Reviews for Once More, with Feeling
Dumby95 chapter 20 . 15h
It's good to have a chapter without Liliana, and holy Crap Arthur is back to business
Dumby95 chapter 17 . 17h
Good chapter, it was choking to see Jeremiah die, he was one the best... may be we could have Liliana die soon?
Dumby95 chapter 16 . 18h
Not really convinced by your cover up about Liliana. Lelouch is indeed a maniac of control, and there is no way that a mere stranger could go on him, play with him, know his dual identity withou being geassed into telling the truth. this ain't Lelouch. The fact that Liliana is alway refering as azur eyed beauty or raven hair beauty confirm one thing: the Mary Sue is stronger in her than the Force was strong in Anakin Skywalker

It's really sad because otherwise I liked the chapter, you write very well. Too bad that my favorites moment (kallen's and BK's ones, are now spoiled by Lilana).
Dumby95 chapter 15 . 19h
I log out to add that your story was really one of the BEST Code Geass stories I've read. Really.
But Liliana really messed things up... it just doesn't fill right with her. How Lelouch (smartest man in the world, and a ruthless leader) can let Kallen betray him (which is quite OOC for Kallen) and be so light about being unmasked by that unknown Liliana... i'm in pain right know your fic was just so good until liliana
Dumby95 chapter 15 . 19h
So Liliana just got in Black nights and is admitted in some deep secrets like Code R... she's also spoiling Kallen's moment aagh i really dislike her :(
Dumby95 chapter 14 . 19h
Good start of the chapitre, don't know what to say about Liliana, i dont like that much OC in Anime's fanfiction because in contrary to books, in Anime we see the characters, so it's hard to make ourself a go idea of what liliana looks. But it was just details, what concerns me the most with her is that she really smells like a Mary Sue, but it's way too soon to say that
Dumby95 chapter 13 . 20h
good chapter, i was more than surprised by Kallen figuring out who was Zero, that's a big change again, you've got some balls right here :D

Not sure if i'm a fan of Lily, but we'll see in the next chapters
Dumby95 chapter 12 . 20h
Good chapter, quite liked the commandoKallen/Inoue part!
Dumby95 chapter 11 . 21h
Good chapter, will Zero really turn Cornelly and Euphie away from Britannia? O.o
Dumby95 chapter 10 . 10/22
Very good chapter!
YOur naruto fic seems appealing
Dumby95 chapter 9 . 10/21
That was a REALLY good chapter. Something bad with ''time travel to rewrite everything" is that Lelouch may have a too easy path (he is so damn genius, so with the knowledge of the futur...) to victory. It was also a bold move to make Kallen lose (hell even Suzaku with Lelouch's Geass to help failed to beast Kallen) but it was plausible, guilforf isn't a novice and he has a good technologic lead.
Dumby95 chapter 8 . 10/21
Another good chapter :) Hope Cornelia will get her ass kicked
Dumby95 chapter 7 . 10/21
I don't really understand what happend with Euphie

This isn't my faav' chapter because of Suzaku. Of the hundreds of manga/anime/comics i've ever read or watch, he is one of the characters I despise the most (a britanian dog) soooo
Dumby95 chapter 6 . 10/21
I Liked this chapter, you add a great deep in Kallen characters and family, i loved her father!
Dumby95 chapter 5 . 10/21
Good chapter (sorry for useless reviews but when i read I like to go straight without pause and constructive review but I like to leave at least a thanks or a word showing my appreciation)
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