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Leapinglemur chapter 63 . 5/21
Take all the time you need man, I don't mind waiting as long as I need to if the quality of your work remains this high. Once you have everything set up I'll see about donating what I can, anything to help out.
As for the chapter itself, pretty freakin epic. Ichigo learning a bit more about the source of corruption plaguing the area and then fighting six mountain giants was awesome.
I can't wait to see how Veles' power helps Ichigo withstand the force of his own power.
Until next time, keep being awesome.
star chapter 63 . 5/21
what happened to chapter 64?
Matemeo3 chapter 22 . 5/20
there are many situations where you garner Ichigo just not being fast enough to accomplish something easily done with shunpo. It has been shown time and time again during the bleach series and manga that Ichigo is no slouch when it comes to speed, so why do you only have him using shunpo once in a blue moon? It really distracts be from these otherwise great fights.
Matemeo3 chapter 18 . 5/20
I go to the wiki to see if there are any responses to some of the glaringly truthful yet harsh comments, and I see none. Don't know if author just ignored them or felt that anything too negative should only be discussed via pm. I use comments and their responses as a guide for stories that I'm not enjoying 100%. This lets me see author's mindset for the events taken place, and it lets me judge if I choose to continue reading or not. I see responses to comments ranging from praising to neutral, but I do not see the blunt yet honest ones that are negative in nature. They a pain for authors to read, but those are also comments that give me a lot of knowledge about the author's mindset once answered. It's worrying when I don't see any of those get a response.
Matemeo3 chapter 7 . 5/11
My only complaint is that Ichigo only cries the "woh was me I'm helpless" routine, but seems to forget he has the power to run circles these guys while using decimating power. The exhaustion and sickness afflictions passed days ago, yet here we are back to Ichigo not factoring in that he isn't actually weak-shit.
Meech Macko chapter 63 . 5/8
So just like in the canon...Ichigo got his powers mostly through suffering and a lot of pain and sweat. Its not like he got his powers easy, had to work his ass off to attain power. Just like in canon, here he finally got an alternative that supports his extreme power inside that human shell of his...but knowing your style, it could be just temporary boost here just too kill off the Princess...LOL.

I mean since now he got the alternative, he wouldn't have to worry about holding back on Bankai or even hollow power. There are still other big wigs than the princess to deal with anyway...

I am willing to help on the donations...Although you don't really have to increase the amount of OC's, you really dont have to force yourself on that.

I much prefer your fics like, Are we alone and Transcendence.

bardshark chapter 63 . 5/7
I'm sorry to hear about your struggles, you're an amazing author that has brought me alot of enjoyment in my life since I started reading your work. I don't have a lot of money but I'd be happy to help anyway I could - loyal reader
Black cross0 chapter 63 . 5/7
Good chapter once again jimmy and my heart goes out to your old man and hope he gets better. Sorry I don't have any money to give though. There was something I wanted to ask you but I'll leave you to sort your self out, see ya when you come back.

Ps. I recommend maybe just taking a break from fanfiction for a while, maybe go on a hiatus.
xbox432 chapter 63 . 5/7
Nice battle chapter, the fights were just as great as ever. And I liked how you acknowledged the dangers of all the festering water and stuff... that's usually glossed over in the game, but it is a very real threat. I know I wouldn't want to wade through that stuff.

Also, nice of Veles to empower Ichigo like that, I'll be curious to see if it's a temporary buff or something that he'll carry for now on.
astroga121 chapter 63 . 5/7
First things first, many other had said as much but I will say so just the same: personal life is important. One one hand I and everyone here is grateful and flattered you spend so much money on this, the truth is that what you gave is an incredible amount of money. In my county that more than ten months of work at a decent paying job without paying taxes, food, water etc. Take some time off when you want and know that we, your followers and fans, we'll gladly wait for you no matter how long it takes :)

Now for the chapter: all in all a good set-up chapter for a boss showdown. What is very interesting is Ichi's mortal aspect, that there are many powerful beings as powerful as the strongest in Bleach. For example the comparison between Captain-commander and Ragnaros. The way you portray characters and races, the supernatural, of course, puts them on a comparable level, which can be difficult when you compare bombastic and flashy anime to pure fantasy realms. In my honest opinion as Wow fan, knowing how Ragnaros can to Azeroth, I can now imagine the power he can wield and you by making these power comparisons very well I can imagine the showdown that it could be between those two.

But what I most liked here, besides Ichigo slowly gaining more of his power back slowly over time and through his actions, is the description of the corruption by the Nightmare. Yes, we can see that in-game, those that play Wow, but somehow you captured that raw unexplainable evil inherent to these monsters. Not incomprehensible like the Chtullu mythos, but a real EVIL that was born as such, a force of dark and corrupt that has no mercy and rhyme or reason. Also that description without being gory as hell was just as disturbing by all that rot, smell and worms. Also that sense of wrongness. Consider me hyped for the Nightmare :)
Stuporman chapter 61 . 5/7
I wasn't expecting everyone to take part in the fight with Mildreas like that. They went full gank squad on his ass.

Christ, I am glad to be done with the Highborne and their bullshit. From the moment they started plotting the takeover of Ethel Rethor, I could not take them seriously as antagonists.

Everything about them just screamed "morons". At no point did it ever feel like they really understood what they were doing or what they were messing with. And as if that wasn't enough, they horribly underestimated who they were dealing with while overestimating their own competency.

Good riddance to those dumbasses. Now let's move on to the prize fight we all came to see.

I gotta say, Caren took home the prize for 'dumbest decision' this chapter. Mildreas had shown that not only was he capable of going head to head with Ichigo, but that he could also cross the entire distance of the chamber in the blink of an eye.

And Caren, in all of her genius, thought it was a good idea to gloat to this person. While standing completely defenseless, I should add.

You have to wonder how exactly she thought that was going to play out.
firebluebird2006 chapter 64 . 5/6
MrSomeWhatNiceGuy chapter 64 . 5/6
You tease
reality deviant chapter 63 . 5/6
very good chapter.
the part about Veles giving Ichigo his power was predictable, but still very good.
and i think ill go try to do maraudon in the game now
Slimjim77 chapter 63 . 5/6
Love it!
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