Reviews for Don't Leave Me
Kribble the Mighty chapter 7 . 3/23
Lots better. The dynamic looks much more like the show (even if it is weird that Gaz is calling someone friend unironically), and the characters are quite well written. Good job. :D
Kribble the Mighty chapter 5 . 3/23
Gaz... is too nice. That's the thing I notice most about this chapter. While most of the other characters are pretty good, Gaz is just too nice to Zim. Now, I respect that she's undergone some development in the past years, but she doesn't seem like herself :/. Not sure what you can do about that, though; just throwing it out there.
Guest chapter 33 . 3/19
I hope you haven't given up on this story its one of my favorites hope to see some updates soon, also I hope there will be some conflict coming soon(if you continue it that is) maybe the resisty attack or something
Thean Crow chapter 9 . 2/23
god i love this
bobjones1284 chapter 18 . 2/16
loving the story so far, just one thing: in this chapter, when first landing on dirt, you mentioned that zim had put a clever little reference to something in the messages that were to be sent to the people controlling the place. now, because i am a moron, i have absolutely no idea what it was in reference to. mind providing a minor explanation for what's going on there? apologies for being such an ignorant person.
Guest chapter 33 . 2/10
great to hear from you again in regards to this story. I loved it. Please do not take to long for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 33 . 2/8
I'm not sure if I should be happy you put a chapter out, or angry that it took you so long.
Crow The Mad chapter 33 . 2/8
Great chapter as usual, and I agree with your author's note. I'm not trying to sound rude or demanding but waiting months between updates is a bit daft, so I advise coming up with a solid writing schedule that allows for those moments where life throws you a curve ball yet still lets you update in a timely fashion.
SerenaTheHedgehog chapter 33 . 2/8
An interesting use of analogy there at the end.
Zerg170 chapter 33 . 2/8
grate chapter, I hope zita is brought in to the group, and I have a feeling that nick is way over head if he thinks that he can take on zim and gaz.
DarkShadowCrow chapter 33 . 2/8
Perfect as usual just wondering if you plan on a sequel after this.
Arzir chapter 33 . 2/8
Aaaand YES! Update! I have been waiting for this for months, but it was worth it. This is so exciting and yet I sorta feel the end coming. TT I hope there's a sequel... Oh and side stories.. Don't forget the side stories. Great job Andy..keep up the BADASS work!
labreck01 chapter 33 . 2/8
Praise the sun and name it Sheila! Wonderful to see you back. I had to reread some of your past chapters again just to remember your writing style. This chapter, I've noticed, is more laidback than most of your previous updates, but I wouldn't really call it a filler chapter. The scenes with Mez and Nox just made the story a lot more interesting, adds suspense and excitement. Finally Gaz's moment with Tak just msde me smile. It's cute, weird, and it fits seemlessly with the plot, masterfully done.
For your sake and the sake of your fans who are eagerly and anxiously waiting for your next update, I bid you good luck, good health, and good fortune to your life in general.
and as always,
Keep up the great work.
Zhilo chapter 33 . 2/7
Ah, it is ever so pleasant to find an update to your vaforite fic. I hanged up my hammock and put a pillow on it just to read it in comfort.
I find it amusing that zita had what i think is her longest appearance in this chapter, as shes my favorite background character in the series and theres precious little written with her on it. Thanks for that.

The story is still developing in interesting ways that i cant really divinate yet, which is exciting, and you mentioning it took you about a year to plan htis story gives me some insight on the effort required to write something that is properly fleshed out and interwined.

I wanted to mention, i am doing some sci fi writing of my own too! Its just a Mass Effect fanfic, but it is an entertaining way to polish my english (my mother language is spanish) and also helps me understand a little better what authors of the stories i read go through.

Thanks for the update! Dont worry about the delays real life is causing you, i will be patient. All i hope is that you diligently continue untill the end, which i know you will, however long it takes.

Oh! I forgot to say on my last review, but I find the idea of a new story focusing on the mouse alien cook and her irken bondmate to be absolutely appealing, and should you decide to write it, know that I would stick to it like glue and provide feedback as i can, those two where the pair i liked best when you introduced the different cross-species bonded pairs.
Mureena chapter 33 . 2/8
One of the best fanfics I have read. Always brings a smile when a new chapter appears.
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