Reviews for The Aftermath: A Tragic Tale
lovehatress chapter 1 . 10/19/2014
oh mygod i was so gonna cry when i read this and i did now im so sad what happened but the imperial in it is so sweet
Aoi chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
Chibi Tezu... Kyaaa!
Don't worry Tez-chan obe will take really good care of you! And we'll skin Shibari Haru and dip him in vinegar!

About the prompt... how about Oishi/Tez ? I'd like to see Oishi being the seme and Tez the uke ;)
If that pairing seems too difficult, how about Inui/Tezu?
Some lemon would be appreciated and if possible, make it a multi chapter fic :)
Am I being too vague? I've never given any prompts before so just to be on the safe side I'll add more specifications, but you don't have to necessarily follow them.

I want Tez to be a shy and some what reluctant uke. (Blushing Tez is soooo ADORABLE)
I want Tez and his partner (Inui or Oishi) to be lovers.
A romantic scenario will be greatly appreciated. (Like Oishi/Inui doing something that moves Tez so much that he decides to give himself in return despite his inhibitions.)
Make it a loooooooooooong one.

Also, I really liked ur "A Night of Horror". It was really cute. Will u consider continuing it? Or at least a sequel?