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reluctantuser chapter 20 . 5/31
I enjoyed reading this story, thank you for writing it (more thanks for continuing it ;-) )

I'm somewhat confused/have some minor nitpicks though, perhaps this is useful feedback?

For one, given that Lelouch is obscenely smart and C.C is no slouch either, their approach to time-travel is uncharacteristically sloppy. As they know that any changes they create will muddle their knowledge of future events, it seems odd that C.C would break contact with Marianne, as there is absolutely no need to. Same thing with Lelouch causing Jeremiah's demise for... no reason, really.

While the entire purpose of this fic is deviate from the story in the first place, him throwing out his secret identity to so many people seems callous. Especially given that at this point in time he doesn't have any counter to the really heavy hitters like the Knights. Though to be true, that was also true in canon - Brittania could simply have crushed forces in R1 by sending Bismarck minions to Japan instead of Darlton's boys.

Also, the huge amount of teasing /flirting is amusing. This doesn't seem to be intended to be a Harem/fruit-rated story, soo... why the teasing? Also, why the hell mess with Shirley if he's with C.C. anyway? Safest thing would be to simply stonewall her (unless this is needed to deal with Mao, as after that, she doesn't contribute anymore).
Guest chapter 1 . 5/27
I can just imagine one of them saying,"Oh my You!"to god when he was explaining the power.
daliapv.perez chapter 20 . 4/25
Hola este es mi primer comentario esta muy interesante tu fanfic actualiza pronto.
Guest chapter 20 . 3/15
I just read this again after a few years.

Wow. Just wow.

Great characterization of Lelouch. Probably the best in fanfic, it doesn't try to ignore or justify his flaws, and Lelouch is actually a better character who is working through his issues.

I really wasn't mature enough to appreciate the first time though. I thought all the shipping was boring. Then I was a Lelouch/Kallen only shipper. This is the first time I've ever had any interest in the romantic side of a story (still find political intrigue more facinating though, lol), and this is the first time I've really liked CC as a character. I'll probably like her a whole lot more from now on. Also, Ceciniah is a beautiful name, I've been repeating it in my head the last few days because it sounds so perfect.

I probably appreciate this fic now more than then, was because the first time I read this I had never been in a relationship.

Poor Ohgi seemed so awkward in this last chapter. "Yeah, I'm some highschooler with a purple cape and I apparently trust Kallen more than you." I would expect him to be awkward though, that's just what makes him Oghi.

I'm really looking forward to new chapters.
142 with an 8 chapter 20 . 3/12
hmm... story is exceptional good but... two years of waiting and no update? I want more of this story to read! p_q
GoingBlargh chapter 3 . 2/18
Dear god, you're going to end up killing LuLu via nose bleeds from CC before we get to Euphemia!
serioushugsies chapter 20 . 1/13
very much enjoying this story so far! Looking forward to more
Nomquam chapter 20 . 12/2/2016
I don't know of you still continue this story, but I think, trat this is my favorit fanfic, so I hope you stil continue this one. I know, no actual help, just something from someone hwo thinks that you are a very good author and hwo hopes to real more of this story, especily because I reale love the war how you Portai the characters.
zubhanwc3 chapter 20 . 11/19/2016
yo, can you tell me the pronunciation of c.c.'s name? i can think if 3-4 different ways to say it, and i may even be missing the proper way if it doesnt follow the usual engrish rules xD
zubhanwc3 chapter 9 . 11/19/2016
nice chapter, i wouldve been mad if you made kallen win, and pissed off if you make kallen lose without presenting a challenge. so i am 100% happy with the results here xD so gj
BlazeStryker chapter 1 . 11/7/2016
So. God is the remaining imprint of the previous Power of the King, having destroyed the rest of himself in a fit of Conscience and dispersed himself into the World of C so his control of all means exactly jack-squat.

Or not.

I do think it would explain much.
"Now who's the light and who is the Devil?
You can't decide, so I'll be your guide.
and, one by one, they will be hand chosen;
Now this is what it's like when worlds collide!"-Powerman 5000
Sigma-del-Prisium chapter 20 . 11/4/2016
Arthur's here along with the new Round Knight Durst. This ought to be interesting. We got Geass Directorate and Rounds entering into the theater.
Shits and Chips chapter 15 . 10/27/2016
Dumby95 chapter 20 . 10/23/2016
It's good to have a chapter without Liliana, and holy Crap Arthur is back to business
Dumby95 chapter 17 . 10/23/2016
Good chapter, it was choking to see Jeremiah die, he was one the best... may be we could have Liliana die soon?
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