piece I've read, and I honestly wish it wasn't, because your take on this is very clever and well-actuated. It's easy to see why it won all the awards it did. This breaks fairly cleanly into three parts, the dividers as I see it being Theo leaving and the start of their actual affair - of the three, the first part was probably my favourite, as the Belgrave Square setup was genius and (being a reformed Dramione fan) I thoroughly enjoyed your Draco and also how you fleshed out Padma, Neville, and the others. The scene where Severus is warning Hermione about why she shouldn't marry Theo was among the most compelling parts of the story, and as much as I wanted to slap Hermione I also found myself relating to her very strongly. And good heavens. Lance. I don't even know where to begin, he's BRILLIANT.

I did find Severus in particular to be a little OOC once Hermione returned from her trip, but not distractingly so. He seemed more like Mr. Darcy than himself. That said, that's a bit of a subjective interpretation on my part, and it wasn't distracting as the two of them have a fair amount in common anyway. As for Hermione - the last novel-length piece I read was Pet Project by Caeria, and after that story, Hermione being so forward felt a little strange to me. But again, it wasn't distracting, and it made sense in the context she's in with this story. Her emotions being haywire were a totally normal reaction, and goodness knows sometimes forward or brash behaviour follows an emotional storm like she experienced. Her explanation to Severus about why she really went into potions was another of my favourite scenes. You develop their relationship extraordinarily well, and truthfully, I appreciated that you didn't go overboard with the sex - the slow progression of their relationship is what makes this story shine.

All the best in your publisher hunt! x
hazelbytes chapter 1 . 1/18
hi i am so sososososososo happy this is back up :D I read it in 2009 and tried finding it a couple of years ago to re-read and I am just over the moon that I can now :)
SweetJane72 chapter 34 . 1/8
I have been reading this story during every spare moment that I have had over the past week, and I am extremely sad that I just finished it. This plot was very different from the other marriage law fics that I have read, and I found its uniqueness quite satisfying. All in all, I loved it.
anonblush chapter 34 . 1/5
I just wanted to say that this is probably one of the best takes on the marriage law concept that I have ever seen. Thank you so much!
Chryslovesand chapter 1 . 1/4
I want you to know that this story moved me to tears... not something that Harry Potter fanfiction has EVER done. Hermione and Snape have never been a favorite pairing of mine, my love for Hermione and Draco stories are always on my top list of things to read... but Denial... Wow. I'm still reeling...

Thank you for sharing... and thanks for making me super emotional. lol :)
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 34 . 1/4
I think this is a beautifully written fic :)
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