Reviews for Denial
LePoufsouffle chapter 34 . 4/20
Had to leave you a review as I just loved this story. Read it a while back and have spent the last couple days enjoying it once again. Yes your leads are a little OOC but for me that's the main point of fanfic, playing with these characters and seeing where else we can take them. Your scene the night of the ball and roof garden tryst was just breathtaking, loved it, I was right there with them! This was a real slow burn of a story but also moved at a satisfying pace, provided plenty of plot, no dull moments or pointless, annoying cliffhangers. I'd have actually preferred you to make a bit more of the sexy scenes since you prepped them so beautifully, they seemed to be over a little quickly once they got down to it! But that's in no way a criticism, just my opinion! Finally, it was gratifying to read a SSHG story that was non-school based, with them a little older but still retaining the dynamic we all love! Excellent job and thank you for sharing this story. I wish you well in your search for publication of your original work. Xx
iCanGrammar chapter 19 . 4/19
AUNT JEMIMA IS THE NAME OF A PANCAKE MIX AYYYY and also i would've given you raving reviews if it wasn't for the fact that i didn't want to have to stop reading. This is so great!

Imwaiting4myAliceandEdward chapter 34 . 3/20
I LOVED this story! The development of your characters was well thought out and the progression of Hermione and Severus' relationship was well timed: not too fast, not too slow. Lance was probably my favorite character, but I enjoyed how you portrayed every character. Thank you for sharing this story and I was so glad I got to read it! A favorite.
nymeria28 chapter 34 . 3/19
I glad you decided to re-upload this story. I never had the chance to read the original piece. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon this story while feeling the loss of Alan Rickman. Not many Marriage stories work out for my taste. I agree with not having so much smut chapters though it is appealing, but there is only so many times you can talk about a pulsing shaft, or perky nips, am I right? lol This was a wonderful story, I liked the detailed build up of all their relationships and where they all ended up. I look forward to reading more of your stories.
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 34 . 3/14
Overall this story had an interesting start, but was unable to keep my attention. The characters that I truly loved were Lance and Draco. Lance was the life of the party and so was Draco.
Unfortunately, our main heroes were not up to par for what I usually enjoy.

The story is still good. I would recommend it. It just wasn't my cup of tea.
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 33 . 3/14
A bit dramatic. Hermione always seemed to misunderstand the situation and think of the worse - although I'm gonna blame it on a stressful situation overall and her unexpected pregnancy.
This story so far has seem to be about trying to make Snape feel bad and just cling to Hermione. So many misfortune occurs and they all have Snape being thankful for Hermione or realizing that he needs her.
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 32 . 3/11
HAHAHAH...I hated this chapter and desperately was waiting to finish to post this review.

Hermione is stupid. She is thoughtless, negative and still doesn't trust Snape. I realize his note was short and vague to the point of annoying, but like Padma said...she was irrational. I extremely disliked this chapter.
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 27 . 3/11
oh no! What ever shall she do?
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 26 . 3/11
*maniacal laughter*
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 25 . 3/11
I sat there terrified that Theo would walk in on them
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 24 . 3/11
I love this chapter! To see Theo's perspective is *insert angel's singing*
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 23 . 3/11
I'm excited to see how Theo will react and what his response will be like
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 22 . 3/11
uh...we went back to an airhead of a hermione.
careless snape...ruining the potion just because he wanted a kiss. i don't find that believable.
Hermione...dealing with her guilt that quickly and then returning back like that...nah
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 19 . 3/11
oh ho! terrible me wants to know how theo would react if hermione made his ring burn, but...for some sad reason i do not think she would do that .
uyen.dinh.90 chapter 18 . 3/11
I wonder how Hermione will react if the ring burns and if she will be working on a potion when it does burn.
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