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Blindluck92 chapter 45 . 8/24
At last. The secret of the badge comes into play. As does the fact that Ichigo has unintentionally bludgeoned his way to infamy. Yes, he has no interest in politics, but we see that politics now takes great interest in him.
Chaos-Guard chapter 45 . 8/24
So I just got caught up. I'm still rooting for Adeline x Ichigo all the way (it's perfect). Another thing is gonna be when Ichigo (also read as If) gets back to Kamakura, will there be a time lapse, if so how will he deal with Aizen or more specifically... Juha Bach. (Not calling him Ywach). Great work keep it up.
Aesir19 chapter 45 . 8/23
When Ichigo was in the POD being healed by Drauntia, I had the impression we would gain an understanding of the changes to his physical body which were made to better accommodate his power. During this chapter that obviously did not occur, is this something which will be revealed to us in coming chapters?
Guest chapter 45 . 8/23
I'll be honest, I came into this fic with alot of apprehension, while the idea of Ichigo-in Azeroth is an awesome idea, due to the nature of the world requiring large amounts of OCs to really tell a good story, this could've easily been another fic with a million OCs that no-one remembers. However, with Adelina and Caren, (in particular Adelina), you've managed to get me invested in them, even with the handicap of them being OCs. Additionally, as several other's have mentioned, you're Ichigo is a definite breath of fresh air from all the fics that have him as an invincible badass who has no issues and all women automatically love him. On the contrary, with your Ichigo, I can't help but feel whoever he ends up with (kudos on the single pairing plan btw), will have her hands full helping him through the insane amount of mental and emotional issues that you've highlighted.

Also, having read some of your previous replies to Reviews, I'm impressed that you're taking this all the way through Mists, before having him return home (possibly with his girlfriend). Good luck, though if I had to point out a flaw with that plan is that so far you frankly havent been doing enough timeskips, as it's been 400k words and we're still in Vanilla. But if you can handle the pace (and update size) then keep going.

Finally, someone off topic, but after taking a look at your bio page, your Warhammer 40k Multicross looks very interesting, is there a time frame for that coming out?
Guest chapter 45 . 8/22
I like how the relationships you have created with the characters so far, and they seemed to pretty well designed and interesting so far, but Caren seems a little static of a character mostly seemingly to have fights with Ichigo. I'm sure her character will be explored more though. Despite that every character seems to be realistic and believable in their behavior towards Ichigo, being far more wary of him and most likely try to use him considering he is a kid that would make sense.

About romance, the issue I have is that when the love interest of the protagonist, the love interest is usually created for the protagonist and as a result is fairly uninteresting. I hope the OC doesn't end up that way and instead has their own personality and agenda even if it doesn't align with Ichigo's, but I don't think it will come to that anyway since you are self-aware about certain issues like harems. I can see why some would want to have Ichigo with established characters since there is already a framework to use. I would also think if there is a romance it could be fairly unconventional. As someone who travels across the world there is a as much as a chance that Ichigo would end up with non-human than a human and that he will most likely interact with older and much older individuals considering that WoW is a western game which usually have older player characters than JP games. Most adventurers starting out would probably be in their late teens and early-mid twenties. Although, a relationship with Sylvanas would be kind of weird and would likely require Ichigo to have more character development first, it could work if done right. Sylvanas doesn't have a lot of kindness in her life, Ichigo can actually give her that( doesn't mean she should get an 180 in her personality) and her dark attitude can help shape his world view, both of these traits can help with their character development and could lead to very interesting events. Their relationship would be very complicated, but that would make it interesting if you decide to have some focus on it. A lot of time in romantic relationships we end up with someone that contemplates us, or someone that have something we don't have.

The relationship between Adelina would be something more like compassionate love or platonic love than something romantic. Considering Nelf live such a long time and was immortal I imagine that love focused more on the emotional level instead of physical. Tyrande was with Malfurion for a very long time and still loved each other when he was in the Emerald Dream. I think Adelina would develop a very strong bond for Ichigo it would be more than a sibling relationship, but not to the point of romantic relationship either. Caren I can see she probably develops an crush on Ichigo, but it wouldn't last long. Maybe a love-hate relationship similar to siblings.
Arrankor chapter 45 . 8/22
I'm really enjoying this story. I'm curious will Ichigo's actions and that ofor your Oc have a butterfly affect on the events in wow? Do you plan to stop before legion I think Legion could be a fun one for you to do would the broken shore turn out the same I don't think it would. As far as your poll is it who we would like to see or think will happen? Canon Ichigo likes them busty and bubbly so maybe that can help your final pairing lol.
Leapinglemur chapter 45 . 8/21
I loved Ichigo's response to Caren's taunting, absolutely perfect.
I've always loved blademasters, it'll be interesting to see how all of them joining the horde will affect the future.
Great work as always, I can't wait to see what comes next.
SirDuranix chapter 1 . 8/21
how many chapters have you redone at this point? because you've said nine in 'chapter 1' but that hasn't changed since i started following the story
Drow79 chapter 45 . 8/21
No matter where he goes Ichigo is always the subject of legends. I find it amusing that he's got more respect with the Tauren than Stormwind, in fact does Stormwind even know about him? I can't remember.
Lightsbane1905 chapter 45 . 8/21
curiouser and curiouser
Krazyfanfiction1 chapter 45 . 8/21
great as usual
well worth the wait.
the unsung antihero chapter 45 . 8/21
One thing occurs to me. Since this ichigo never had the emotional development in the Fullbringer's arc, he won't react the same way if he learns the tire nature of the badge. Yeah we know that he suspected something about the badge when he first got it, but at that time he also didn't fully trust any of the captain's all to much (outside of maybe toshiro due to his time in karakura before ichigo left for hueco moundo), not until after the instant when captain komomaru had that mini heart to hear with ichigo in the middle of the first round of the Aizen fight... heck up until the point where kenpachi saved his but from noitora he still technically felt that most of the shinigami had sticks up their arse's. So I do wonder how you will approach the reveal if or when you do get around to it.
Black cross0 chapter 45 . 8/21
Really good chapter man it was good to see thrall and voljin and I can't wait till he and ichigo meet that's gonna be good.

I wonder how will ichigo take the news about the badge? Will it be the same as the anime/manga, have its own twist or or will he not be told at all? I'm curious.
Impstar chapter 45 . 8/21
Pretty sure Ichigo knew in canon, or at least by the end of the Fullbring arc he did. Still would be interesting seeing his input upon this being thrust into his face here.
star chapter 45 . 8/21
hey dunno if u've read it... but #4 of the pre-legion comics is out and had a thing at d end that i feel maybe suitable to add in united.

basically at the end their is a time skip of many many years into the future frm legion timeline where we see an old high king anduin sitting in his chair inside a dimensional ship... probably Exodar(or the whole of tempest keep). Then Velen comes and informs him that that moment is the opportune tym to strike a decisive blow against the legion...

maybe u could add this as a future vision or something where instead of velen it's one of the characters from the multitudes of animes instead
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