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Fleet of the Wind chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
Looking forwards for what is to come! :) Thanks for letting me submit, and good luck!
medusa's pen chapter 1 . 2/10/2013
Love the potential this story has! I sent you a character! Love your story!
The Giggling Gummy Bear chapter 1 . 2/9/2013
I sent in another tribute by PM
T1nyDanc3r chapter 1 . 2/8/2013
This is great! I can't wait to read more;)
Mr. Perfectionist chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
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Mr. Perfectionist
cc4s chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
The first chapter was amazing! I really liked your writing style and how well developed the characters were so far! I hope you like my tribute and want to use her and I can't wait to read the rest of the story! I'm sure it will be amazing :D Please update soon!
Princesskatnissmellark chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Name (match their names with what the district produces, e.g. Glimmer is for Luxury): Coral Naylor

Age: 15

District: 4

Personality (be original, try to include some flaws and imperfections that they have): Coral is outgoing and has a strong will that will lead her to dangerous situations but she doesnt back down. She is romantic and loving. She hides her emotions well untill it is too much and she breaks down.

Appearance (if there are specific common traits for that district, follow it, if not then be creative but not perfect): she has sea green eyes, dark brown hair with caramel and golden natural highlights, she has tanned skin and freckles, she is tall around 5'8'' and is thin but toned.

Background: Coral's mother and father died when she was five while they were out on a fishing boat, her older brother, Kurtis, who is now married, brought her up alone and they struggled to survive.

Family & Friends: Kurtis, brother, age 23. Younger cousin Zooey, age 12. Best friend Lianna, age 15. Her friend , age 16.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes running, swimming, singing, phobia of boats because of her parents fate, hates over confident people.

Fears: phobia of boats, drowning

Reaping Outfit: wore a turquoise silk summer dress with orange, red and yellow coral reef embroidery around the hem and brown leather sandals that tie up her leg.

Reaped/Volunteered?Reaction/reason?: voulenteered in place of her 12 year old cousin Zooey because she didnt have anything to live for after she became depressed on the tenth anniversary of her parents death

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol: terrified of dying a slow death and thinks the games are terrible and the capitol people are revolting

District Token: gold necklace with woven pendant of a fish on it

Training Strategy: she acts dumb in the training while secretly gaining info on how other tributes act and flirts with the three male career tributes from 1,2 and 4 to make them turn on eachother so they kill eachother off

Performance for Game Makers: she throws tridents at targets, hitting everytime and weaves nets out of rope

Performance Score (be realistic): 9

Preferred Weapon(s) (up to two; unless they're from a specialized district, they probably aren't overly skilled): trident and net

Interview Outfit: a mermaid style, full length sea green dress with blue, red, orange and silver diamond on the shoulder

Interview Personality/Angle: she acts dumb but gives hints she is smarter than people think and when asked what she learnt in the training she says 'how to sleep while standing up'

Anything else about their time at the Capitol?: she sneaks down to the district one floor every night of her stay to be with the male tribute who she is sleeping with

-In the Arena-

Bloodbath?: she runs to the cornicopia, grabbing a bag with food, water and bandages and a trident make from sugar cane

Cornucopia Strategy: she goes in with the careers but leaves unhurt while the others fight it out

Arena Strategy: she stays away from the careers and makes and alliance with the boy from 1 (who left the careers) seperately

Allies?: boy from 1

Career?: yes shes from district 4

Open for Romance?: yes she falls in love with the boy from 1 after he tells her he loves her

Preferred Death: she is stabbed in the stomach by the girl from 1 for 'stealing her man'

-Mentor, Stylist & Escort-

Mentor (name, age, personality, the year they won, etc.): keylon langar, age 19, won 2 years ago age 17, handsome, likes Coral

Stylist (name, personality, style, etc.): karletta, shy but bubbly once you get to know her, goth but designs bright clothes

Escort (name, age, personality, what tributes think of them, etc.): lola junglesun, 26, too bubbly but ditzy ad never remembers anything, tributes like her because she isnt too fancy like most capitol people

Please submit a tribute! It would mean a lot to me ;)
its lonaya betch chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
sorry...p2 of my tribute Dayanna Freska
family: evil brother Gat and good brothers Tank and Nicko 21 &23
friends: jessas her best friend and would do anything for her ...and Khal whos in love with her and shes kinda interested but trys to avoin it...they all go hunting as a team and train a lot
likes: hunting and swiming and just being outside and active and on her girly time practices doing hair
dislikes: bullies...killing animals even tho its nessasarey ...the capital
fears: loosing her loved ones...underwater creatures and her brother Gat
reaping outfit: a beautiful black sudress that khal gave to her on her birthday with red roses all around it and cut strappy matching sandels with a nice red rose khal picked up and put in her hair last minute
volenteered for khals little 12 year old sister
opinion on capital: despises them ..thinks their all wierd freaks but also knows that its not some of their fault its just how most of them were raised
district token: a gold necklace with a cute little angel on it that belongd to her mother given by her father
training strategy: use a weapon that shes ok with so they wont know all her good skills
training room : bow and knives
training score: 10
weapons: good with a bow and awsome with knives...also can make some pretty difficult snares
weakness: cant throw a spear well an cant hear out of her left ear cause of a brutel beatdown by Gat
interview outfit: something red an black its her best colors
interview personality: sarcastic an funny dosnt want to kiss ass but wants some sponsers
cornacopia: grab somthing and get the hell outta there ...let the idiots get killed
area strategy: kills if needed make a tun of snares an camp in a tree makes allies if she trusts them an help out any little kids
allies: yes career; no no no
romance: sure
death: please dont kill her in the bloodbath! shes to slick an badass for that lol...and get killed in a real good fight with a career if not she wins!
mentor: York gaven 42 super cool down to earth guy an feels confident in her

stylist: free agusta another cool women who wants nothing but the best clothes to be worn
escort: brenda diffie a chippy snotty 30 year old who wants to be an escort for one of the cooler districts
its lonaya betch chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
name: Dayanna Freska
age: 17 district: 12 or 7
personality: fiesty, smart and very brave ...outspoken ...keeps to herself an dosnt trust others well and can be sneaky but has a good heart an is a loyal person
appearance: long wavey jet black hair with beautiful hazell eyes that pop! taned skin 5'6 130 lbs faded scars around neck back an face..
backround: grew up pretty poor but was taught to hunt by her two older brothers and father who she loves dearly but always trys to prove herself being the only girl in the family ...her other older brother Gat use to beat the hell out of her growing up an tried to slit her throght and was saved by her other brothers and she has the scars to show for it witch she wears with pride. Her mom died of cancer when she was just 3
family: father (andrew 48 hunter and trainer)brother(Gat 28)
Chucklez-Lives-On chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Name: Gabriel/Gabe Blackthorn

Age: 18

District: 7 (or 12, if 7's taken)

Personality: He's strong, brave, and not very talkative. He's not a "people person" (kinda like thresh, but he can speak full sentences). He's smart and good at being alert. He's protective of his family. He isn't the best at making friends.

Appearance: He's tall and stocky. He has jade green eyes and short, brown hair. He has a scar on his right hand from a splinter that got infected from when he was 10. He has a birthmark on his ankle that looks kinda like a lightning bolt. His skin his tan, his height is 6'4, and his weight is 187 lbs.

Background: he comes from a tessrae-poor family. His dad is a lumberjack and his mom is a healer, and that started when he was 10, because of his infected splinter. He is the oldest of six kids, and has to take tessrae for all of them. His family fell on hard times when he was 13, and that's when he had to start taking tessrae.

Family & Friends: Family: Marc Blackthorn (Dad, Age 57, smart and brave), Sophia Blackthorn (Mother, age 55, loving, gentle, and caring), Holly Blackthorn (Sister, age 17, smart and sassy, but good at looking after the younger kids), Rose Blackthorn (Sister, age 15, kind, gentle, thoughtful), Azalea Blackthorn (sister, Age 12, fun-loving, gentle, thoughtful, protective, Rex's twin sister), Rex Blackthorn (Brother, age 12, Azalea's twin, energetic, optimistic), and Hazel Blackthorn (Sister, age 9, sweet and thoughtful). Friends: Harris Springs (kinda like Gabe, which is why they're good friends)

Likes & Dislikes: he likes practicing axe and hatchet throwing, tree-climbing, and playing with his siblings. He doesn't like the Capitol, the Games, taking tessrae, or people who would attempt to hurt his family. He also doesn't like the idea of killing people, but he'll do it if necessary, and if it means going home to his family

Fears: he isn't afraid of much, except for one of his siblings being Reaped, and he is also kind of afraid of muttations

Reaping Outfit: white shirt and brown slacks

Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction/reason?: he volunteered, because Rex was reaped

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol: he dislikes the Games, and hates the Capitol. He thinks that the people of the Capitol are shallow, dumb, pathetic, and thinks that their accent is stupid and ridiculous, and the clothing and makeup they wear is gaudy and ridiculous.

District Token: a dark blue, medium-sized button that fell off of Rex's shirt and Gabe had decided to keep it. It turned out to be kind of like a good-luck charm to him

Training Strategy: Learn as much as he can, but touch up on things he knows

Performance for Game Makers: climbing, weights, axe throwing

Performance Score (be realistic): 9 or 10

Preferred Weapon(s) (up to two; unless they're from a specialized district, they probably aren't overly skilled): Axe or hatchet, but he can also use a spear, only if an axe or hatchet isn't avaliable

Interview Outfit: dark green suit

Interview Personality/Angle: not very talkative, not afraid of voicing his true opinions about things.

Anything else about their time at the Capitol?: he avoids the people of the Capitol as much as possible.

-In the Arena-

Bloodbath?: yes, but he doesn't stay for long

Cornucopia Strategy: get what he can, try to avoid killing

Arena Strategy: Stay away from people, go to a place people would least excpect him to go

Allies?: no, unless his District partner is a lot younger than him, he may try to protect her

Career?: no

Open for Romance?: no

Preferred Death: mutts

-Mentor, Stylist & Escort-

Mentor (name, age, personality, the year they won, etc.): Ash Welsh- age 35, smart, cunning, brave, tries to help the tributes as much as possible, and he won the 72nd Hunger Games at age 15.

Stylist (name, personality, style, etc.): Hermia Muse- stylish, trendy, good at understanding Gabe, thoughtful, careful, precise. She uses a bit of makeup, but not too much, and she has stylish but not tacky clothes

Escort (name, age, personality, what tributes think of them, etc.): Flora Anter- age 56, bubbly and enthusiastic, very much like a Capitol person, the tributes think she's too preppy and her clothes are stupid and ridiculous.
hungergameshgfan chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Name (match their names with what the district produces, e.g. Glimmer is for Luxury):Diamonte Saloon



Personality (be original, try to include some flaws and imperfections that they have):flirtacious, sexy, clumsy

Appearance (if there are specific common traits for that district, follow it, if not then be creative but not perfect):
blonde hair, tanned skin,blue eyes,straight hair
Background:rich family

Family & Friends:friend-Emerald Chesterfield

Likes & Dislikes:being popular, hates-flowers


Reaping Outfit:Orange and white flower printed dress

Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction/reason?:volunteered quite smug

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol:love it

District Token:emerald braclet from emerald

Training Strategy:don't show knife and bow and arrow skills

Performance for Game Makers:bow and arrow, knife

Performance Score (be realistic):10

Preferred Weapon(s) (up to two; unless they're from a specialized district, they probably aren't overly skilled):bow and arrow,knife

Interview Outfit-midnight blue dress with pearl necklace

Interview Personality/Angle:flirty,sexy,funny

Anything else about their time at the Capitol?:

-In the Arena-


Cornucopia Strategy:join the career pack then kill vicously and grab everything.

Arena Strategy:kill,kill,kill



Open for Romance?:yes

Preferred Death:no

-Mentor, Stylist & Escort-

Mentor (name, age, personality, the year they won, etc.):harper Maxwell, wants tributes to win like mad,won 78th games.

Stylist (name, personality, style, etc.)
Ralph Foster,stylish,kind
Escort (name, age, personality, what tributes think of them, etc.)
Azera Banks says she's under 30 as if
Huntress chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
I don't have an account, but I do have some tributes I hope you'll consider.

Name: Emerald Learra

Age: 17

District: 11

Personality: Emerald can be more than a little unsettling, because she behaves so differently to how she looks. Going on first impressions and appearances, it's often expected of her to be a shy girl, but she's not. Although, for the most of it, she's grown out of her hostile, deceptive and destructive personality she has when she was younger, she's still incredibly competitive; she loves to play games and challenge others. She has an unbelievable amount of energy, she likes to be moving or doing something, or she begins to get bored. She's also extremely determined, and will never give up on something. She's easily excitable; she loves to learn new things, go new places and meet new people.

Appearance: Her hair is glossy chestnut brown, and reaches her midback, falling over her forehead and always getting in her eyes, which are strikingly bright blue, standing out against her deeply tanned skin. She's not stunning, but her features look to be very delicate, giving her a pretty, innocent appearance. She's slim, and stands at 5'10, with an athletic figure.

Background: Born in District 2, her family was never rich and her parents longed for a victor in the family, putting her into training for the Games when she was seven. When she was eleven, her father was transferred to work in district 11, and the family moved with her. Her mother became determined to show off how much more they had than others in the District and her children just got bored of it. They began to explore the district, although they were disliked at first, they managed to make friends and join in with some of the work.

Family: Kalim, father, strict but fair and a peacekeeper, brown hair and green eyes. When he visits after the reaping, he tells her to join the careers. Sora, mother, likes to flaunt her money, blonde hair and blue eyes, twin brother, Flint, 17, black hair and blue eyes, has trained for the Games since he was six, younger sister, Luna, 13, blonde hair and green eyes, younger brother, Jakob, 11, black hair and green eyes.

Friends: Sisters Jasmine, 17, and Willow, 14, and Rosemary, 12, Dallu, all have black hair, Jasmine and Rosemary have dark brown eyes while Willow's are dark green. Oak Foran, 18 and Rula Faun, 15.

Likes: Climbing, swimming (her family have a pool), spending time with her friends.

Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, staying still.

Fears: Mutts, thunderstorms.

Reaping Outfit: Purple dress, with matching boots and gloves. Luna has one identical.

Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction/reason?: Reaped. She was shocked, because she wasn't expecting it; she knew there were others with their name in the bowl more times than hers. Once on stage, she tried to look happy, and waved for the crowd.

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol: She sees the Games as exciting and brilliant entertainment but unfair for poorer districts. The Capitol is just as exciting, and somewhere else to explore.

District Token: A bracelet woven with rushes and strips of fabric from her friends and siblings.

Training Strategy: Taking her father' advice, she manages to join the careers, and spends the rest of the training time practising with swordfighting and archery.

Performance for Game Makers: Using a sword, she “kills” one of the training dummies, and “kills” another using a bow.

Performance Score: 8

Preferred Weapon(s): Sword, bow.

Interview Outfit: Floor length silver dress, black boots and gloves.

Interview Personality/Angle: Very bold and determined, she makes sure that she doesn't show any weaknesses.

Anything else about their time at the Capitol?: She fights several times with her district partner.

-In the Arena-

Bloodbath?: No.

Cornucopia Strategy: Work with the careers to eliminate the weaker tributes.

Arena Strategy: Changes during the bloodbath. Initially it was to stay with the careers, and hunt the other tributes, but during the bloodbath, she decides against that, and takes a weapon and a backpack, hoping to team up with Corren.

Allies?: Yes, first with the careers, and then with Corren.

Career?: At first, afterwards no.

Open for Romance?: Yes, with Corren.

Preferred Death: Fighting another tribute or mutt.

-Mentor, Stylist & Escort-

Mentor (name, age, personality, the year they won, etc.): Hazel Myrell, won the 45th Games, 54, a very optimistic person, she tries to care for all her tributes.

Stylist: Evan Necero, very quiet and gloomy, a little creepy, oddly, he prefers to dress his tributes very brightly and make them stand out.

Escort: Holden Hipra, blue skin, hair and eyes, 36, he is under the impression that bigger and louder is better. Most tributes tend to find him irritating.

Name: Corren Dallu.

Age: 18

District: 11

Personality:Corren is just a little stand-offish,but that's not to say he's shy; he just prefers not to get to attached to anyone or anything outside of his immediate family. He's incredibly protective over his siblings, and cares for them deeply. He's very hard-working and stubborn; he doesn't like to give up. He absolutely hates bullying, and isn't bothered about stepping in to prevent it, although often his mere presence is enough; he seems to emit a more than slightly frightening aura that intimidates many people. He can also quickly become very violent, especially where his siblings are involved.

Appearance: Standing at 6'0, he's heavily muscled, with his black hair having been shaken short and his deep brown eyes set into his dark skin.

Background: Born into a poor family, he was taken to work with his father at four years old on the huge farm that he worked at, and has grown up working with the animals. His siblings joined them as they got older. At eleven, his father was executed by peacekeepers after he tried to protect his sister, Corren's aunt, from them. Corren now does most of the providing for his family, working along with his siblings.

Family: Kavrian, his father, was executed by peacekeepers when Corren was eleven, after trying to protect his sister. Sage, his mother, brown hair and eyes, now mostly works around the house. Younger sisters Jasmine, 17, and Willow, 14, and Rosemary, 12, all have black hair, Jasmine and Rosemary have dark brown eyes while Willow's are dark green, and younger brothers, Cedric, 13, and Rowan,11. Like Willow, Rowan has black hair and dark green eyes, while Cedric has pale brown hair and dark green eyes.

Friends: He has very few friends, with the only close one being Jason Marco, who has black hair and hazel eyes.

Likes: Being outside, being with his siblings, the quiet.

Dislikes: Bullies, people who hurt or scare any of his family, peacekeepers.

Fears: Deep water (he can't swim)

Reaping Outfit: Ragged brown trousers, green shirt, black boots.

Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction/reason?: Reaped. Unsurprised, knowing how many times his name was in the bowl. Shaken, but showed very little emotion on stage.

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol: Hates the Games with a vengeance, sees them as horrific and inhumane. Hates the Capitol as well, doesn't like the noise or crowdedness.

District Token: Black leather wristband, it was his father's.

Training Strategy: Focus on weaponry, learn basic combat and some first aid.

Performance for Game Makers: Uses an axe to decapitate a training dummy.

Performance Score: 6

Preferred Weapon(s): Axe.

Interview Outfit: Black two-piece suit with the sleeves roughly torn off.

Interview Personality/Angle: Silent and sullen, he refuses to talk.

Anything else about their time at the Capitol?: Argues often with Emerald, his district partner, and continues calling her “career girl” “peacekeeper girl” and “district 2” like he did when he ran into her in district 11.

-In the Arena-

Bloodbath?: No.

Cornucopia Strategy: Get a weapon and a backpack and leave.

Arena Strategy: Stay on the move, kill any tributes he comes across.

Allies?: He doesn't want allies, but Emerald is very persistent.

Career?: No.

Open for Romance?: Yes, with Emerald.

Preferred Death:

-Mentor, Stylist & Escort-

Mentor: Ridall Merell, won the 57th Games, 43, very rough, says what he feels.

Stylist: Evan Necero, very quiet and gloomy, a little creepy, oddly, he prefers to dress his tributes very brightly and make them stand out.

Escort: Holden Hipra, blue skin, hair and eyes, 36, he is under the impression that bigger and louder is better. Most tributes tend to find him irritating.

Name: Dust Torint.

Age: 14

District: 12

Personality: Dust is a loyal, caring boy. He hates to see those younger than him hurt or afraid, and feels the need to protect them. He's very open, and quick to say what he feels; he hates to be lied to or patronized.

Appearance: His hair is black, cut short around his ears, and his eyes are grey, set against his olive skin. He's a thin slip of a boy, standing at 5'3.

Background:Grew up with his poor family in the seam, and began to apply for tessarae as soon as he was eligible.

Family: His father is Jasper Torint, a miner. His mother is Lorceile Torint, who cares for many of the younger children in the seam. He has an older sister, Ember, who's 17, and a younger brother, Marco, who's 11.

Friends: He's a friendly boy and friends with many of those his age in the seam, but his closest are Ruby Clora, and Benji Areo.

Likes: Spending time with his friends, drawing.

Dislikes: The dark, heights.

Fears: Fire.

Reaping Outfit: Brown trousers and shoes, blue long sleeved shirt.

Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction/reason?: Reaped. Completely stunned, and burst into tears.

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol: He hates the Games and they terrify him. He's not keen on the Capitol either.

District Token: A small wood carving of a bird.

Training Strategy: Learn a bit of everything; combat and survival. Try to make some allies.

Performance for Game Makers: Display
charliesunshine chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
i pmd you mine hope you like and start soon
Flowergirl95 chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Name: Velvet Faller

Age: 14

District: 8

Personality: Silk's head is constantly full of music, and she's always humming or singing, whatever she does. Some people find it a little annoying, others find it nice. She's a friendly enough girl, always cheerful, but she doesn't have many friends, because she tends to be very distant, she often seems to be off in a world of her own. Due to this, people attempting to bully her are often left staring, as it goes straight over her head; she neither cares nor understands why they're laughing at her. She's completely oblivious as to the dangers of the world around her.

Appearance: Her hair is chocolate brown, reaching to just beneath her shoulders, and she tends to wear it in two pigtails or four plaits, tied with ribbons. Her eyes are bright green, standing out against her pale skin, and she stands at 5'2, with a very thin frame.

Background:Her family are poor, and her father struggled to feed them all while her mother stayed at home to take care of them. When Velvet was eight, she took a part-time job at a factory to bring home more money, and started working full time when Velvet was eleven.

Family & Friends:Her mom is Tara Faller, and her dad is Irin. She has two sisters, Lacey, who's 12, and tends to take charge, and Silk, who's 5, and a brother, Sewlin, who's 8. Her two closest friends are Leah Mortins and Wendy Lane.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes; singing and sewing. Dislikes; heights and deep water.

Fears: Fire.

Reaping Outfit: Patched blue dress reaching her knees, blue boots, hair in four plaits tied with white ribbons.

Reaped/Volunteered? Reaction/reason?: Reaped. She didn't realise at first; Leah had to tell her, and then after shaking hands with the male tribute, she fainted.

-At the Capitol-

Opinion towards Games & Capitol: The Capitol is too noisy and colourful, and the Games are too frightening to consider.

District Token: A ragdoll from Silk.

Training Strategy: Focus on survival skills and making allies.

Performance for Game Makers: Tying knots and choosing safe food.

Performance Score: 3

Preferred Weapon(s): Dagger.

Interview Outfit: Floor length pink dress, red shoes and gloves, hair in two plaits tied with red ribbons.

Interview Personality/Angle: Sweet and innocent, acts much like she normally does.

Anything else about their time at the Capitol?:

-In the Arena-

Bloodbath?: Possibly.

Cornucopia Strategy: She doesn't want to enter the bloodbath; she plans on just running.

Arena Strategy: Make a few allies and stay hidden from the other tributes.

Allies?: Yes.

Career?: No.

Open for Romance?: No.

Preferred Death: No preference.

-Mentor, Stylist & Escort-

Mentor (name, age, personality, the year they won, etc.): Freya Mills, 52, very caring and motherly.

Stylist: Honey Liall, very demanding and overbearing, likes things done her own way, likes her tributes to be simple and effective.

Escort: Luani Werra, 27, tributes see her as too loud and demanding.
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