Reviews for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoebe
TheRealLegate chapter 2 . 5/31
Great idea so far its great to know that harry will step up and punish Death eaters although a little sad that there is Hermione bashing but thats my preference
Athena chapter 6 . 5/5
Kill them kill them all
Guest chapter 30 . 3/30
That was violent, sexy, and I loved every minute of it. Loved all the pairings
Guest chapter 4 . 1/19
Really he's that stupid to just walk into that office with the three traitors and the master manipulator with no back up ...did he not learn anything? Btw why hasn't Poppy or Minerva brought the DMLE into this?
Guest chapter 3 . 1/19
Why did he not even think of Dumbledore casting the spells?
DrarryStony4ever chapter 29 . 12/21/2015
Okay.. That death list is depressing for most part. 30 deaths :O The chapter was good, and the story was brilliant. I hope you do more like this one. Only, I can never forgive Remus' death. I never kill him in my fics. I can kill Sirius never Remus.

Please keep writing, there are people out here who love your fics, and you truly are striking chords with people whenever you write, whether it's a short story, novel or fanfic. Thanks for it all. :)
arisflame chapter 9 . 12/20/2015
It is genetically possible for a blonde to be born into a family of brunettes. All that is required is for a parent or grandparent to be one. The genes for hair color are determined by the previous three generations & ironically, I know of a real life example of Narcissa's example.
Zacharias chapter 4 . 12/13/2015
With this chapter, you should have gone to St. Mungos with Harry. You were both obtuse.
Kshail chapter 16 . 11/30/2015
Taking the teenage hormones a bit too far imo. Also wish we knew more about Daphne/Harry. While I have read quite a few of that pairing I feel each one is different and we as the reader don't really 'know' much about this one other than a few tiny flashbacks.
Kshail chapter 13 . 11/30/2015
Sensing a Ron-joins-Voldemort coming on.
Femalefan chapter 6 . 11/24/2015
I find the Harry/Daphne pairing much better than Harry/Ginny and he should have ended up with her in the books.
Renegade of Sanity chapter 1 . 11/20/2015
Are you cr1tikal because I remembered this being one of his own pen names
Guest chapter 29 . 11/17/2015
I think you just like killing characters!

Great story I really enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 22 . 11/17/2015
Well THAT should be an easy duel LOL
Guest chapter 19 . 11/17/2015
*tears* what's wrong with you? Killing Luna! Dude!...

I knew there was going to be a character death though so I saw it coming.
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