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taichous chapter 44 . 11/17/2019
Buttercup has some serious issues in this chapter. I get it. She can't really trust a Rowdyruff Boy but maaaan it's just too much. It might just be because I have negative biases against people who can't control their anger that much but Buttercup really has some issues here. It's like she just hates the boys because they are a Rowdyruff. Blossom too. But at least she manages to control it to some extent. Sure, Brick and Butch are just annoying as hell and can really be rude at most times, but Boomer? My sweet little Boomer? Aw hell naw! I also don't like it how she kept calling Boomer a mute. Totally like Butch. Ugh their personalities are too toxic for me. I hope for a character growth as we go on more with the story.
taichous chapter 13 . 11/15/2019
Holy freak that was too much! I was in silent screams when Jessica coughed.
One Earth chapter 147 . 11/1/2019
Really GREAT job.
A Regular Reader chapter 148 . 10/22/2019
Hey! I really enjoyed your story! I don't know how, but I read this in a little more than two weeks! Dang, I absolutely love the way you wrote the characters and their thought processes- literally everything about this is perfect. And WOW! I know I'm pretty late to the party, but I just want to say that I'm so proud of you writing a million words! I could tell you've been through such a journey, so it just inspires me to see that you didn't give up. Thank you for the hard work you put into this, I'd definitely recommend this to a friend!
AmeliaK6 chapter 14 . 9/13/2019
That...was... totally... AWESOME!
I mean i suspected something like that would happen after i reached the middle of the chapter, but reading it was somewhat more surprising. Especially the part that boomer is the thrower, now that was unexpected!
(I really thought that it was Buch!).
Anywho your work is awesome and I'm eager to see more of it!
Guest chapter 101 . 5/23/2019
I can’t believe I went past this story so many time ! Usually I avoid anything with a lot of chapters but your story just pulled me in. Keep up the good work, your writings amazing!
Normal person chapter 17 . 2/15/2019
Retro chapter 138 . 12/24/2018
Looking back this chapter was done really well but the impact of Brick's death scene would have had a more impact had he stayed dead. I understand the Chemical X acting unpredictable and saving him but it takes a lot of 'oomph' away from this moment.
Guest chapter 66 . 9/25/2018
I know this story is already finished but I really hope he’s thinking about using chemical x to power the robot. I also think it would be cool if the rrb and ppg discussed their encounters that possibly mean their dormant powers are coming back. I love this story and am excited to continue reading this one and the sequel!
lavyndr chapter 148 . 4/9/2018
I very slowly read this over the course of several weeks, and I'm so happy I did! It did start a little slow, but I'm SO glad I stuck with it, because this is now my #1 favorite completed PPG fanfic. Very well done! Superbly done! I love the imagery and the characterizations... You really nailed this! Now I'm going to tell you everything I loved about this story!

First of all, I have never EVER read such a compelling and thorough relationship develop between the Blues as I have in Misconceptions. This story should be the archetype for any ppg/rrb fanfic author trying to write the Blues. Thank you for making Bubbles a real person instead of just a naive, dumb blonde! (As a blonde, I really appreciate that!) And Boomer as well, for not just being some object to ship with Bubbles, or some pairing to "get out of the way". I have never before seen him depicted in the way that you have (silent), but it does make perfect sense given his upbringing. I felt this needed to be its own point because of how much this stood out to me.

Secondly, the way the relationships between ALL the main characters general were so well done, and realistic. Thank you for the realism... People do not see someone they hate after 10 years and gaze into their eyes and fall immediately in love, lol. I loved to see all the relationships develop slowly and in a realistic way... The Greens were especially fun and entertaining in that regard! I really appreciated how you gave moments of each character interacting with all other characters, and showing how those relationships are and how they develop, rather than only showing interactions between counterpart pairs. I especially treasure those brotherly bonding moments between the Ruffs, as well as the Puffs with each other and the Professor.

Three. Misconceptions is a WORLD. While reading, I got a sense of an actual post-apocalyptic world where shit happens and the protagonists need to figure out what to do. Every detail was so cleverly pieced together, but at the same time, everything felt... organic, natural, not-contrived... because the characters all have their own thoughts, feelings, and actions, and the story seemed to arise from all of those motives clashing together, or harmonizing. I truly felt immersed in the world that is Misconceptions.

Four. The RAIDS. I never thought I would enjoy reading about sneaking around on enemy territory so much! You used these in a way that was both suspenseful for the mission and the developments between characters.

Those are the big four. Overall super impressed. A couple extra things I wanted to say, because I read your author's notes, so I know these things matter to you!

There were exactly two chapters that made me really cry, and a few others that did invoke watery eyes. The really-cry chapters were the one where the Greens were in the hospital wing and Butch was saying how he doesn't think his brothers love him. The second one was that one Blues chapter with the tissue-box-warning at the top. I really tried not to cry, but it didn't work!

The other thing: When Brick died, (and Boomer was left for dead) I actually didn't hate you. Haha. I have honestly seen sooooo many TV shows at this point where characters die and come back to life, or everyone thinks they're dead but they really aren't. A character will be dead for a few seasons and they get recreated. Even where it's like "nope, they're dead, no loopholes" there will still end up being a loophole that nobody knew about. So yeah... It was more than a mere flicker of hope... I knew he was coming back ;)

I wish I had known about this back when you were writing it! I would have loved to review each and every chapter haha. Thank you for writing this beautiful masterpiece.
Ana chapter 1 . 1/19/2018
I think it's been more than a year since I've finished reading this fanfic and I still think it is the best one I read and one of the best stories all together. I miss it and am thinking about reading it all over again. Thank you, Sandstorm3D!
RoseQuartz1 chapter 142 . 11/20/2017
Oh man, are they gonna need reconstruction surgery, cuz dang, they're getting bashed. Like all the body parts. 0.0"
Devin Trinidad chapter 148 . 10/12/2017
(I'm warning you right now...I will probably sound like a bull raging through a curio full of china. I'm going to be tripping over my words and sounding like an incoherent, overly happy drunkard. Ha. :)

First of all, I am greatly humbled and honored that you mentioned me in your last AN of the final chapter of this wonderful, gorgeously written story. Back then, I was just a kid who happened to be suffering from slight insomnia and decided to pass the time to read your fic. I had some reservations at first, but I pushed forward and was floored by how well written and how imaginative you are! You completely blew me away the first dozen or so chapters I read before I began reviewing and you kept blowing me away with your characterization and your world-building. I thought for sure that I would manage to always read your story on time and always review.

Unfortunately, life happened.

I won't bore you with the specifics, but let's just say that I had to withdraw from some of my then current fandoms (namely PPG and a few other good cartoons) and I sadly fell out of touch with Misconceptions. Lo and behold, just a few days ago, I stumbled across this beautiful gem once again and I jumped back into the the wing of things. I thought at first that nostalgia would cloud my reading, but re-reading the story just proved to be bountiful!

Your writing style is so well done and it is overflowing to the brim with both humor and drama. The relationships that you have woven here, all the necessary plot points, and your dedication (oh my gosh! You are so dedicated and so prolific and so awesome!) to your work is nigh spectacular. Dare I say...superhuman? (Hahahahahaha!)

Anyway, to see that not only did all six of our wonderful heroes grow and mature to be better adults, but they also learned to overcome and embrace each other's differences. You have no idea how happy I was to know that Brick was feeling emotion and was displaying it for everyone to see. (GOSH DARN, FEELS EVERYWHERE! MUHAHAHAHAH). And the fact that Butch has so many layers of character development and that he and Buttercup (she killed me with her prejudice and the saving of Butch, my gah more feels and more humorous adventures) finally bickered themselves into a truce and into a deeper friendship.

Brick and Blossom. OH HO HO HO HO! Those two and that red handkerchief. And hormones. Let's not forget the damn hormones. I don't know, but I was kind of always iffy with this ship back when I was still new to the fandom, but my gah. Oh my gosh, you write them so well. They're both so stubborn and unwilling to learn from each other that you could literally write a whole new novel just from the perspective of these two and their budding feelings of friendships (AND SO MUCH MORE, PLEASE TELL ME CONVICTIONS HAS MORE OF THESE TWO OH MY GOSH). Overall, it was nice to see that Brick humbled Blossom and vice versa. They may have been leaders (and for good reason too), but it was also nice to see that they were also human under their many layers of professionalism and ice coldness (Brick especially).



Now that I got the major characters out of the way and how well you wrote them, let's move onto something else. Let's see, plot points? World building? Conflicts? Minor characters?

Get ready for even more phrases of barely completely sentences and happiness.

First of all, the story itself is a nice exploration of what would happen if McCracken had concocted the girls in a ski-fi, post apocalyptic fantasy. Not only was it a nice change from the stories of shippiness and self-inserts that the fandom had to offer, but it is literally the best fic for this fandom I have ever read. This story was a nice blend between humor and drama. Not once did I feel bored or bogged down by the tragic happenings and mishaps the Resistance had to go through. I felt like I was watching a movie, nay! It was like watching a good ole anime with totally BA fight scenes and character defining moments and pure epicness! They way you planned out the first meeting to the raids clearly showed that you were right on track with what you were doing. Sure there might have been grammatical and spelling errors, but who cares? The story is a masterpiece considering that you wrote this in three years!


To conclude, the plot was amazing and no one suffered from plot armor. (AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, that poor kid... RIP Johnny.)

As for the minor characters...oh my gosh. It was all wonderful. I had no idea that Jessica would prove to be so important in the end, but she was! Like, she was literally the key to getting inside of Mojo's evil layer and I am completely devastated to know that I didn't pay her much attention in the first read. Second of all, GET MS. KEANE AND THE PROFESSOR MARRIED. Like, right now. They're so cute here. And they deserve. Now only that, but the kids also add to the overall light-hearted and cutesy dutsesy to to the story. They all have wonderful personalities and I love how Joseph is the mini Blue (I want the Blues to adopt him, let's be honest). But, unfortunately, they're not the main course.

Enter, the Monkey.

The first time I encountered Mojo Jojo in here, I thought, "Hmm, there's no way that Sandstorm can actually pull his diabolical diatribes perfectly. He's so insufferable that she probably won't do him justice." Hmmmmmmmm... Hmmmmmm... LADY, YOU ARE AWESOME. Time and time again, you have proved to be more than efficient when it came to writing characters, especially those who have the desperate need to bask in the spotlight (looking at you, BUtch). Not only did you paint him as a scary force of unstoppable incredibility, but you also reminded me of that stupid, naive villain from the show. It was a mesh of Hitler and Nicholson's Joker. Hammy, but deadly. Woot! I am so proud of Bubbles for delivering the final blow.

(I would comment on the monstrosities that Mojo had created, but I'll be real wit you for a sec, I don't want to give that Monkey any more of a follow up than he deserves. Hahahahaha!)

Finally, HIM. You better revealed who he is in the sequel. And I want to know what plan he was making. Because I am intrigued.

End of story.

Anywhoozles, it was a nice ride from beginning to end. You made me feel like a little kid again and I am happy to note that I appreciated the story more now that I have read it in its entirety just this past week. I am so sorry and devastated to know that I completely missed the last two years of updates, but I'll be sure to pay you back in kind once I get started reading Convictions. Overall, 10/10 will read again in the near future.

PS Congrats on your newfound happiness. Take your time with the updates and I hope that you make your original fiction pretty soon! I want to read from you IRL. :)

Regards, Devin Trinidad
Guest chapter 22 . 9/10/2017
I just love all inner thought processes of anyone. They are so unique you just know who is musing
ilaydanur.mutuoglu chapter 14 . 8/29/2017
I love when its any one of the boys the other two are depicted as complete annoyance. I think thats some part of reason why ı love the boys centric chapters
Anyway ı think the girls are severely lack of plan in here. They were running around foolishly. Even if they could not go through with it they should have a course of action. Whether they discussed it with each other or it was mentioned just in Buttercup's head. They had been in military for years, right?
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