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rachel625 chapter 42 . 7/23/2020
Wow! Awesome story! I did make it like 5 chapters before I caved and read the spoiler story. lol I actually read this and the story of EPOV together going chapter by chapter! It was interesting getting both of their point of views together! Thank you for the amazing read!
Guest chapter 42 . 4/16/2020
Love love love this story! Only recently discovered it and I keep coming back for another read.
It's a perfect mixture of flutf, lemons and angst.
Your worked the characters well. It's wonderful to see the development in Edward-from a 25 year old party boy to a man with a wife and kid.
JojoJinx chapter 20 . 3/24/2020
Poor bella. It must be so hard to know whether she should tell edward about the pregnancy or not. Personally i think she could. Maybe she could also tell him it meant she had a bit of him with her even when he was away that made her feel stronger... But gah just listen to all the reasons bella might reason against telling him and you can't really question why she'd have trouble deciding whether to tell him or not. Here's my list in no order...

*Edward's biological mother died in childbirth and he harboured the guilt for a long time... Edward might be terrified for bella's life and distraught for contributing to putting her in that position.

*Edward's missing out on caring for bella in the pregnancy and he may miss his child's first steps, words etc etc... Make him feel even more isolated from fault and alone in the world maybe
*will edward twist it and get suspicious remembering how bella had deliberately got pregnant without jacob knowing (personally i think edward knows bella would never do this now) and think bella's doing the same again as a desperate ploy to keep her in his life
*doesn't know if he'll want the baby or her

I think i had more reasons but I've forgotten them... But yeah, poor edward and bella
JojoJinx chapter 11 . 3/24/2020
Awwww man have i been harsh. I've been looking at everything black and white and it's just not. Maybe bella and edward will be able to understand each other in a way no one else would
JojoJinx chapter 10 . 3/24/2020
I think it's not esme messaging edward now... I think the police have hacked in and are lying to get him to come out of hiding. Also i cared about edward at the start but i feel like i hate him for the way he treats bella. He treats her with no respect, like a child and is pushy. He mocks her for not wanting alcohol and its like he's trying to make her dependent on her. She's clearly very vulnerable and he's taken advantage in so many ways.
JojoJinx chapter 9 . 3/24/2020
Okay this chapter makes me cross. I've been making many excuses for edward but the way he's pressuring her into drink, constantly pushing against her boundaries and giving no thought to the fact he's spending all her money makes me very cross. He's playing with her vulnerabilities as a distraction from his own.
JojoJinx chapter 5 . 3/24/2020
So i haven't read the prequel to bella's story yet so it's pure guess but my guess is she was in a car accident and she was drinking after maybe one or two drinks... I'm guessing not drunk drunk but maybe more relaxed then she would be and Jake was in the passenger seat and either she was pregnant or they had a baby or child of there's in the car. I'm guessing the child /baby died or she lost the pregnancy and I'm guessing jake new he was about to die and told/begged bella to swap places with him so he looked like the driver responsible... Therefore no one would go to prison as he'd be dead anyway. That's my guess. It would explain why she said about the big lie that had destroyed everything... And her anxiety towards driving and alcohol... And her reaction to Alice's child... Also if she lied to everyone all her family and friends and husbands family to do what her husbands dying wish was she'd probably feel isolated wherever she went with a secret that destroyed her and could never be spoken. That's my guess anyway but I'm looking forward to hearing more
ChrisDGoosey chapter 36 . 10/30/2019
This is my favourite Edward of yours and one of my favourite of the whole fandom. I love this fic.
Emo4 chapter 42 . 10/22/2019
I love this story! It was great. I really like your writing.
Just Sus chapter 32 . 9/27/2019
Love Chopped! I can see Edward on it!
Just Sus chapter 19 . 9/27/2019
Won't Esme tell him if Bella doesn't? She needs to tell him ASAP!
Just Sus chapter 18 . 9/27/2019
I think he loves her...he may not be thrilled at 1st, but I think he'll be happy when he gets used to it...maybe? I only hope he wants Bella and his child!
Guest chapter 28 . 4/6/2019
I think that was wrong...he bsically forced her
Guest chapter 26 . 4/6/2019
She whispers a lot
Guest chapter 24 . 4/6/2019
Seriously? Hedoesntspeak to her in 4 days andshe lets him in and hassex with him without soeaking?
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