Reviews for Damaged Bodies, Growing Lives, Building Families
ObsessiveCompulsiveReader chapter 13 . 4/14
I'm dwwling claustrophobic right now lol, the idea of 24/7 surveillance everywhere in Stark tower is kind of creepy but I love this story and I can't wait to see more!
Vendori chapter 13 . 4/11
I really love this fic and all your fics, hope you update soon :D
mariegilbert chapter 13 . 4/11
This must be about the sixth time I've read this...and I still love it, though an update soon would be much appreciated!
cynicalcay chapter 13 . 4/9
Gaah I adore all of your stories but dang it keep writing! I want to know more.
Angelic Abomination chapter 13 . 4/9
Oh I love this story. I am kinda waiting for Harry to meet the Other guy, and wondering if he will disappear into his own world. Thor makes me LOL. Can't wait for more xx
Cosmos89 chapter 13 . 3/31
I really love this story. Please update soon.
greenwings33 chapter 13 . 3/23
Poor Harry...
I'm starting to hate that darn psychiatrist without meeting him, but I agree with your initial assessment of them putting people in boxes. I've had my own unhappy experiences with one that literally drove me to tears.
Update soon!
smartbookworm chapter 13 . 3/22
this is a great start to what I predict will be another great story written by you. I can't wait to read more. I have a couple of questions though. 1.) are all his friends dead from the wizarding world and if so why did you kill them? 2.) Does Teddy Lupin alive in this fic and if so were is he? 3.) Are you going to have Jane (Thor's love interest) in this fic? Anyways I can't wait to read more please update soon.
SeleenaMarieDragonMistress chapter 1 . 3/16
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Kilataia chapter 13 . 3/16
Like the story!
EmeraldEyed chapter 13 . 3/15
I like it so far, please keep up the great work!
treepot chapter 13 . 3/14
I like this story so far. It has been great. Please please update soon.
Whispering Darkness chapter 13 . 3/14
Wow, I love this story. It's very good. Pity you left it hanging at such a point though, because I am really, really curious about how things will go. Poor Harry - but also still a bit of a badass despite everything and that's what makes this story so much fun. Well, that, and the hovering Avengers. Please continue writing this!
mndstjohn chapter 13 . 3/9
I hope Harry breaks the Statute of Secrecy. It's a better option than what he's planning.
Mashkai30 chapter 13 . 3/2
I have enjoyed this very much. I hope you find time to finish it someday as I would love to read the ending:)
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