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Amy chapter 52 . 3/16/2020
Gavin looks like 90's male model David Boals.
wkathryn71 chapter 52 . 2/9/2020
Is there a sequel
Nikkei chapter 52 . 1/1/2020
More please
limtse1978 chapter 1 . 10/28/2019
Please continue:)
Caz Forbes chapter 52 . 9/24/2019
Are we getting more chapter as I love this story so much xx
Lanny chapter 1 . 7/30/2019
Please update the story
ladysatinfire chapter 9 . 7/17/2019
You put Anna with another man but you using the lines dream of me that Christian used to say to her
ladysatinfire chapter 6 . 7/16/2019
This chapter was okay I just didn't like that he bit ana lips like Christian did I hope he don't make love to her like Christian did
ruby84 chapter 52 . 6/2/2019
update soon plz loved it want more
Guest chapter 52 . 2/20/2019
Where are the next chapters?
ruby84 chapter 1 . 10/18/2018
update soon plz love it this story
Ava chapter 52 . 10/13/2018
You marvelous writer I love the way you write I love the way you present the thoughts the dialogue the views the situations everything I just love it and it's super fan of your I have read this each and every chapter and believe me my heart is a little bit breaking and I am feeling very weird I am kind of in a situation of crying because I don't like the idea of Ana being with someone else..I agree with you that people should be should try with some other men more than one some other but there is some people who falls in love and have the happily Ever After with the first men or women they met you have to agree with this if you believe in love at first sight if you have read most of the stories there so many books and stories when people end up with the first .. Christian and Ana this is it is what the first... it shows that people can end up with the first you have to understand offcourse you understand or else you can't be writing And if you want Ana with some normal man then make Christian normal or get someone else write some another story but in the same story Christian a cheater and anastasia not forgiving her him being with someone else is breaking my heart little by little and she is thinking that Christian used her and take advantage of her no it's not like that if he had he didn't have married and have teddy with her ...whatever you have written it just fake you shouldn't be writing that I am so affected with your writing because I love it but I don't like the plot Ana and Christian are there so good try to understand the feeling that think as a reader try to understand what reader can feel about 2 characters Christian and anastasia the two character also a they are undescribable the character are priceless you cant just write anything negative about them you have to understand the originality if you want to write something of Ana being with someone else can go ahead write it but don't try it Christian cheated on ana and she doesn't give him a chance and left if you are fan of Fifty Shades series you should know that if you love some character if you love someone we have full faith and trust on them we do not expect them to hurt us cheat on us I love Christian and anastasia they are most amazing character and I never ever expected or think or let the thought crossed my mind of Christian being a cheater or Christian and anastasia broke down and not have a happily Ever After and Ana being with someone else in front of Christian no I didn't thought anything like that but I have read some cheat stories and it had effected me very badly I do not like the thought of Christian cheating or anything are hurting and are in anyway cuz I never think of Christian being so bad look the series he did ask her to be submissive but he never disrespected her or treated her badly or think of hurting her so so much so brutally no he didn't you always respect her in try to do everything to make her happy so there hundreds in lots of stories of anastasia and Christian being together cc if you can't make it positive don't write it and don't really like it I don't like Kevin now I like Christian and anastasia try if you can try to change or delete it and write something else but Christian being in the same story as a cheater the person have hurt Ana... it's very difficult to corporate... you have written this ok fine wow but you should know that Christian and anastasia belong to each other they made for each other the most have anything character most of the people fans only love Christian and Ana but if they think of nrl Christian being with someone else other than them together then believe me you are not a true lover you are not a true fan of Christian and anastasia you are not a true fan Fifty Shades of series you are not a true lover of Fifty Shades of series a true lover of Christian and anastasia just delete this or if you're not you can try something else in this change it even if you haven't updated in two or three months or so what is this right you should update come on update fast or not if you cant cannot be deleted write something else Christian and Ana they belong to each other..I really don't like the idea of Christian as a cheater no...He can't be...its just so wierd...I don't like it..try something different .. don't think of whatifs ... Christian and Ana are made for each other doesn't matter what you write...cheers to Anastasia and Christian... and if you cannot make it today that would be good very very good at least I really not have to read or think of Christian being so alone and heart and guilty and regretting I don't like the thought update of Christian and anastasia not SO happily Ever After come on their the best thing ever happened to each other I love you so much how can you how can anyone of you write such a stories on them if you can think so low of him then you are not a true lover to fan I don't think so Christian and anastasia I made for each other my favourite character ... Christian and anastasia do has a happily ever after they do... you have to agree they are made for each and if you can't you are not a true lover by the true fan come on lady think think Christian and anastasia are the best for each other and are the super good for eachother bye bye
Ava chapter 52 . 10/13/2018
You are insulting EL James by writing a negative story on her most amazing character...this not the Ana, this not the Christian...they are just fake in your story...I really don't get it how could anyone write such mean story about two loving people, a negative story Christian is a very good man in the original series and you have created a negative part of him- cheating you know most of the people who love Fifty Shades never never never expect can't even think of Christian to be a cheater.. he can't do that he only only wants Ana ever, we can see it in the original series I don't know how people can write this negative stories, there are so many books and so many perfect couple, people don't write any negative on them, over the man that he had cheated on her girlfriend or wife or whoever. And if you want Ana being with different man if you really want anything with different men then right another stong Christian and Anastasia are my most favourite character and most of most readers and I just love them, yours is breaking my heart I can see this I almost cry whenever I read this and I'm like what the f*** is this no no no no you can't write that please do something positive Christian ana Ana belong to each other and ok I agree with you there Ana I should get a perfect life I mean Ana should be happy I agree Ana should get a chance to try with some other another man but there are so many people who falls in love in and have a happily Ever After with the first man the met or with the first woman ok, Christian has 15 women and a weird old woman in his life doesn't matter Ana was the first in love in everything in every she is what he wants apways -his first you can't take them away from each other in your story The Fifty Shades series is kind of disappointing some people are loving gavin but I don't really like him and I am obsessed with Aana and Christian you have to try try to understand make something positive and Aana and Christian belong to each other I don't know why are the writers thinking of whatifs-that whatic Christian cheat on Ana and they broke up and then there should no chance what is this? Love and trust ccan be destroyed only if you let... she is not giving him a chance fine but why? anastasia and Christian they are a very amazing character EL James has created and you are separating them the memories and everything no I don't think that is good you shouldn't do this you are marvelous writer offcourse I love your writing skill the way you write I love everything I just love it but the plot Ana and Gavin they don't really match with no no not really please understand and try to write something positive if you can't please delete the story now if you really want Ana too be with someone else other than Christian and Ana then write something else this cheating story... expecting Christian to cheat on Ana.. come on I can't think of that I have written so many stories but I never never get this thought crossed my mind of Christian cheating on Ana no no I didn't ever I just love them the way they are ...they relationship is very weird but with strong and so so much of love.
Can you do me a favour try to think as a leader try to think as a very obsessed fan of Fifty Shades of series of Christian and Anastasia. If you believe in love at first sight then you should believe that some people can really end up with the first man then met for the first woman to fall in love with yes we can second love its sound kind of weird I mean I believe ok people really do have a chance to fall again but thinking or expecting such a good character to do something negative is not good. Most of the writers of FanFiction have written of Ana forgiving Christian if Christian has done something wrong because they know that Christian and Ana meet made for each other they belong to each other they are the best character anyone can ever think of you can't just separate them just like that ...please try to understand the feelings please...
Guest chapter 52 . 8/30/2018
Continue please
Ava chapter 52 . 8/21/2018
next chapter
Next chapter
Next chapter
Next chapter?
Please I am waiting soon or u will definitely die of curiosity n I know u don't want your readers to die
Please please soon I am waiting
Love u
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