Reviews for Crooked
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 2/28/2013
Very good. It's a strange and well presented pairing from you. Keep writing
MissingMommy chapter 1 . 2/7/2013
So my internal CharlieDraco shipper screamed in protest while reading this. I wacked it over the head to shut it up in order to review this properly. If it has any damage, you are being held responsible. Just so you're aware.

While I'm not sure what Amber was thinking when she gave you this pairing, I think you pulled it off rather nicely. (Umm, apparently I've haven't hit my CharlieDraco shipper hard enough cause it just started screaming again. Hold one moment while I hit again. *pause and the sound of a fist connecting with my CharlieDraco shipper.) Okay, continuing on.

THe usage of second person for this is lovely. I really love using it for slash pieces since it cuts down on the confusion of pronouns. So I'm super glad that Paula got you into it.

Drawing in the things that Kingsley could - and possibly would - lose for loving Charlie (Shut up, CharlieDraco shipper or I will hit you again) is quite lovely. It's realistic. Kingsley could lose a lot of things while Charlie would lose nothing. It shows how unfair love is, and I like that.

["that love doesn't care about convenience. Love doesn't care about you. Doesn't care that you could lose everything for it."] - isn't this the truth. You can't choose who you fall in love with. And poor Kingsley learned that the hard way. (I'm warning you, CharlieDraco shipper. Not another peep). My heart goes out to Kingsley for this, though.

["Love only cares about that crooked grin and those beautiful blue eyes and the way he looks at you like you're the center of the universe"] - I love this description of Charlie (and apparently so does my CharlieDraco shipper). It's so beautiful and wonderful. I like how Charlie sees Kingsley as "the center of the universe". It's defintely a change from dragons being his whole world.

["you aren't sure you have a choice in the matter anymore"] - Oh my dear Kingsley. You have a choice. But you chose to be with Charlie because - according to Once Upon A Time and Dumblerdore - love is the most powerful magic in the world. You don't want to stay away from it.

This was brilliant and I really loved it. (even though my CharlieDraco shipper was protesting the whole time.) Great job.
Cheeky Slytherin Lass chapter 1 . 2/6/2013
Confession time: When I gave you this pairing, I didn't know what I was thinking. It just sorta slipped before sanity could smack me.

That being said... Gods! This was perfect! You wrote them very beautifully, and I love your use of the quote (one of my favorite movie quotes, fyi).

[…finally, you grin back,
because what is there to lose?
only your reputation, your
wife, your kid
only everything that matters
to you] I loved this line. It's so powerful to me. Knowing you could lose everything, then balancing it with [But you don't care because you're
sick of being afraid — afraid to
disturb the balance, because you
built your life on the point of a
pin and at any second it could
come tumbling down.] I loved the balance, the fear and hope.

Another perfect piece, darling.
Exceeds Expectations chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Um, hello there, strange new pairing, may I please ship you? Just a little?

200 words of loveliness, Laura. I am très, très impressed! This part though, just THIS: [ because you built your life on the point of a pin and at any second it could come tumbling down.]

And then there's: [ you understand, for the first time, that love doesn't care about convenience. Love doesn't care about you.] which may have just inspired the fuck out me because it's TRUE and it's BEAUTIFUL. Argh, I am jealous of your mad word skillz. ;(

And let's not forget the whole ending and the beginning and, well, all of it really.

(I sometimes doubt that you are human)
CatchingCraziness chapter 1 . 2/5/2013
Different...I can't imagine this pairing, even while reading this, but I still thought it was really good. :)