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MEIPHANTOMHIVE chapter 18 . 2/27
...Okay, why is this rated M?
REVIEW: I love Har-Holly's character, and I like her friendship with Lavender and the twins. Her friendship with Hermione has it's development, many people would also distance themselves from her (she gets annoying, yes) and Holly's actually being considerate.

I get a bit creeped out with Snape thinking she's Lily's ghost, as I see some.. disturbing things going on that boy's (yes, BOY) mind... I think I just answered my own question, but it should still be (for now) rated T.
Worldmaker chapter 18 . 2/24
This deserves to be continued.
johnny.vick chapter 18 . 2/8
omgomg more more love it more please
Raquelgdc chapter 18 . 2/5
Wow, I had never read a Girl Who Lived fic, but a loveeeeeed this one, I think you just got me addicted in another fandom, like I wasn't in so many already hahahaha
Anyway, I just found two things bad, one been that Holly is not into Quadribol and the other and more important is that apparently Sirius went to Askaban, God I hate it ! :'( I mean, is one of the things who doesn't make sence! Even if he was arrested and didn't get a trail at the same time when the things calmed down it should had been one and he's my favorite :(
Hope you continue soon! Loving it !
Genuine-Muggle-Hater chapter 18 . 1/31
I love this story! It is the best fem!Harry or Girl Who Lived Story that I have ever read before. I love the fact that it isn't just a girl Harry going through everything Harry did. And I love Lavender and Pavarti. Most fanfiction writers don't include them as much, and I adore it! I do hate Hermione though, always have, so I very much approve of Hermione not being Holly's best friend, because she really is annoying.
saint21 chapter 18 . 1/27
Love this story I hope you decide to continue it.
Foxy Talia Potter chapter 18 . 1/20
Interesting story, definitely worth following.
sailormoonserenity99 chapter 18 . 11/29/2014
Please please update ASAP
alexma chapter 18 . 11/14/2014
awesome fanfic so far please update soon thanks
Johnnyseattle chapter 18 . 11/13/2014
You know, this is a pretty good story you've got going here. Just enough canon divergence to make it worth reading, the characters are well-done and the kids actually act like kids! A true rarity for a first-year fic. I love the personalities you've given people. Minerva's extended family, the difference in the Dursleys, the fleshing out of Parvati and Lavender... I really enjoy characterization, if you couldn't tell. :) Thanks for a good read, and I hope to see more soon. Cheers!
EEKtheCat chapter 18 . 10/15/2014
Ooh, love/hate relationship with cliffhangers! They're about to go through the trap door...

Old moldy pants in the back of squirrelly's head has been extra busy if poor Phin has had a poisonous bite (unless that's some sort of coincidence but I'm doubting that's your aim there...) along with Dumbledore being called off to London, and only Snape left behind in charge?

Btw, creepy could-be-pedo Snape? Scariest part of the story so far...
Of Stories Told chapter 18 . 10/7/2014
This is, quite possibly one of the best stories i have ever read.

you have taken the harry potter world and brought life into it. for once holly does not follow the books to a T, instead she makes her own path, along with those around her. it's incredible to read and see the similarities along with the differences in the way she experiences the world around her. you have made me fall in love again with old characters, along with becoming attached to new ones.

Artecus (i have possibly butchered his name here) is a character i would have never imagined seeing or liking in any tale, and yet i enjoyed reading of him immensely along with the relationship he is building with holly. he also makes me hope that when sirius escapes (keeping my fingers crossed with hope on that one) that things will go different there now that a black is still alive. his character is so fun to read on, and provides us with such a different view on a house thought of as gone in their world, and boy do i enjoy the stories he shares with holly.

you have also, quite possibly made me enjoy albus as a character again. he is a difficult man to write. he is not a good man, but neither is he evil. oftentimes in fanfiction he comes across as maniacal or evilly manipulative, and should he be written as a good man, he is written weakly and with not much character growth besides being a kind grandfather of a man.

your albus is possibly the best representation of him i've ever seen, besides of course the original one created by J.K. Rowling herself. he is truly the man i envision when my thoughts go to him, and i have to congratulate you for doing such a spectacular job on such a difficult character.

goodness, minerva. oftentimes she's forgotten besides being a stern deputy, again i have to applaud you for breathing fresh life into her. i love reading on her back story, and seeing more of her besides her teacher persona. she is a delight to read on and i do hope all is well with her husband, as i have grown to enjoy his presence in this tale along with many others.

for the potters, during their heartbreaking short time in this tale, you did a spectacular job in writing out their characters. i love the little references you used, and how well versed you are in this world (like with the elvendork reference) you brought the two of them to life, and made them seem like a real couple during the short time they were in this story, so thank you for that.

i also have to say i love the littlest dursley, it is a wish of mine that he somehow ends up being a muggleborn, as he is much too kind and truly is undeserved by his family. thank you for creating him, as he is the only reason i've come to enjoy holly's stay in the dursley's home.

there is so much to say about this story, and i love that there is so much to say! you have done something very incredible with this story. it is so easy to stick with the facts and only make minor differences here and there, and yet you have decided to create your own road, you have truly created a world where holly is not just a version of harry, but her own self, and as such faces her own problems. she is not perfect, and neither was harry, and i'm glad you show this. i'm glad you show how her temper can get the better of her, how just as she can be nice, she can also be downright cruel at times. after all, holly is human and i feel we sometimes forget that the characters we have grown to love are not perfect, but are filled with flaws and imperfection. and that is truly what makes them perfect.

your story truly shows all of this, while painting such a beautiful world that i feel as if i just read a few sentences more the world will come alive before me.

what you have done here, is truly magical. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this story, and then for publishing it so that others may come to enjoy this lovely tale. thank you dear, for bringing life to a world i love, and filling me with a nostalgic sort of joy. as i read your story, i feel as if i am reading the original books again for the first time, and truly i marvel at your work for this, you have filled me with joy, and so i thank you :)
Lizabeth Black chapter 18 . 9/17/2014
Love this story so please keep updating more chapters.
moonl337 chapter 18 . 9/10/2014
I love this story and Mr. Black's character is fascinating please keep updating I also like the gradual build up of friendship between Hermione and Holly and the ironclad friendship between lavender, parvati, and Holly never read a friendship with these characters in so good luck and keep up the good work
Guest chapter 18 . 9/6/2014
Your updates r very slow plz try and update faster
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