Reviews for FSOG a continuation
suzB chapter 57 . 4/27
Wonderful. This is such an excellent story I do hope you will continue with it when you have the time.
wiesedj chapter 57 . 4/24
That last one was a tear-jerker, loved it
Guest chapter 57 . 4/21
No update yet!?
bananafox chapter 45 . 4/19
freaking brilliant!
bananafox chapter 43 . 4/19
well done. id have like to have seen the ladies deal with the skank though.
bananafox chapter 28 . 4/18
that was brilliant. i almost started crying i was laughing so hard.
Guest chapter 57 . 4/16
This story is sooo great..why aren't u updating? :(
Andie Caffrey chapter 56 . 4/7
I have to say something, but don't get me wrong: it's only a observation. In this chapter you say that Teddy is four, but if in the books he is two —adding the rest of Ana's pregnancy and the months of Phoebe (I don't know sure, but if we are in May, let's say... Ten—, he can't have four. He have three.
I explain that because you made me think about it and I thought that maybe I was wrong.
As I said before, its only a commentary. I only say it because it seems to me that at that edges, one year make a big difference.

Andie Caffrey chapter 44 . 4/6
I have to say that I've addicted to this story too. It's so beautiful. You manage to write new chapters of their lifes even when the story itselfs seems that doesnt have more... Things to use up (I think). And talking about this special chapter when you crossover the Cross with the Greys, I have to tell that I love it. I really like Crossfire books, and the way you mix both stories is such wonderful. I know that some people might not like it or havent read the books, and for that you cant make everyone happy about it, but it will be amazing that you will writte about them something more in the future chapters. I dont mean a lot of chapters based on them, but something like hang up one night, i dont know. Im only suggesting you.
However, I really will love thid story until its end. And LCA (LCC now) also. I love so much your form of writting, your ideas... Its like something i would have written myself.
So congratulations. And i look forward to your next updated.

Posdata: please, forgive all my mistakes in the last text.
jayem75 chapter 57 . 4/6
Oh goodness, I loved it! So glad you updated :)
amd5551 chapter 9 . 3/27
amd5551 chapter 8 . 3/27
very good continuation of the story. i like the strong and sexy roles you created for the couple. they are both still independent and sexually active& happy. the jealousy is a nice touch too because they're both needed.
Elaime85 chapter 28 . 3/26
Can't stop laughing ! You're amazing !
bookworm0120 chapter 56 . 3/23
Just out of curiosity. Have you changed the age of the kids? Because I believe Teddy is supposed to be only two years older than Pheobe. Her and Ava both should be at least two years old (well Phoebe would be around "August") if Teddy is now 4. Didn't know how close you were following the story.
LylyNg chapter 57 . 3/22
Tear, this is a very nice chapter. I love all your stories . Always bring me tear. Thank you. I'm looking forward for more updates
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