Reviews for Strong Steele
LoveReadingGirl chapter 51 . 11/8
Awesome chapter. Ana and Gavin have some smoking hot love between them!
PrettyPixieBallerina chapter 51 . 11/8
Completely wonderful writings. I'm so happy you are back writing. This story has me aching for more as soon as I've read a chapter. Thank you
Emma1987 chapter 51 . 11/8
Uh oh, Gavin's going to be pissed with momma bear for going behind his back I think. Another really enjoyable read, So many questions from this chapter that I can't wait to be answered, I hope it wont be long till next chapter.
skinnygirlinafatgirlbody chapter 51 . 11/8
Happy you'll be continuing the story. This stuff with Amanda and Chloe is getting vey intesering
Karen chapter 51 . 11/8
What is his mothers problem...i think gavin has an idea...Ana can deal with her !
dm.damzel chapter 51 . 11/8
Mr rouge cop is back! Can't wait! Amazing update. Pretty please post again soon.
MillieMae13 chapter 51 . 11/8
A new update and extra long. Thanks you ellabankss!
TillyTillyTilly chapter 51 . 11/8
I was looking forward to Ana meeting Gavin's family and hoping it went well. Amanda is getting to involved and rude. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.
StarGazerGirl13 chapter 51 . 11/8
I can't believe I've only just seen updates for this story. It was great to get to catch up on 3 chapters all in one go. This is such a strong storyline, its pulled me right into, this next chapter can't come quick enough!
AmyDrummondxoxox chapter 51 . 11/8
Thank you thank you thank you for a new chapter, have been looking forward to it.

I love sexy officer Boyle.

More soon please

Amy xoxox
feefee984 chapter 51 . 11/8
Thank you for another chapter
blondecookie chapter 51 . 11/8
I hope things don't get ugly either. This could end so badly...
RockRollIndieChick chapter 51 . 11/8
Oh Mrs Boyle is playing a dangerous game. Ana won't take any rubbish anymore.

I'm starting to think whatever she's playing it will Coke between Ana and Gavin. Oh no.

More soon please
Pks9704 chapter 51 . 11/8
I hope Ana chews her up...
melanuschke1984 chapter 51 . 11/7
This can't be good. I have a bad feeling about Mrs. Boyle. Good I want my own Gavin. Glad your back
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