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Raynor Zeraph chapter 33 . 5/2
sorry about that last comment, my phone must have opened in my pocket. I'm sad to say I finally read all that you have so far, and it's left a space about three hours wide in my day. I mean... I read a lot, regardless of what I have available to read, but since starting this story about a week ago, I simply couldn't stop. amazing. simply amazing. wonderfully lengthy descriptions, characters that have good personalities, and I love your take on zimxgaz. please, please, please give me more! :b
Raynor Zeraph chapter 29 . 5/1
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Mureena chapter 34 . 4/23
I gravitate to read this story again and again when I end up in foul mood and it it always helps. I think the count I have read this story is getting near 10 already. Will wait for new stuff forever.
SonicMario33 chapter 24 . 3/2

I take it Zim isn't a fan of My Little Pony.
Guest chapter 34 . 2/3
I find this story truly original and satisfying.
MrSlendy69 chapter 34 . 1/26
You're awesome dude i love your work, just keep doin whatcha do!
Guest chapter 34 . 1/22
Hey andyH.

First , I love this story. The extensive character development of all of characters, the romance between zim and gaz and the exstensive detail you put in this story just makes it a glorious masterpiece. Second I'm extremely grateful that despite your hardships you are still working on the story.
Finally I know that you can get through this and I will keep you in my prayers
somebody to everyone chapter 9 . 1/21
God I love extensive chapters! It'll take months to read this whole thing, but it's so great and sweet and incredibly well-written! I wouldn't want to finish in the end! Thank you for writing this excellent fic! GO DATR!
Rubius chapter 34 . 1/18
I hear ya brother, I also have autism and totally get what you're saying. It's hard trying to do stuff when jerks think your normal.
Zhilo chapter 34 . 1/17
Ah, so thats why I hadnt heard of you in a while. It sucks, but I understand that life just isnt fair. Hope you are doing better now and in the future, and I shall continue to be patient in the wait for your works.
Annorah chapter 34 . 1/19
Take your time, simply as that. When you finally manage to end this great story, most of us will be here to read it. I am quite patient, and I dare to think that so are the rest of the reviewers. Health first, dear.

Please, take good care of yourself. I wish you the best!
Darkness Protects chapter 34 . 1/18
Hope you feel better and get out of your Funk as other older generation would call it. And i know how it feels like to have people expect a lot out of you, i may not know 20 years of it but i know a good portion of my life (whole childhood) was dedicated to my Father making it a literary living hell, do this, don't do this, open the door for anyone, treat a lady with respect, ya know the usual gentlemen like mind set. And he expected me to get grades higher then a B hell at times he wanted straight As something i couldn't do and i ended up on the business end of a wooden paddle for Fs and maybe a low D and still to this day hated him for all this but i still love him in a family sense mainly cause he raised me right in a way. Friends leaving you, its to be expected (not meaning to put you down or anything) but this can be interpreted as one or two things (or more cause i don't see how else) it can be interpreted as 1.) they have so much things to do and so many things at once they simply forgot (not meant in a bad way I'm sorry if it is) or 2) they moved on now i know this from personal experience cause i had 'friends' that were there then after gradual progression just left and i learned to cope and this had its own negative effect on me, i started to become that wallflower that ANYONe even the most kind can hate for no reason. And i read your Fic and it inspired me to write one in the near future and I'm glad to say yo impacted a lot of people probably inspired a lot of writers as well so don't let the thoughts of others bother you, if they end up hating on your and being an all around asshat clown sniffing douche bag simpleton dick just shows you're doing something right and keep doing what your doing you have readers here that will wait patiently for you (i hope) waiting for you to update and i bet you all of you followers (atlas a good chunk) took time to read this cause i read the whole thing and i understand the pain all be it a small amount but i still do and i hope your life turns out better cause everyone deserves their shot at happiness cause i sure as hell missed over 10 shots and its no longer gunna bother with me anymore. Just keep up your way of life don't let anyone tell you otherwise just for the fact you have Autism and don't let anyone say otherwise were all unique and its best to not let Society's norms dictate how you act cause those that do end up as the most hatred filled little puss bags of death you will ever meet and i face those idiots everyday. Have a good life and peace out and i hope you do better
The One Who Reads Too Much chapter 34 . 1/18
I'm sad to hear about people being jerks, but I'm happy to hear a great person hasn't died, regardless of whether or not you continue the story (which I'm also happy to hear might one day be completed).

People might say to just ignore them and move on, but I know just how badly those types get under your skin without even knowing about it, popping up in your thoughts even months later. So instead, find a funny picture or comic or something on the Internet and whenever your thoughts turn to them, look at that and remember some happier times instead.
memmek10k chapter 34 . 1/17
I know your pain, I myself have disabilities and a long list of them. so if you need any support let me know. and thank you for updating by the way.
The Super Saiyan Fox chapter 34 . 1/17
Good to hear from ya bro. And I hope things go better for you in the future. Life can definitely suck at some times, that much is very true :T
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