Reviews for The Joys of Lycanthropy
Janeway79 chapter 6 . 4/19
Ok I just started rereading the earlier chapters and you left plenty of clues! Such an awesome story.
Janeway79 chapter 19 . 4/19
That was an amazing chapter. Totally didn't see that coming, although the bastard deserved it and much worse. I hope she can still keep grounded with Charlie as the person who raised her and who for all important reasons is her dad. I do really feel sorry for her, I mean she could really use a few uneventful days. Great writing! Thanks for the update.
S.O.NofaGleek chapter 19 . 4/19
O.M.G I absolutely love this story it's amazingly writing and I think I'm in love with it lol! Hope to read more soon :-)!
angel Cruz chapter 19 . 4/19
Update soon and I love the story and chapter.
AnimeOtaku18 chapter 19 . 4/18
Does this mean that Bella is replacing her father as The Leader of a lot o Lycans?
C.Spiritmaster chapter 19 . 4/18
What?! How can you end it like that?! I love your updates but I hate the cliffhangers and the like.
clj667 chapter 19 . 4/18
Woo hoo two updates fairly close together yay! Still super interested to see where this one goes. And Dragon tales, and Goddess. Darn it you just write stories I like to read. I'll take an update on any of these stories any day you have them lol. Keep up the awesome work and hope life is treating you well.
SelinaShadow chapter 19 . 4/18
Holly fucking shit.
Lucy chapter 19 . 4/17
THIS IS SO AWESOME. YOU ARE AMAZING. Really, I just love this so much. Congratulations. This story is awesomely written, and the plot is just fantastic! You got me hooked from the first chapter 'till the last. I can't wait for the next chapter! I love your version of bella. She isn't submissive, awkward, meek, and plain, she's badass and awesome and sure of herself! And i love the lycanthrope idea. This is really quite an amazing story, and you developed the concept very well.
Plus bella and alice are just awesome together! They're cute, but mature and serious, they're not like those sick teenagers who can't think of anything but being with eachother. My biggest fear is that you won't finish this story. So many authors write terrific stories and just give up out of nowhere. Please finish this story, it's far too magnificent to remain incomplete. Also, great work with balancing everything out! The seriousness and the playfullness, the adventure and the fluff.. (i love the fluff btw it's quite cute)
So yeah, it's overall stupendous, and I love lycan bella! Her powers, and how she acts, all of it is quite awesome as well. The whole changing sizes thing, and the territory issue.. I'm very curious to know if bella will meet her mom again, and if bella's pack and sam's pack will fight, and how bella and alice's relationship will develop...i'm basically just eager to find out how everying will pan out. I am anxiously awaiting your next update, and I apologize for not commenting on every chapter, but i was just too eager to read what was going to happen next. I'll go back and comment on them sometime :)
You're awesome. Never stop writing. Have a nice life. :{)
gayaf chapter 19 . 4/17
I swear to you that by the end of the chapter I started choking on air because I was sooooo not prepared for that. Jesus.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/17
great story
General Mac chapter 19 . 4/17
you cannot leave it like that!, thanks love it of course more pretty please
BexCatchingFire chapter 19 . 4/17
Holy shit. I was expecting a pretty light chapter from the way it started at the beginning, but that twist and the confrontation was awesome - brilliant chapter :)
tee hill chapter 19 . 4/17
awesome chapter :-)))))))))))))))))))
NANA100 chapter 19 . 4/17
well dame that was awesome I like that she totally and wholly trounced her "Father" .
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