Reviews for The Legend of the Light Fury
qballisman chapter 21 . 7/26
That is so sad it made me cry that Dot died!
NightFury12 chapter 18 . 7/10
1 Team Toothless
2 She might have a kid who is born to NightStar
your work!
NightFury12 out *dramatically disaperes into the darkness *
Really awesome! It's been awhile since I last cried over a characters death... This is just a really amazing piece of writing that should be read.
Moonlark chapter 33 . 6/21
They should make a movie from this. You should ask dreamworks if they can make it.
hweasley48 chapter 10 . 6/16
i knew what was going to happen with Astrid first sign... thats how i got my glasses. blurrinessglasses/blindness.
TheFormGirl chapter 33 . 4/9
this chapter made me smile a good smile. very well written. i dont have much more to say exept: thank you for this wonderful story. it made my day. i will read it when i feel sad or i need to read something i really like. again thank you. -Molly(me)-
TheFormGirl chapter 32 . 4/9
'i doubt a dragon of your size AND GENDER could defeat me' All my forms: YOU SEXIST BASTARD!(they tear him apart) Me: lesson learnt: dont mess with my creations. Ruby: DAMN RIGHT.
TheFormGirl chapter 31 . 4/9
(almost faints) .SKY. OMG WTF ZERELTH. Ruby(White NightFury with red eyes): havent found a mate yet :( Me: (annoyedly) bye
TheFormGirl chapter 24 . 4/9
(gasp) maya's gonna kill them! LOL probably not XD. gonna see how it turns out... poor dot... (is unaffected by feels) WHY CANT I CRY!? MY LITTLE DASHIE DIDNT EVEN MAKE ME CRY! HOLY CRAP I CANT SENSE FEELS! AH CHOO! whoops i sneezed XD. the story is really good! im reading it on my 2DS so i can favourite it! LOL i did on the first chapter XD. ok bye.
TheFormGirl chapter 19 . 4/8
umm i have glasses and when i take them off there isnt too much of a diffrence. PLEASE acknowledge this! other than that the story is really good!
TheFormGirl chapter 11 . 4/8
'what where your parents like?'
'they had scales'
i cracked up at that part XD. Ruby: ive already shed my scales to black :T. also im about... 70? yup. k bye.
TheFormGirl chapter 10 . 4/8
ITS RAININ TACOS, FROM OUTTA DA SKY, TACOS, NO NEED 2 ASK WHY, JUST OPEN UR MOUTH AND CLOSE UR EYES, ITS RAININ TACOS! damn it i got its raining tacos stuck in my head :T. Ruby: (sees Toothless) hi Toothless! Me: (dot starts bugging me) SHADDUP DOT! Dot: am i bugging you? (troll face) Me: YES NOW SHUT UP! Dot: you mad bro? Celestia: SEND IT TO DA MOON! (teleports dot to the moon). Me: wtf. Luna: SEND IT TO DA SUN! (teleports celestia to the sun). Me: LOL sorry about pegasister-ing :T. Reshiram: I WANT YOU TO KNOW IM A FEMALE. Me: aaaannnd im a tomboy too. k bye. Ruby: bye
TheFormGirl chapter 2 . 4/8
just finished chap 2 and its really good! Ruby(black night fury with red eyes): i wanna be in a fanfic :(. Me: i wonder what Ruby said... Ruby: humans...ah well. shes still my best friend.
ClintashaBlackHawkBlackEye chapter 36 . 2/26
Your profile is amazing... I have never seen so much truth in my life! I agree with the things you say though...

Don't worry about people calling you a freak, I'm not the most popular person either, I dont wear converse to school, or have handbags as school bags, or wear really expensive clothes. In the end we just have to stay strong and deal with it all. I'm one of those people that feels a bit cowardly for not standing up and admitting that I'm different. I dont like One Direction, Union J, Iggy Azelea. I don't like everything everyone else does, I like Toothless instead of Olaf, I listen to Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With The Sirens, The Pretty Reckless instead of Iggy Azelea/The Vamps. So don't worry because after you finish school, you probably won't see any of them again.

I know how you feel. x
Guest chapter 29 . 2/16
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