Reviews for Steal My Thunder God
OoOXylionOoO chapter 10 . 2h
So good to have you back !
I was wondering if I will read more of this beautiful plot.
I looked for another fanfiction with a similar plot, impossible to find it.
So please keep up the great work !

Riddle7777 chapter 10 . 2h
Oh no...why did you update! I had finally given up on this fic and moved on...and here comes an update! Bah ...dare I hope for more?
Reign Of Sorrow chapter 10 . 4h
I await your next chapter.
TimothyLim chapter 10 . 4h
Thanks for the update and glad to see you still alive and hopefully well. One of my favorite stories, just for the sheer potential of where it could take the readers.

I look forward to more, many time travel stories out there with Naruto integrating himself into the timeline and assisting the fourth or being unable to stop his death, but I have yet to see a story beyond yours where he replaces Minato in these events.

Thank you again.
twotoed chapter 10 . 6h
Maybe a year, but you updated. Gives me hope :)
sagar hussain chapter 10 . 7h
Awesome chapter. It's good that Naruto is not bending over backwards to accommodate Hiruzen's misgivings . After all , everything said and done , Hiruzen's actions (and inaction ) did have rather severe consequences in canon narutoverse .

Looking forward to the fight/spar between Naruto and Ei .
AC chapter 10 . 7h
Receiving a notification for this update was probably the best surprise I had this month! I'm so glad you're still writing, because this is one of my all-time favorite Naruto AUs! :)
Guest chapter 10 . 8h
Poo you sandaime! Yaaay! Kakashi! Yay naruto!
Waldo Santiago chapter 10 . 8h
Glad this got an update. A great idea for a story. I am glad Naruto isnt being letting Hiruzen step all over him. Excited for the next chapter.
Morwen chapter 10 . 9h
Well, I for one am glad to see this return, and at your usual level of quality. I am interested in seeing where you are taking this story, and even if the next update takes another year, when it comes I shall rejoice all the same. (I would, obviously, prefer it not to take another year)
I find this story to be a good interpretation of Minato's time, with very well done characterization. Some parts (ex. the invasion) seemed a little abrupt, but that might be because it wasn't the direction I originally thought the story was going in, so I wasn't reading the signs properly
lilyoftheval5 chapter 10 . 9h
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!
Delightful that this so intriguing story got updated.

Sarutobi/Naruto difference of opinion is to be expected though it draws on my heartstrings. Still, no doubt on who is the more tenacious, stubborn one.
I think this intentional and unintentional Uchiha propaganda from Naruto/Minato is an excellent move and I enjoy observing little waves it causes.

Many good interactions here, so many exciting ones more to come.
ClownWhosFeelnDown chapter 10 . 9h
edajholmes chapter 10 . 10h
Good to see this back!
Igornerd chapter 10 . 10h
I was thinking about this story just the other day, it's great seeing that you're back!

Loved this, especially the banter between Naruto and Sarutobi. The tension between them is believable, and it's probably very frustrating for Naruto since the Sandaime was a very important figure in his childhood.

Jiraiya seems a bit more relaxed by this, but maybe it's because their interaction was not a private meeting?

Can't wait for the clan meeting, A and Kakashi's reaction!
Salinia chapter 10 . 11h
Great chapter!
Can't wait to read more!
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