Reviews for Once More To Get It Right
TwistedTorture chapter 33 . 4/13
Please update. I spent three entire day's reading this from start to finish it's incredible
KlaineZadamfan chapter 1 . 4/5
I was thinking maybe if you wanted to do cooper has a chosen already and he's a rare blood creatcher maybe like a siren or something and is a prince and maybe he was only like 15 when he met cooper and maybe he's only still young because cooper and him havent been together long like Blaine and kurt and the vampires have ties to them because of the bond and maybe the fae kingdom and the creatcher's had a falling out because of there son kurt and didn't like the tie to the siren or creatcher's kingdom creacher
maybe you can do something like the fae's and there's creatcher's got along before copper and the bond and siren or creatcher's there kinda like the fae
kurtjay chapter 17 . 4/1
Imma ask ONE thing from you, Sebastian. Hands AND eyes off Klaine.
Nina chapter 1 . 3/30
KlaineZadamFan chapter 8 . 3/21
When will you be able to update and will you be able to put some Zadam there has'ent been any really kissing or anything.. So will you be able to put some in there too and Thad and Dante in there too maybe a kiss and they you can your next update.
lovehealsallhurt chapter 33 . 3/5
I LOVE this story! I hope you are able to update soon because Im so excited to read what happens next, especially Blaine's reaction to Elana taking Kurt away to Geldian. OOoohhhhh boy she is in trouble
xCaellachx chapter 33 . 2/24
Embarrassing admission for me... every time a new chapter is posted, I wait until I have enough time and then read the whole story again before reading the new chapter.

I love this story! You've got so many wonderful characters and the OCs are so well written, it all blends seamlessly.

I adore Tristan, he gets all my mama bear vibes going. Thad is just so damn cute I want to tuck him in my pocket. Cooper is maddeningly, arrogantly wonderful. I want to play with Leon's hair and have him and Dante whisper Italian in my ear cuz guhhhh! Eve is so sweet and can join Thad in my pocket. Jeff is the best Jeff I've read bar none, he never fails to make me laugh. Zach and Adam are perfect for each other, Zachs outfits always make me smile. Elana needs to get laid which will then remove the stick from Wes's ass. I worry about David, but if Jinx is his as I'm guessing, she will be just what he needs. Sebastian is an arrogant prick, as always, and Hunter being coldly indifferent? Perfect. Fall hard, Sebby! Feel the burn! The three stooges need a set of fae triplets cuz that would just be hilarious. Blaine is finally coming into his strength, emotionally speaking. Kurt is perfection, as always. I'm loving his continued magical growth. It just gets more fun.

Sorry about the ramble, I just had to share how much I love this story and all its wonderful characters.
yaoilover1013 chapter 1 . 2/23
Okay so now I'm rereading this while I wait for another update ;-)
patricia.remacova chapter 14 . 2/21
please don't tell me Blaine is always the top. Give us bottom!Blaine, pretty please. :* :P
KlaineZadamFan chapter 33 . 2/19
I am a huge fan of your story and I know you must have your hands full at the moment but if you have any time would you be able to put in some Zadam in there if you do want to put some in I was thinking of maybe like you know the way every body heard that Kurt and Blaine did the dead well maybe Zack was talking to adam about it and tryed to hide the fact he was trying to get Adam to do that with him you know ***.Can you put Adam thoughts in there to trying to suck up to you or anything but this is very most likely the best fanfic I have ever think about putting Zadam and maybe the first time in the next update I really like them.
Cazamaree chapter 33 . 2/11
Can't wait for more
Guest chapter 33 . 2/6
I literally love ur OCs so much they r my fav parts of these updates! You are an amazing writer and so creative thank you for sharing your gift and this awesome story with us! U can beat I'll read right up to the end! Keep being awesome!
dancenwrite chapter 33 . 2/8
wonderful, lovely, and way too much angst .. in other words, perfect! 3
Guest chapter 33 . 2/6
perfect! though I feel for tristan ! I'm scared for Blaine! And I believe Blaine should be leader again!
abcstory chapter 33 . 2/8
you're cute :) :* it's your story that's lovely and awesome, like Cooper kind of awesome!
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