Reviews for Strong Steele
Penny chapter 50 . 11/3
Is Gavin going to get in trouble with his work because of Chloe? Oh no she's got to go lol
Penny chapter 50 . 11/3
Team Ana! This is such a good story so happy to see it back
PrettyPixieBallerina chapter 50 . 11/3
It's wonderful you are back writing. I'm glad the people bullying you before haven't made you stop, I'm excited to see how this story goes now. I'll be happy whatever you as the author chose to do but I sure have fallen for Gavin
muymy chapter 50 . 11/3
Had been so puzzled by what Chloe meant by its fake in the last chapter, this is like a mystery detective novel trying to figure it out and it's superb. So Chloe getting the tattoo was purely to get anton back and she didn't fully realise the meaning of it. She's causing an uproar to poor Gavin's life. He needs to out her straight and stop being the good guy with eveyone. I love the drama and action that happens in this story but that there is always place for those sweet moments between the main part/characters of the story.

Absolutely cannot wait for another chapter.
ncbwater chapter 50 . 11/3
Love love love Gavin
GavAna101 chapter 50 . 11/3
Please please pleaseeeeeee make this a #Havana, dear Ella! I have disturbia on replay and I'll freaking lose my mind if this ain't gonna end with Gavin and Ana (Gavanaaaaa)
Chrana (CG and As ) fans, go away cause it was Christian's fault for sticking his D up a sluts P.

And this is the only interesting story (I was waiting for an update since last year) in which Ana grows a pair and has serious relationship with someone other than a messed up Billionairre

Love, Stacy
Stacey chapter 50 . 11/3
Omg you're back with strong Steele. More more more please
muymy chapter 49 . 11/3
Fantastic way to make a come back to writing. What a nice treat for those who are still looking out for this story. Halloween is often the missed holiday so it was nice to see a little something for it and to welcome back strong Steele.
IrishCutiePie chapter 50 . 11/3
Already waiting for more. Have sorely missed this story and Ana and Gavin
pinkwhitepinkwhite chapter 50 . 11/3
After 18 months I didn't imagine seeing a new chapter here. I always liked this story for the originality of the characters for the different take on continuing Ana's story from a different point than any other. I had to go back and read it all again to bring myself back up to speed and it's made me remember what a great story this was. Would be nice to see a story with a different ending such as Ana actually ending up with someone other than Christian and Gavin seems to be a good match for her, saying that it would be nice to know Christian is happy in the end to though perhaps not even another woman just finding his own peace and allowing Ana to be happy with someone else, whatever way I'm looking forward to hopefully more and hopefully soon
meigs37 chapter 50 . 11/3
Can we have Christian soon? Id love for him to get a LOVE INTEREST.
As i doubt he will win Ana back now she's so happy with Gavin. :(
Glad your back and loving the updates :)
what'd'ya'say chapter 50 . 11/3
Loved it! Honestly didn't expect any more for this so was a nice surprise. Keep posting please!
JuicyLucy chapter 50 . 11/2
You're back writing? Unexpected surprise. Awesome!
Checked out the blog but was having trouble having to make an account to comment so will just comment here, glad to see you back, and how the story goes on from here with whatever changes you've made, looking forward to more
dmspas chapter 50 . 11/2
Thanks for the chapter. I read this entire story over the past weekend. You have introduced all these different characters, but taking your time with plot or story. So I'm guessing now. Gavin's mom and Richerson are part of the human trafficking ring. And Gavin gets killed because his phone isn't charged. And Ana goes back to Christian because now she is stronger. Please continue the story, I like it but moving a little slow. Have a great day.
Guest chapter 19 . 11/2
Totally Grey team!
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