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Guest chapter 29 . 8/17
Please update! I love this story and cannot wait to see how you'll finish it!
C.Elder chapter 28 . 6/5
You did more than fine!

But only one chapter left?

Tell me you are not going to leave us hanging! You have over 450 reviews and over 400 follows.
Surely you are not going to just stop and abandon us?
You're not going to do a Veronica, and just run away from this great story,please.
C.Elder chapter 27 . 6/5
Love your description of twerking...
But Lily is in trouble from what I read into their exchange.
And a coming together on the roof of the Neptune Grand- what a great idea...
C.Elder chapter 26 . 6/5
Oh great chapter- Those "angry, bold,screaming, red lights"...they are like that aren't they?
I always turn that damn clock in hotel rooms away from me, and cover with a folded up towel because of the mist of blood red that emanates from the digital display.
And a wonderful example of alliteration with Mac saying "pre-prom primping" -what a great phrase, you need to copyright it. You could even do a "reality " show for TV ! I mean if they have triple DDD(Diners, drive-ins and dives), why not have a show about triple PPP's for proms up and down the land?
I always liked that Alterna prom black dress- KB looked so sophisticated and smart in it, and it was so simple a dress, but elegant in an understated way.
C.Elder chapter 25 . 6/5
thank goodness for your bursts of humour -2 nights of fast food in a row being criminal; Wallace's completely white face etc, because the seance was very well written- you must have seen a lot of scary movies to write that one so well!
C.Elder chapter 24 . 6/5
And your Dick knows words like egocentric(spot on description of V, by the way) and compassionate!

But poor V is way off base once more. Lily never said it was Logan at all. She said Teacher, and we have indeed met a strange teacher in your story, who actually did not succeed as a teacher(not what he appears to be) and somehow was re-hired as...he of the dropped pizza perchance?
Don't you hate readers who actually read your story attentively and pick up the clues?

Anyway, I hope V is not going to "prove " once again that Logan did it, like she did with Lily to Lamb.
C.Elder chapter 22 . 6/5
Gulp-this is great.
C.Elder chapter 21 . 6/5
Great surprise- I didnt see it coming...DickMac at the house!

And, I think you have actually come up with something new in the VM fanfic world(impossible though it may seem)...V has lost/destroyed the trust of the people that used to be around her.
It totally fits, and makes sense. She used them all the time, rarely gave anything of herself, and unashamedly took them out of their boxes;used them; then put them back into their boxes until next time. Much like a child does with their toys;dolls;whatever...were they just her toys? They must have wondered about that during the 6 years, and concluded so.
Trust,once lost, is practically impossible to get back or re-establish.
Saying her usual meaningless (because she doesn't change her behaviour) sorries won't do it.
It will be interesting to see how you develop this aspect. And it will give you some fun things to work with, instead of just Logan.
C.Elder chapter 20 . 6/4
Great that she went to see him.
But she blew it! by giving him the wrong answer to what he needed to hear as to why she resigned.
Her "not who I really am" blathering was rubbish.
She needed to tell him that she resigned because she loved him, and wanted to be with only him.
There- that's what was needed. And that would have been enough for him.

Still not ready to say it, I guess.
C.Elder chapter 19 . 6/4
What a brilliant chapter!
I must stop with this effusive praise, as it's not really my style. But what can I say? The whole first paragraph was so unexpected.
After the previous chapter, I did get the chocolate, and sat there thinking that V needed to make the "grand sacrifice" to prove her love to Logan once and for all, and especially after that evening's debacle. After all, why should it always be him. It was her fault- she needed to do something other than those meaningless sorries she trots out.
And when I went back to the next chapter... KAPOWW! there it was- the grand gesture, the one thing that should put it all right(if she goes immediately and tells Logan!) no delays or it will look contrived, go do it now!
C.Elder chapter 18 . 6/4
Fantastic chapter!
I really like it when there is angst- they were the most boring couple in the world in S3 when they were "getting on well". And you created a set of fantastic surprises in this chapter.
Starting with Matt being in the room in his pj's (what a presumptuous twerp!)-I thought you were going to have someone evil there waiting.
Then, having Logan show up and set off the alarm(didn't see that one coming at all), and her running out.
Then Matt appearing at the door in his deshabille! Wow a punch to the gut for L.
Then when L finds out Matt is her boss!,
And L calls her out on sleeping with her boss (the whole sleeping with the boss is so detrimental to women in the workplace, the ones who do it destroy other women's credibility) so beautifully as she deserves.
And then the way you have Logan link it in to the Epic night at the Grand! Gosh you are skilful.
The whole scene is also a neat reversal of what happened before with V, a federal agent, and Logan in the Camelot parking lot many years before. Only this time it's Logan who takes off!
Again- the best, and most inventive chapter so far.
Must go eat really expensive chocolate now.
C.Elder chapter 17 . 6/4
Good Chapter,again.
But what is V doing exactly? to Logan? to Matt(remember him who she shags in virginia?) and to herself?
She can't answer any of those questions, or does not want to answer them definitively, because she doesn't want to bear the consequences of decisions which are wants to keep everyone dangling/waiting on her. It's always been her problem. And Logan, the sap, has always put up with it, instead of calling her out on it.
Poor guy-he's hopeless.
C.Elder chapter 16 . 6/4
Love that last sentence... and, mothers do KNOW!
C.Elder chapter 14 . 6/4
I suddenly realised that with this chapter, I'm halfway through your story!
Please don't tell me that it suddenly stops at C29 with nothing resolved?
C.Elder chapter 13 . 6/4
I like your story, and think you have a very good handle on V., and her strange way of thinking- why would she be concerned if Logan "found out" she had a boyfriend? Is it a secret? She has been away without contact for over 6 years. Does she think that Logan has not concluded that she has had many boyfriends in that time? She seemed to average 2 new ones each year when she was in Neptune- in 6 years of absence that would mean about 12 or maybe less?. And why can she be shagging Matt, and annoyed if Logan is liked by his students?
the word unreasonable comes to mind.
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