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DemICE chapter 44 . 8/6/2016
A worthy sequel of CS :)

Lucky Reshi you won't miss your grooming
Dat Rayquaza Fangirl chapter 19 . 7/22/2016
Uuuugh, getting back into the Clichestorm way of things. It's been a while since I last read this. Anyways, you said that Bard used Fury Swipes, and that Fury Swipes is a Bug move. This is actually incorrect. Fury Swipes is a Normal move, and i'm pretty sure that the Oshawott line can't learn that move. However, it can learn Fury Cutter, which IS a Bug move.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/14/2016
Your storytelling attracts me as well as a bug Pokemon repels May (Anime)
nocloudypooh chapter 44 . 10/27/2015
Hehe really like this and the first one! I'm starting to take a strong liking to the 3 dragons, especially kyurem he's has such a cute personality hahaha. I'm guessing this points to hilda x N Haha. And also you really make me want to play black and white and it's sequel, because that's the only gen I didn't play. Great job! \o/

Oh and I'm pretty curious as to the lady fortune teller haha. Is she another legendary? Also I was initially a little confused about Keldeo because I always though Keldeo would be a boy haha. And I also thought Keldeo had something on with Meleotta especially from the first story.

Oh and one thing that could be improved on: it was a little confusing when you did Nate's memory link scenes because I couldn't tell who was saying what. Especially when the scene has many people in it so it takes a while to figure it out. That breaks the flow a little. But yeah great job! I love reading stories that adds details to game world/pokemon world if you like
TheKittyOfLife chapter 44 . 7/30/2015
Ysavvryl, the amount of planning you put into this was very noticable. I accidentally read it too fast, resulting in me getting confused at times, but that was my fault. I reread them and found that the confusing parts were actually very well written and planned out carefully.

Your writing style and talent is beyond words. Maybe it's not, but I don't have any words to explain it. It's beyond awesome. I really enjoy reading your stories.

So this is the end to ClicheStorm? I almost cried when I found that out and realized I was on the last chapter, but it had a great end. (I still wanted to see Reshiram get groomed)

You have done amazingly well with this series, and I will definately favorite this right away.

Keep writing more amazing stories, I'll definately read them. I'm looking forward to seeing your Kalos FF!
Guest chapter 3 . 7/14/2015
Well, I suppose some way was needed to get Kyurem, but how did Iris become champion? I know for a fact that she was a wimp, even with her BW2 team
Hunter Harting chapter 19 . 7/4/2015
Just a note but Fury Cutter is misspelled as fury swipes
PolarDawn chapter 44 . 8/14/2014
I was a little late finishing this. Exceptional work, as always, Ysavvryl. Time for me to get back to work on Fleur Noir. :D
darrelodin chapter 44 . 7/6/2014
Aaaaaand another amazing story read through. Phew, was that a lot to digest, but well done once more!

First off, I'd like to compliment your characterization of everyone. Everyone, pokemon and human, sounded unique and had some purpose besides just being there. Nate in particular was interesting to me, and showing just how his being around helped people was cool. And Colress, man that was awesome! Ever since I found an awesome remix of his battle theme, I liked the guy, and having him change in the way you did was nice. As for the past protagonists, well, Hilda certainly will be having fun. And just subtle enough too.

It's interesting how you brushed off the League as the story went by, but I suppose that was never the main focus of the plot anyway. Having some of those events happen as they did was cool. Wait, did they ever talk to Cressilia? Cause I just remembered that...

Your grammar was waaaaay better in this story. Rarely did I find any mistakes. But something I do hope you improve on is your battle scenes. Some were well done, but most were barely a paragraph, when they should have warranted a page minimum. But you've been workin on that, so as long as the rest of the story is great, that is overlook able.

But yeah, that's super long review #2! I'll probably start reading your X and Y story soonish, and if it's anything like these stories have been, then I'm sure it'll be amazing. (But is it bad I totally want to see how the Hilda romance turns out? I know you've said no romance-only stuff from you, but if someone could do that for thought!)
WinterPrince chapter 44 . 5/22/2014
Soooo, what happened to Hugh's purrloin? Is it not kind of odd that keldeo was male in the first clichestorm, and female in the second? Will you add more description in your y/x gamed, because I haven't played? Great story, though.
Guest chapter 44 . 3/23/2014
Please do natexrosa
Dylan chapter 40 . 3/23/2014
I love the pmd reference. I was a totodile with a bull assault
Guest chapter 44 . 3/5/2014
Aww. I'm gonna miss this colorful cast of characters...
aiyumi chapter 44 . 2/19/2014
I only left a review for chapter 1, but I actually read everything until the end. Oh, it's the end... There goes my Friday joy... Oh wait, if you're starting a Kalos fic, maybe it won't be over :D. Will it be as crazy as CS?

Nice epilogue. So, Rosa actually continues the League challenge with her mono water team, Reshiram gets the grooming he wanted so much, and Colress is reunited with his family. The Champion battle has everything to be awesome. I wonder if Rosa would win. And I hope Curtis was able to convince the three "swordsmon"... Or maybe he wasn't, since Rosa seemed to be alone when she was going to battle (*shudders*). Ah, and after all that happened, I thought Kyurem wouldn't be wearing a mask anymore.

Now, my comments about the fic as a whole. It's outstanding overall, and it's greatest potential lies in its Sp. Attack... Err I mean, character development. Well, seriously. In my opinion, it was really great until around when the Triste and Colress part began, then I think it became a bit rushed.

About Triste and Colress: for many chapters, I blamed Triste because of what happened to Kyurem (though you said he was too naive and not at fault). However, when the Colress subplot began, I couldn't stay mad at Triste any longer, and even came to like Colress too. The part with young Colress when Triste goes back in time was very sweet. Character development :3. By the way, what does the name "Triste" mean? I think it wasn't actually explained. A part from it meaning "sad" in Portuguese (my language), I have no idea... Is there a specific reason behind the name? There's a part where Colress was remembering why he gave that name, but the actual "why" (the meaning) wasn't elaborated on.

About Nate: there was lots of set up about his identity, and it got me guessing for a long time. I actually suspected of Ryoku when it was revealed that Nate could read the ancient writing, then when he remembered he was in Plasma in his timeline, then the part in his diary saying that the young ones aged and died, while the elderly rejuvenated and died. Before that though, when Reshiram told the story about legendaries falling in love with humans and the implications it could have, one of my other guesses was that Nate was Kyurem from another timeline once again, having chosen to become a real human and stay with Hilda :P! But in the end, the revelation suddenly came when everyone was worried about more pressing matters, and I think it didn't have the impact it deserved. Not even the characters reacted much... Well, they didn't react much to Rosa being Keldeo either (that revelation had much better impact though). It's as if they're so used to weirdness that crazy things like these happen and they don't even get surprised :P.

(Maybe) unexplored points: I thought Rosa would talk more to Cheren about when he helped her (Keldeo) in the previous lifetime (which explains the crush she had on him at the beginning). I thought they would meet the other Swords of Justice as they went on (like in the games), specially Cobalion (who is near Driftveil in the game) and Virizion, then maybe we'd have some more insight of why Rosa fears grass pokemon so much, but she didn't even have a chance to talk to them... I thought the rescue mission would be more difficult. Well, I thought a lot of things, but it's already over... And what about the Lunar Wing and Cresselia's other half of the curse in the haunted house? I think this subject wasn't touched ever since. And what about the item that the N from the future gave Hilda to block N's and Hilbert's forbidden powers?

Besides those loose threads, it's a great story and I still love it. In fact, I'm still addicted to CS (mainly 1, but this one too), and I already reread both fics' most important chapters a few times.

As I said on my review for ch. 1, I want that game. So, I actually started a ClicheStorm 1 playthrough of Pokemon Blaze Black (a BW1 game hack) and hacked a level 1 Kyurem into my save! O_O It's being fun so far. It even has rotation gym battles with a leader team of six! (a bit like Hilda's crazy gym challenges) I also decided to catch pokemon for representing N's friends along the way (Pricilla :3), I'll see if I can get a surfing Victini too :D. When I finish that, maybe I'll start one for CS2 (as Nate or Rosa I still couldn't decide. Or, who knows? It might be as Colress! Hahahaha!).

Well, I think I rambled on long enough, so, I'm stopping here.

You're an amazing writer, keep up the great work! Thank you for this great series, and hopefully, see you in Kalos!
Mr. 16384 chapter 44 . 2/10/2014
Really great story, although it takes a very long time for things to come together. Almost way too long, even considering how slowly B2/W2 takes to do so. Gets mighty confusing later on too, but that is a given when working with time travel and alternate worlds.

I feel like such a softy saying this, but seeing Colress and Triste's interaction with each other was probably my favorite thing. They were a great pair of friends, even back near the beginning of the story.

and I'm amazed that I actually read through this without the "complete" flag set on it, since I usually don't end up reading unfinished things [often a story will take years to continue or get abandoned], but I just recently reread the first ClicheStorm and had to get more, haha :Y
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