Reviews for Strong Steele
Stacey chapter 48 . 2/9
Omg why do you leave us hanging! I can't wait to read! Post soon please I look everyday for a new post.
J chapter 48 . 2/9
G and A are just too cute together
PrettyPixieBallerina chapter 48 . 2/9
...WHAT? You leave us with Chloe saying 'it's fake'? How could you!? Update soon...holding my breath and hanging on...
kayla86evans chapter 48 . 2/9
As always sooooo excited to see an update for strong steele :D always makes my day :D

OMG what a cliffhanger! what's going to happen now? you can't leave us too long. pretty please!
Kitty590 chapter 48 . 2/9
I love and hate where this ended, so much anticipation now until the next update
summerdressdays chapter 48 . 2/9
Wow couldn't believe it when I saw my email notification. Great chapter, so glad your back. Is it silly I love Ana and Gavin together so much, that Ana finally saying those words and the afterwards of how they both felt has left me near tears? Not usual for a story to really get to me, but this one does.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/9
Please don't leave us that long again. I was losing my mind
Guest chapter 48 . 2/8
More soon. :D pleaseeeee
zen chapter 48 . 2/8
So happy to see the update. Your developing such an intense amazing story line and characters. Gavin and Ana waking up together, realizing they're in love and despite the bullsh*t from others around them are happy, I loved that part, so intimate, emotion filled and heart warming. I couldn't love Mr. Boxers any more right now if I tried, he's (or should i say you) has got me hook, line and sinker. I'm sure Gavin and Ana can have lots of fun exploring those fantasies of Ana's.
And happy one year to your story. Before I read it i hated stories with either AS or CG with anyone else, but you changed that, Now i'd take Officer Hottie over CG anyday. Everything you write is amazing, this story, your one-shot, you should be proud, you have a really good talent.
IrishCutiePie chapter 48 . 2/8
Interesting ending. I'm despising the cliffhanger ending right now though. I'll just be sitting here waiting at my PC waiting on the next update!
TiaCoffeeAddict chapter 48 . 2/8
So unpredictable. That's what is best about this story. Chloe's ending line for the chapter. I didn't see that coming. What is Chloe talking about? Great job again.
Polly chapter 48 . 2/8
What a wonderful chapter! You covered everything, loved how things are flowing. One? When are they going to move in, get engaged, married, have a family and stuff it in Christians face what he lost ?! I think i'm in a bitter mood lol I read the whole story again and it just made me hate your Christian all over again and fall in love with Gavin all over again. Will be sure to go see the one shot as well.
neim92.2 chapter 48 . 2/8
You are the best, love your writing!
Emi chapter 48 . 2/8
Fabulous update. Go Ana! Stand up for yourself and go meet Mrs Boyle and put her in her place. Like Ana is thinking it will be a waste of time for Amanda to try and convince her to leave Gavin. Especially now they are both in love and both seem to have the mind-set to be in it for the long haul. I'll keep hoping Amanda nor Chloe tear Ana and Gavin apart in the end.
Izzy x chapter 48 . 2/8
Please update chapter 49 soon please

I love how you are writing ana in this story. Her and gavin go so well together.

Izzy x
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