Reviews for Strong Steele
Guest chapter 1 . 5/22
This story is so full of contradictions. People who come from money are leaders not followers and would definatly not be police officers. It's clear that you lead a very humble life and know nothing about people with wealth and people from upper class. Also because of you we have lost a lot of good authors and stories.
Guest chapter 48 . 5/16
I have been absolutely binging on this story. It's so kick-ass! Please bring it back! Lots of love x
Guest chapter 45 . 5/15
oh my goodness this was the most fucking boring story in the whole world. I wish I could take back all the time that I wasted on reading this pile of junks. It was shitty and stupid. A wasted hours of my life.
mistymed0307 chapter 29 . 5/11
I found your story yest and have been binge reading. The chapter made me cry! My husband was like "what is wrong with you" lol
Ami chapter 1 . 5/9
Please Please Please come back and finish the story, Still holding out hope of an ending for this, it's such a good read, I adore your oc of Gavin. Please
josiewhyte87 chapter 1 . 4/25
Hey ellabankss. Is everything doing ok? Missing Strong Steele a lot. Still like to catch up with Hot cop and your Ana.
Guest chapter 48 . 4/9
Will you ever be posting again please? I'm begging :( I miss Mr boxer's and Ana so much. I always come back in the hope of something. Please
EllieSmith88 chapter 2 . 3/7
Will you be continuing with this story please? I'm begging, I absolutely loved your Ana and your original character of Gavin. Still holding out hope of getting the ending or even another chapter from the cliffhangers of chapter 48! Please. EllieS x
ncbwater chapter 48 . 3/7
I'm hooked. Can't get enough please update soon
JuicyLucy chapter 48 . 3/5
Don't listen to stupid reviews like the one below. Still so man is people waiting and liking the story. Just don't want people who clearly don't like your story putting you down on hopefully getting around to finishing it. Still don't understand after so much time, why people read, don't like and leave a completely disheartening review for the writer. I've read this many a time, and will still hold out hope for you returning to finish, no other non Christian story has captured me like this one, I love Ana and Gavin together, it's a refreshing story and totally worth the read.
Christine Wood chapter 48 . 3/6
omg not again, another story a long one that leaves you hanging... why is this not finished or added to in the last year...
Mitzi1958 chapter 48 . 3/5
Sorry, but I do not like this story. Ana gave Christian many chances to change and yes he did wrong twice If not more but where is the consequences for the woman who sent the contract to Ana? It takes two to break up a marriage and since this woman new that Christian was married than SHE chose to break up that marriage! I do not know I believe her story of her husband being dead, if he was there are a lot of clubs in New York that could have given her what she wanted a good beaten. I wonder if Elena isn't involved with this. I also do not trust Gavin's envolvement with his ex that sold drugs. I think he might be in love with Ana but if this woman was into drugs and may have thugs after her and Gavin was or is involved than how safe is Ana or Teddy. Ana is all about her safety and Teddy's when Christian's wacko's were involved whe they were a part of Christian's world. So I think turn around is only fair, let Ana lose custody of Teddy because of the dangers copman may be exposing them too. Why is it always Christian's fault? This situation that is going down with Gavin and if Ana finds out and something happens to herself or Teddy than she is no better than Christian and the crazies that surrounded him. Ana needs to get off her high horse and realize no one is perfect and what has she done to Teddy's self esteem. He has seen from both of his parents nothing is worth fighting for, nothing is sacred. What will he be like when he grows up? A father who can or will not grow up and stop acting on impulses and a mom who doesn't take herself out od dangerous situations wither it be a husband with serious mental issues or a boyfriend who has a job and an ex girlfriend that he can not place on the back burner for his new girlfriend. He appear entry can not leave the ex along which could be dangerous for Teddy which in my opinion makes it al right for Christian to get custody of Teddy and I think Christian needs a new therpist! Clearly Flynn and him are now too much like friends and friends do not see things clearly, they have blinders on. Christian needs a new doctor who will call him out on his bullshit and stop blaming himself of the loathsome self esteem kid/man that he likes to find excuses for his bad behavior. Who knows maybe if they both start getting help they can get back together. Because my sister has 4 mix up kids, 3really since one killed himself from drugs and if they (parents) had not stuck there heads in the sand, claiming I am right, I am the wrong party than maybe just maybe their kids would not be mixed up like they all are.
ItsAStrangeDay chapter 48 . 2/20
I just caught up on this whole thing and it is amazing! I love love love everything about this story so much. I am team Gavin all the way (until given reason to be otherwise) and am so excited to see where you take this whole thing. Kudos on a job well done building an extremely likeable relationship between Ana and an original character. I'm all for Christian somehow finding a way to prove himself if that is the eventual plan for this, but if not, I'm just loving it how it is. Amazing!
Guest chapter 48 . 2/17
This is such a good story, are you going to finish it? There. Is so many different ways you could take this story. Please continue.
Fiona chapter 48 . 2/16
Always check back for an update, will you post again please?
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